• Worth Every Penny

      “No matter what Dave is charging these days he is worth every penny. The business strategy he provides will help you make a great living and live a great life.
    • Invaluable Resource

      “Engaging Dave Lorenzo is expensive but you will receive a fantastic return. The strategic insight my company received was worth at least ten times what we invested.
    • My Highest Recommendation

      “Dave is an outstanding business executive and key strategic thought partner. He specializes in disruptive thinking and challenging orthodox approaches.  
    • Exceeded My Expectations

      “David is an expert at his profession. He has taught me to think outside the box and to achieve goals for myself that I never dreamed possible.
    • My Entrepreneurship Guru

      “David Lorenzo is a business development genius — and believe me, I do not ever use the word genius lightly. Dave is a coach and mentor in the true sense.
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    • Tale of Two Business Leaders

      On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, two young men graduated from the same college....

    • Grow Or Die

      I’ve been writing quite a bit about growth lately. I’m concerned there isn’t enough emphasis on revenue...

    • Unshakable Belief

      There are times when you reflect upon your beliefs (social, political, religious) and you say to yourself:...