Another Day On The Job

Another Day On The JobI’m asked all the time about my typical workday. Each day I focus on doing things that help my clients get closer to their goals. I balance this with a focus on the growth of my business .

The typical day includes this mix and some days it is skewed more toward developing my business and other days it is more heavily focused on one-on-one client work.

Here’s the play-by-play on one of my typical days.

This was an early morning because it started with checking in on the web team working on making the Valtimax website responsive. We’ve got to optimize it for mobile and there’s a group of folks in the UK and India helping us make that happen. The Skype call only took 30 minutes but getting it done in three different time zones required doing at 5AM.

As soon as that call finished, I made breakfast for my kids (as I do at least four days per week) and sat with them while they ate.

Once they were ready for school and out of the house I wrote some copy for an email campaign for two strategic alliance partners. They are going to help me drive attendees to an upcoming event so I want to make sure they have all the tools they need. The copy was strong and I sent it off to our partners by 8:30AM.

Next I wrote some copy and worked on the graphics for a client’s print newsletter. I was able to get it together in about 50 minutes and send it off to the clients.

While I was doing this work, a couple of calls came into my voicemail.

I returned those calls (from clients) and gave the clients guidance on the problems they were facing.

Next I had a scheduled consulting call with a client and I took it in the car on my way to a lunch meeting. That call was an hour in length and it ended just as I arrived.

My lunch meeting was an intense consulting session with a seasoned professional who was at a cross roads in his career.

After this two hour meeting and a quick stop at the bank to make a deposit, I was back in the car on my way to my home office. During this 30-minute trip I spoke with another three clients who had left me voicemail messages.

Once I arrived at the office I put the finishing touches on two separate direct mail campaigns for my business.   I turned those over to fulfillment and moved on to send an email to a referral from a client.

The client also called to follow-up on his referral and I spend a few minutes updating him.

After that call I had a scheduled consulting call and it took about 45 minutes to walk through the client’s issues.

I made a few notes on an outline for my weekly email due to go out in two days.

I closed out the day by making a few sales calls.

After dinner (and putting my kids to bed) I sat down to write the content for an event later in the year. I like to get the content for events fleshed out well in advance so I can internalize it and run through it dozens of times. This content is great and it practically writes itself. This is one of my favorite things to do and so I could literally have spent hours doing it. I wrapped it up for the day after a couple of hours and although it was nowhere near finished, I made excellent progress and it was satisfying.

So the day broke down with about one half of the time focused on client work, a quarter of the time on my business content and a quarter on business development. The only thing missing was some sales. I would have liked to close one deal today – even sell a book or a CD – but otherwise it was a pretty typical, productive day.

How does this compare to your typical workday?

Are you doing enough each day to get you closer to your goals?

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