Five Habits To Get More Clients As A Lawyer

Client Attraction Habits For Lawyers

Make Marketing A Habit

Law firm advertising is expensive.

If you own a small law firm chances are good that you cannot afford to advertise.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be an effective at attracting new clients.

In fact, the opposite is actually true. The smaller the firm, the better the attorneys are at bringing in the business without advertising.

But how do those small law firm rainmakers manage to fit in activity that helps their practice grow?

The answer lies in something that can not only make or break our business; it can make or break us in our everyday lives.

The secret to building a small law firm while handling a heavy caseload is good habits. I’m not talking about brushing your teeth after every meal and watching your sugar intake. I’m talking about the little things that add up to big dollars in the long run.

Here are five habits many lawyers have adopted to build their business with a limited amount of time and a tight budget.

Habit One: Write Something First Thing in the Morning

Good marketing involves writing.

Some attorneys write blog posts that draw traffic to their website. Other attorneys produce a monthly newsletter that keeps people updated on the trends in their specialty.

Many write letters and mail them to clients as a way to attract attention and interest from new clients. The number of ways to use the written word to pull clients into your practice is endless.

The challenge comes in finding time to actually do the writing.

Attorneys who make writing a habit do it first thing in the morning. This not only gets the day off to a productive start, it also helps them build a library of valuable content.

Habit Two: Set Up a Mailing Each Week

There is an open secret among people who are really good at marketing – one we teach everyone but one that only the most efficient follow….

The secret is repetition. A prospective client must hear your message at least seven times before he/she will be ready to do business with you.

That’s seven times.

Even though we teach our clients this key point, very few actually believe it – until it works for them.

Successful lawyers communicate with their clients and prospects regularly. They use email and regular United States Postal Service mail to stay in touch with their client base.

They use the mail to educate their clients and to keep their name in front of them.

The best attorneys mail often. They send out a mailing each week. A typical schedule could look something like this:

Week One – mail a newsletter to existing clients.

Week Two – mail an educational piece to prospects.

Week Three – mail to clients who have worked with them in the past but are not currently active.

Week Four – mail to referral partners. (These are people who may not be clients themselves but may have the potential to refer clients to them.)

The key to success with this approach is to reach out and touch these folks every month – or at least seven times per year.

Habit Three: Schedule Lunch with a Client Two to Three Days Each Week

There is nothing to be gained by eating lunch at your desk. You can’t be 100 percent focused if you’re crunching on a salad or slurping soup while reading depositions. If you truly want your lunchtime to be productive you need to use it as marketing time.

You should invite a client to lunch a couple of days a week. You don’t need to focus on business during lunch. The reason you are going to lunch with your client is to build or strengthen your relationship. Deep client relationships mean more work for your firm. Clients do business with people they know, like and trust. Spending “non-business” time with your clients is the best way to deepen that relationship with them.

Habit Four: Join a Group that is Full of Prospective Clients or Referral Partners

This habit should be a no-brainer but many attorneys miss it.

You should belong to a group that meets regularly and is full of prospective clients or referral partners.

For example:

An attorney who specializes in elder law should belong to the National Association of Assisted Living Communities.

Trust and estate attorneys should belong to a local and a national CPA association. Internet law attorneys should belong to several on-line business associations.

The list is endless.

If your practice is focused on all walks of life but specific to one particular matter – like divorce attorneys or real estate attorneys, local civic organizations are a terrific source of leads – if you “work them”. By “working them” I mean taking a leadership role and getting noticed. You want everyone in the group to know who you are and what you do for a living.

Taking a leadership position in a group or organization will almost always lead to new clients. There is a natural credibility extended to people in leadership positions in these organizations. People just assume that since you are responsible and civic minded that you must be good at what you do. Use this to help you originate new work.

Habit Five: Practice the Arms Length Rule

Although this habit is simple it is the one that most people find unsettling.

Simply put, the arms length rule states that you should introduce yourself to anyone who comes within an arms length of you. In addition, you should ask that person what he does for a living.

If you can think of someone who might be a valuable introduction for him, ask if you can follow-up with a telephone call because you know someone who may need his services. Then get a business card.

Sure, some people will not give you a business card. And yes, some people will think you are a bit forward. But we’re not worried about them. We are looking for the one person in ten who refers five new cases to you as a result of this meeting.

Yes that does happen.

A good rule of thumb is to get the business card of a new contact every day, seven days per week. This will give you a minimum of 365 new contacts per year and at least fifteen to twenty new clients as a result.

Good marketing does not have to be time consuming. It is a matter of doing the right things, regularly. It is a matter of good habits.

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