Why Some People Succeed And Some People Don’t

How successful are you? Last week I was eating lunch with a couple of clients when an expensive car pulled up to the curb. A man got out, shook hands with one of my clients, made small talk, and went on to meet his party for lunch. My client remarked: “That’s Bill Masters. He’s very successful.” “How well do you know him?” I asked? “I don’t really. I just know

Put That Baggage Down!

What’s keeping you from achieving the success you deserve? Would it surprise you to learn that most of what’s holding you back is right between your ears? You are carrying around some baggage and you need to put it down or even better, not pick it up in the first place. The way we think affects the way we feel. The way we feel affects the way we act. During

Is That The Best You Can Do?

My business is helping people. Sometimes that means giving them “the answer” to their problems. Most times it means helping them discover the answer for themselves. Focusing on the second part is better for the client. The process of discovering the solution is more valuable than the actual remedy. One of my favorite methods for issue resolution comes directly from my experience as a dad. My children are at an

It’s Easy To Be A Jerk

Last Saturday I took my kids to the park to play baseball (and also to give my wife a couple of hours of peace and quiet).   My son did some fielding drills while my daughter (who is only 4 years old) played an excellent first base and snagged almost everything he threw at her. The weather was gorgeous in Miami early Saturday morning and lots of people were in this

Twenty More Great Business Success Videos

I’m Dave Lorenzo, Founder of Valtimax Consulting, and I host a video show for business leaders. We tackle topics in the area of business strategy, productivity improvement, sales, marketing, and leadership development. This is the second directory of videos we produced. The first directory was titled: Twenty Videos Every Business Leader Should Watch Right Now Below you will find the title and description of each video. The link in the

Don’t Expect A Thank You

The other day I was a passenger in a friend’s car on the way to an event. We were in a long line of traffic and my friend allowed another car to cut in front of us and enter the line to make a turn. “Can you believe that?” my friend shouted. “He didn’t even say thank you.” The driver of the car entering the line cut in and didn’t

Three Ways To Get More Value From Valtimax Consulting

There are three additional ways you can maximize the value you receive from Valtimax Consulting All of them are F – R – E – E Subscribe To Four Minute Fixation On YouTube We publish all episodes of Four Minute Fixation first on our website. A few days after the latest episode is released, we post it on YouTube. There you can embed each episode on your own website if

What Are We Doing Here?

If you’ve spent time watching any of the videos in my new daily business show called Four Minute Fixation you know I ask lots of questions. “What are we doing here?” is one of my favorites. I say it all the time. It’s my way of seeking clarity. Let me give you some examples. In an office with a marketing client: This smart, well-dressed gentleman sits me down and shows

Your Source For Great Business Guidance

During the past three years we’ve been hosting two websites and providing content on both. It has been, at times, confusing. Since March 2008 Attorneys have always been able to find great information on the RainmakerLawyer website while business leaders have come to the Valtimax website to find great articles, video and audio programs. The time has come to consolidate our primary web presence. To do this we’ve created a

No Time For Jerks

Most people are fundamentally good. They want the best for their family, themselves, and others. But occasionally we come across someone who is, at his core, not good. I’m not talking about the mentally ill people at the fringe of society (like someone who shoots up a movie theater full of people). I’m talking about the type of person who sees you and your two little kids walking down the