Twenty Videos Every Business Leader Should Watch Right Now

Four Minute Fixation Top Videos

Four Minute Fixation Top Videos

Here are twenty episodes of Four Minute Fixation I recommend. It is no surprise, I’m recommending these particular videos because they are the first twenty we recorded.

In all seriousness, I’m proud of all of these Four Minute Fixation shows. In some cases, we struggled with the technology but one thing is true: The content is exceptional.

Enjoy each of these and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on the highlights of the next twenty!

A note about the links below: The links in the title of each video are links to the video page on our website. This page includes the transcript.   Below the brief commentary is the video embedded from YouTube.

I strongly encourage you to subscribe on YouTube. The reasons:

1). The videos are broken down into playlists. If you want to watch only the White Board videos, you can select that playlist. If you want to watch all the mailbag videos, you can select that playlist.

2). Centralized Location For All Content. If you are a visual person, you can scroll through the roster of videos and pick by the thumbnail photo.

3). Commenting and Sharing. You can comment on each of the videos on YouTube. This allows for discussion on the topics we share.

Who Is This Guy?

Want to know about Dave Lorenzo, the creator, producer, director and star of Four Minute Fixation? This video tells you about him and where the idea came from. Oh year, he stars in this video as well.


How To Come Up With Great Business Ideas

This video provides you with food for thought. Sometimes the best ideas come to you while you are going about your day-to-day activities.


Options And Opportunity

Do you want to make more deals? Follow the guidance in this episode and you will be a far more effective business negotiator.


Where Is The Successful Business Leader’s Focus?

This video helps you realize you must focus on progress and not perfection. Being a perfectionist is the quickest way to become frustrated and give up on your dream.

Speaking of Focus, Here’s How You Should Spend Your Time And Energy

Many times things don’t happen for a business because the leader is distracted. Here’s how you DON’T get distracted.


Strengthen Your Public Speaking With This Tip

This one tip may transform your public speaking. What are we talking about? Practicing in front of a live audience.


How Do I Get Started Marketing My Business?

We answer this question for one of our viewers. If you’ve never focused on marketing and you want to give your business a boost, this video is the one to watch.


The Power Of Empathy

If you want to succeed as a business leader, you need to have empathy. This video helps you see the value in taking on an external orientation.


How To Promote Yourself Without Looking Like a Jerk

The title says it all. You can market your services and promote yourself without making people angry.


How To Take Action On Your Next Big Idea

This video is our first Whiteboard Workshop. In it I help you bridge the gap between ideas and action.


How Can I Learn More Business Strategy In Less Time?

This is perhaps, one of the most valuable tips on executive education in our first series of videos. If you want to maximize your time, follow the advice in this video.


Want To Improve Your Motivation?

This video answers a viewer question on how you can keep up your level of business motivation. Watch this video and get fired up.

Disaster On Tap

Do not fall victim to this huge mistake many business leaders make. Watch now or pay later.


How To Control Your Emotions And Improve Your Business

This video will help you keep your cool in tough times. Being a focused business leader, you cannot fall victim to your emotions.


How To Visualize Success and Achieve Your Goals

You are watching these videos because you want to make things happen in your business. This white board workshop video is definitely for you.


Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

The key to success is right between your ears. You need to make sure you eliminate the beliefs holding you back.


Wow The Audience With Your Next Presentation

This video will help you connect with the members of the audience at your next talk. More importantly, it will help you provide the members of the audience with someone they can take away and use immediately.


Use Facts Not Faith To Make Decisions

Facts are the foundation of good business decisions. Always look for the facts in every situation. This video shows you why that is important.


You’ve Got To Repeat Your Marketing Message

You’ve got to repeat your marketing message. Repetition is a necessary component of all marketing. This video shows why.


How to Overcome Sales Rejection

We all feel a little sad from time to time. In business this happens when we are rejected or we lose a client or a sale. This episode is about how you overcome those feelings.

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