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Website Content Is Important For A Consultant’s Credibility

Website content is always a topic of discussion for coaches, consultants, attorneys and other professionals.  I’m always asked questions about length, topic selection and update frequency.  Below are my thoughts.

Developing and publishing new content frequently is important for a consultant, coach and anyone in professional services. The vehicle most often used for this purpose is the blog (short for weblog) and many websites simply call that section the “articles” section.

Blogs started out simply as a way to express an opinion on line – akin to a diary. Almost immediately they became a way for experts to share opinion and demonstrate expertise.

As someone who has been blogging since 2005, I can say I’ve received varying advice over the years and changed my opinion on best practices so often that I am confident in saying best practices are whatever is comfortable for you.

Below are some thoughts that are facts about blogging and posting content on a website:

Frequency Matters

Posting once each month is too infrequent. You cannot post too often. Everything in between is fine. The more frequently you post new content, the more often your site will be indexed in search engines. This means if you post new content daily, Google will refresh your page in its index daily. Which means your content will be discoverable faster.

Quality Matters

Posting garbage will hurt your reputation. Many people will visit your website specifically to gauge your credibility. Do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Make sure each article you post is a good representation of you.

Length Is Unimportant

Article length doesn’t matter. Use as many words as necessary to get your point across, educate and inform. People will read articles of any length as long as they are interesting and entertaining.

Write For Humans

Too much emphasis is place on keywords and things that are important to search engines. Forget about most of that. Write a title that is provocative and conveys the gist of the article. Then write an article that flows in a logical pattern.   Use conversational language.

Link to Other Resources

A significant benefit online articles have over print articles is the ability to link to other resources directly within the article. Provide that service to your readers. Include links to other work you have done on the article subject and link to work others have created. This enhances your standing as an expert on the subject and it also provides a better experience for the reader.

Use Several Different Media Formats

Using video, audio as well as written articles will help visitors to your website consume the information. It will also increase visitor frequency.

The bottom line on website content creation is this: You are developing content and publishing it on your website to start and deepen relationships with people who visit. Let that be your guide. Treat a relationship with a visitor to your website the way you would a relationship in the real world.

  • Interact frequently
  • Say important and/or entertaining things
  • Interact in many different ways
  • Speak like a human
  • Point people in the right direction when they have questions

It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

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