The state of the healthcare industry has most medical professionals in a panic.

Reimbursement rates are under enormous pressure and the Affordable Care Act is sure to have a significant impact on your ability to deliver excellent care and make a great living.

The good news is that our Medmax® team is here to help you navigate through these uncharted waters.

Our initial focus in our work with medical offices begins with us jointly implementing the following initiatives:

Referral Relationship Building

Most medical professionals do not actively develop relationships with other practitioners who have the ability to send them patients.   Instead, they rely on insurance company rosters and serendipitous connections that result in patents stumbling into their office almost by accident.

We immediately look at your top referral sources and help you deepen those relationships while creating connections with other influential professionals.  In addition, we help you implement a follow-up system that keeps you top of mind with referring physicians and centers of influence in the community.

Past Patient Reactivation

The lifetime value of your previous patients is 2 to 3 times what they invested with you on their initial visit.  Most patients do not think of referring their friends or family members even if they have had an outstanding experience with you.  This is because most medical practices end their relationship with a patient when the treatment ends.

This should not be the case.

Physicians can greatly benefit from maintaining an on-going relationship with past patients.  Each past patient, on average, has a sphere of influence of at least 250 people.   Today’s technology (especially with social media) makes it easy for them to share their experience with their contacts.

Our team will help you reach out to your past patients and stay in touch with them.   Our proprietary reactivation system will break your practice free from inertia and create positive momentum.

Exceptional Office Visit Experience

Visiting the doctor’s office is an intimidating and anxious experience for most people. Most physicians do not spend any time thinking about the experience they create for their patients.   As more and more people begin to make their own healthcare decisions (and pay for their own treatment) the feeling the patient receives from the moment they walk in the door makes all the difference.

We will help you create an office experience your patients will rave about.  Your practice will be perceived as a cut above everyone else who does what you do.

Does your medical practice provide an experience similar to a Holiday Inn or is it more along the lines of a Ritz Carleton?

Never thought about it?

Your patients have…

The Bottom Line

These are just three examples of activities that take place within the first month of our consulting relationship with a physician’s practice.  It doesn’t matter if you are a generalist or an expert in a specialty practice area.  The practice of medicine has permanently changed.

The Affordable Care Act will force many patients to pay for their own healthcare.  People who are spending their own money tend to be more discerning than patients who are forced into a healthcare choice by nature of the insurance coverage they carry.

Obamacare has you facing two choices:

1). Get out in front of this wave of change and provide outstanding experiences for your patients while developing deep relationships with them.


2). Throw yourself on the mercy of the government-run healthcare system and hope that the erosion of insurance reimbursement rates will miraculously stop.

The choice is yours.

If you are ready to take back control of your future, give us a call today.