Don’t Expect A Thank You

Road Rage is A Symptom Of A Bigger Issue

Road Rage is A Symptom Of A Bigger Issue

The other day I was a passenger in a friend’s car on the way to an event.

We were in a long line of traffic and my friend allowed another car to cut in front of us and enter the line to make a turn.

“Can you believe that?” my friend shouted. “He didn’t even say thank you.”

The driver of the car entering the line cut in and didn’t acknowledge the courtesy shown to him.

This caused a visceral reaction in my friend.

How often does this happen to you?

It happens to all of us.

We do something for someone expecting to be praised, to be recognized, or at least, to be thanked.

When that doesn’t happen, we feel slighted and we believe it reflects poorly on the other person.

Maybe it does but it says something far more important about us.

What is your motivation in doing something for someone else?

To be good?

To be helpful?

To be kind?

To make life better/easier for the other person?

The answer is, of course, “yes” to all of those.

If this is the case, the action itself is its own reward – because doing something kind for another person makes you feel good about yourself. It actually boosts your self- esteem.

When we were growing up, our parents taught us to say “thank you” as an acknowledgement for kindness shown toward us. This has conditioned us to expect it and take as an insult any time someone fails to give us that recognition.

This is unhealthy psychological behavior.

Other people should never have that power over you.

Look at this another way:

You work with clients all day long. You help them. You add value to their lives and to their businesses. Then one client says something negative and you obsess over it for days. You immediately forget about all the good you have done.

Stop that.

People cannot “make you feel” a certain way – unless you let them.

Recognize yourself for doing good things. Thank yourself for being kind to another person. Praise yourself when things go well.

Take pleasure in doing good work.

Do not define yourself by the opinion of others.

Practice this daily.

Catch yourself doing things right.

After a few weeks, you’ll notice amazing changes in the world around you.

You will be in a good mood more often because your thoughts control your emotions. Positive thoughts beget positive emotions. Positive emotions beget positive behavior.

You will attract more people – both for business and for pleasure –because happy people are more attractive.

You’ll be able to command higher fees in your professional life because you’ll have more confidence and confidence is the key to quoting a fee in professional services.

You will be more in control.

It’s your life. Don’t allow others to affect how you live it.

And, in case it’s me in the car in front of you…Thanks!

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