Fat Dave Vs. Skinny Dave

Fat Business Guy

Do Something About It

I was fat for years.  I’m not talking about 10-15 pounds overweight.  I’m talking 25 pounds plus.

A therapist once said I swallowed a lot of emotion…and a lot of pasta.  While I never paid much attention to the reasons behind my gluttonous behavior, I knew it was not healthy.  But I did not take action.  I did not change.

My perspective changed when my son was born.  I now had good reason to change my behavior.  I was 40 years old when I became a father for the first time.  I didn’t want to be the “old dad” at the baseball field or playground, watching from a bench as the other kids and their dads ran and played together.

Nick is going to be four years old in a couple of months and my doctor tells me I am at the ideal weight for my height/build.   I didn’t just lose weight during the past four years.  I completely changed my lifestyle.  These days I rarely eat meat.  I only indulge in an adult beverage on Friday afternoons and special occasions.  I exercise four or five days per week.

I’m not muscular but I’m also no longer the Michelin Man’s twin.  Plus I have more than enough energy to keep up with two kids under the age of four.

So after twenty years of bad habits, I made a series of changes to improve (and hopefully lengthen) my life.  But it took a seminal event to motivate me to rethink everything.  My adult life has essentially been a tale of two Dave’s:

Fat Dave – who didn’t give his health a second thought.


Skinny Dave- who wants to feel great and enjoy every minute of the rest of his life.

Interestingly enough, I see in my clients their own version of Fat Dave.

I’m not saying they are all overweight and unhealthy.  Not at all.  I am saying they are all in denial about their need to change.


When I work with lawyers I immediately challenge their thinking about client lifetime value, hourly billing and payment plans.  Most of them refuse to make any changes to their business model.  They are all Fat Dave.

They waddle around blissfully unaware that other firms are working hard at changing the way they bill clients.  Other firms are changing the way they value client relationships and changing the way they manage cash flow and work in progress.  The fat guys are unaware that there are a handful of Skinny Dave’s working hard each and every day to take as much away from the fat guys as possible.

Will the fat guys change?   Most of them will not and they will dramatically slow down and die prematurely.


I’m in the infancy of my relationship with medical professionals.  What I can see at this point is a group of smart people addicted to insurance company reimbursements like I was addicted to chocolate.  The problem is that the insurance companies are reducing the richness of their offering.

Insurance reimbursement rates continue to decrease. The doctors are scared.  Rightfully so.

They may be the equivalent of Fat Dave ready to make a change.

Business Leaders

These guys need to hit bottom before they change.  They work hundreds of hours each month and they like to do everything themselves.  Many of them hit a ceiling and cannot grow their company beyond its current revenue and profitability.

Their “fat” is their lack of ability to build systems and practices that automate their business.

This leaves them buying bigger pants as their girth increases.   In short, they work more hours, work harder and crush their personal lives.

What is the answer?

This leaves us wondering how we can motivate these folks to make the necessary changes.  How do we get Fat Dave to do what he knows is necessary in order to become Skinny Dave?

The answer is: “We can’t.”

Fat Dave has to want to change.

In my case, it was the birth of my son that finally woke me up and motivated me to change everything.

Each of us has a little bit of Fat Dave in us.

What will get you off the couch and motivated to take action and make the necessary changes in your business?

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