Five Things to Do Right Now

Five Tips from Valtimax

Five Ways to Boost Business

There’s a lot of hocus pocus out there about marketing.

Everyone wants the magic pill or secret formula to use in order to get more clients, immediately.

Those things don’t exist.

Know what works?

Good, old fashioned persistence aligned with the right actions.

Here are five things you can do today to help grow your business.

Make a telephone call to one of your current clients.

Ask how things are going.  Ask what his goals are for the year.  Offer to help him achieve his goals.

When you approach the conversation in this way, you are viewed as a trusted advisor.  That results in new business.

Ask each of your employees and your vendors to make a list of people they know who are successful and influential in the community.

Have them select the five most successful and influential people on each of their lists.  Invite those folks to an open house in your office.  Serve food and beverages.  Introduce people to each other.   Thank them for coming.

You will be amazed at the business that comes from this event.  If you have five employees and five vendors you will have 25 -50 influential and successful people in your office learning about the value you provide.

Write one hand written note to someone you admire.

This note should go to a person you would like to do business with.   Be genuine in your note.  If he recently won an award, or was mentioned in the paper, congratulate him.

About 20% of the people who receive your note will reach out to you.  60% of people who receive your note will take your call if you reach out to them.

Go to an event where you are the only person from your profession.

There’s a line in a Seinfeld episode when Kramer says: “Have you ever been at a cocktail party with a proctologist? If you meet a proctologist at a party stay close to him.  Those guys are a laugh a minute.”

Be the proctologist at the party.

I tell lawyers to go to meetings of accountants.  I tell doctors to go to conventions of gym owners.   I tell business owners to find the industry, profession or demographic group that purchases their product en mass and attend their conventions and hang out where they congregate.


Well, for research purposes for one thing.   In order to sell to these people you must understand the way they think and the way they speak.

The second reason you should go is because you will most likely stumble into several potential clients.

Learn something new about your industry or your clients every day. 

Do a little research each day.  Read a trade journal.  Call someone who does what you in another part of the country and brainstorm with him for ten minutes.

You may bristle at these five tips because they require a little work.  I understand.   But if you invest your time in these five strategies, you will be regularly rewarded with new clients and new revenue.  You just need to make the effort.

Now here’s something else you may enjoy.  Below is a link to a podcast I recorded on how to create a marketing plan that will deliver clients to your doorstep.  Click the link below to spend fifteen minutes with me as I give you a step-by-step guide to creating a great plan to bring business in the door.

How to Create a Diverse Marketing Plan

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