Freeze-Dried Relationships Leave a Bitter Taste

Real Coffee Real Relationship

Real Coffee Real Relationship

Waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee is one of the little things in life that can make or break your day.

When I was a kid, there was no automatic drip coffee.  You couldn’t set a timer and wake up to a fresh brewed cup-o-Joe.   Back in the old days you had two choices:  1). A clunky percolator coffee pot or 2).Freeze-dried coffee.

The former provides a rich taste and the latter is bitter and full of chunks of crap that get caught in your teeth and make you want to vomit.

A percolator coffee pot works by boiling water at the bottom of the coffee pot and forcing it through the coffee chamber (which contains the ground up coffee) several times.  The bubbling action of this process gives the final product a rich flavor.  Since the coffee itself is stored in a compartment with holes in it, the water passes through it without picking up the grinds.  This is kind of a natural filter.

Freeze-dried coffee (also called instant coffee) is produced when the manufacturer places wet, low quality, coffee granules on large trays and blast-freezes them. The air is then sucked from the room to prevent condensation. The room is warmed up to dry the coffee and the resulting grounds are packaged for sale. When you get the package at home you dump it in some hot water and stir it until the chunks of coffee dissolve (some never do).

The challenge with percolator coffee is the time it takes to brew.  First the water needs to boil.  Next it needs to be forced through the coffee and finally it has to settle into the pot.   Great results but time consuming.

My disdain for Freeze-dried coffee is similar to my disdain for Freeze-dried relationships.

A great relationship starts with quality people.  Then it takes time to develop trust and deepen the relationship.  Finally, once you’ve been through some significant experiences, your relationship has settled to the point when it is rich and thoroughly appreciated.   This is the percolator method of relationship development.

A Freeze-dried relationship is just like Freeze-dried coffee.  A low quality person blasts their way into your life with some need/problem.  You mistake this desperation for actual interest in you and when you help resolve the issue, the air is sucked out of the relationship.  You are left standing there, picking chunks of crap out of your teeth wondering why you opted for that experience.

Most business people fool themselves into believing that Freeze-dried relationships are all that exist.  They are willing to pick crap out of their teeth all day long.  They tell themselves that percolator relationships are obsolete.  They take too much time…to select good quality at the start…to wait for things to heat up…to handle the inevitable boiling…and to let things settle to their natural, rich level.

That’s too bad because percolators make great coffee forever.  They’re made of steel and they require little maintenance.   The experience is rich and consistent, year after year.

Think about your relationships. Do you prefer consistency or would you rather be picking crap out of your teeth?

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