Keep The Change

Time for Change

Change to Improve

This is the time of year when many people resolve to make some kind of huge change in their life or in their business.

Maybe you want to start a new diet.

Maybe you want to go to the gym every day.

Maybe your goal is to double your monthly income by the end of the year.

These noble intentions often lead to huge disappointment and become disincentives.


Because it’s too much change at one time.

Humans are not wired for dramatic behavioral modification.

What we can do is change our behavior on an incremental basis over the long term.

This means you should make a small change, each day.

That’s it.

One small change.


Here’s an example:

If you want to do business with a Fortune 500 company, here is what your weekly activity should look like:

Monday:  Do Internet research and find the names of five people in that company who can benefit from the value you provide.

Tuesday:  Call all five and ask for an appointment to meet with them.   (If you get their voice mail, do not leave a message).

Wednesday-Friday: Call the people you have not yet reached.

Repeat this with a new company each week keeping the previous company’s targets on your list.

Obviously, this is a generic example, but you get the idea.

Small steps will eventually lead to big results and you will feel better about yourself in the process.

Here is another resource you will find helpful as you continue on your journey toward continuous improvement:

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Best wishes for a happy and successful day, week and year.

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