Business Strategy Marketing Mastery Podcast Directory

This is a directory of all of the Valtimax Podcast Episodes on Business Strategy and Marketing Mastery.   We provide this to you as a resource for you to use as an easy index for use of our audio programs.

The links to each podcast are in blue and the descriptions are below each link.

Develop Your Own Personal Strategy

Your business should be a vehicle for you to make a great living and live a great life.  This episode of The Valtimax Podcast will help you identify what you want from your business and how that will help you to build a better life.

The Business You Are Really In

Too often business leaders lose focus on the business they are really in.  Each of us, regardless of our profession or industry, should be focused on relationship development.  This podcast helps you keep that top of mind.

M.A.D. About Marketing

There are three aspects to marketing.  They are: Message, Audience and Delivery System.  We use the acronym M.A.D. as a way to help people connect with this idea.  This episode of Valtimax Radio provides you with more detail on this concept.

How to Build a Great Marketing Message

If you want to be persuasive and help people understand the value you provide, this is the episode you will want to listen to.  This episode will help you develop a marketing message that resonates with your ideal client.

How to Select the Perfect Target Audience

Your audience is one of three critical elements in your marketing plan.  In this show we help you select an audience that will be made up of people who are just like your best clients.

Message Delivery Systems

When we think about marketing we often think about message delivery systems.  These are forms of media that target your audience.  Selecting the proper media is essential to making certain your message will be heard.

Using Newsletters in Marketing

One of the best message delivery systems is a newsletter.  This podcast episode gives you a step-by-step guide to implementing a newsletter in your marketing.

Make the Internet Work for You

The Internet is a great marketing vehicle.  This episode of The Valtimax Podcast will help you use the Internet to begin new client relationships and deepen existing client relationships.

How to Make Networking Work

Networking is an essential marketing tool.  In this episode we discuss how you can leverage networking and use it to initiate new client relationships.

Where the Money is

This is great tutorial on follow-up.  No matter how good you are at developing new relationships, you must be good at keeping the attention focused on you and the value you provide.

Communication Strategy

This episode will help you deliver your message like a professional.  If you communicate with people regularly, this episode will make you more effective.

Your Continuous Improvement Advantage

A focus on improvement is the hallmark of all successful businesspeople.  If you want an edge, you must be dedicated to continuous improvement.  This radio show will be your guide to lifelong growth.

Stop It!

This show is about the nine behaviors you should stop immediately.  If you cannot put an end to this behavior, it may be the end of your career.

More Better Faster: The Easy Way to Boost Your Productivity

Getting things done is the objective of every business leader.  The challenge comes from fitting everything into the time we have during the day.  This show provides you with some guidelines to productivity.

Seven Marketing Myths Unmasked

There are seven big lies about marketing most people believe to be true.  Listen today to determine if you have been duped into believing them.

Secrets of Relationship Income

Remember:  Marketing is about initiating and deepening relationships.  Learn the basics of client lifetime value and referral source lifetime value.  This show breaks down a great relationship strategy you can use immediately.

Get More Referrals Now

If you like referrals you will love this podcast.  In this episode we help you discover the step-by-step guide to generating referrals.

How to Create a Diverse Marketing Plan

You cannot use only one method to attract new clients.  This show provides you with some ideas for developing a marketing plan that ensures client attraction under all conditions.

How To Build a Powerful Brand

If you want to clearly differentiate yourself from everyone else who does what you do, you must stand for something.  This episode helps you create a brand that attracts clients.

How to Openly Promote Yourself Without Looking Stupid

If you do not promote yourself people will not know who you are.  The challenge comes in advancing your message without appearing to be a braggart.  This episode will show you how.

The Most Powerful Word in Business

We don’t say “NO” often enough.  This show will help you recognize not only when to say “no” but how to do it in a way that reinforces your power.

How to Close the Deal Every Time

Are you ready to double or triple your income?  This one skill can make all the difference.  In this episode we help you discover how you can be a sales superstar.

Maximum Motivation: Five Ways to Get Going Now

Do you sometimes have trouble getting started?  Want to understand the five things that separate the winners from losers? This show is definitely for you.

How to Double Your Fees and Have Clients Love You

Making more money is the central preoccupation of most business owners.  This episode will help you leverage time-tested pricing methods that will help you realize more revenue without adding additional costs.

Seven Elements of a Great Business Speech

This show will help you convert speech attendees into clients.  Fast.

Maximum Profit from Internet Marketing

Everyone needs to have a solid presence on the Internet.  The question is: What benefit do you receive from your internet marketing?  This episode answers that question.

Extracting Riches from Market Niches

If you want to dominate a market quickly you must focus in on the needs of a segment of the group.  The more precise this targeting is, the faster you will dominate.

How to Build Your Business Around Your Life

Your business should provide you with the lifestyle you deserve.  But you must make a conscience choice to build your business in a way that will support your lifestyle.  This show will help you discover how to do exactly that.

Seven Strategies to Double Your Revenue in Twelve Months

Does doubling your revenue sound appealing?  Listen to this show right now.

How to Set Goals for the Next Year

Most people fail to set goals.  This show is a goal setting tutorial.  Listen now to regain your focus.

Five Big Mistakes to Avoid

Do you make these huge mistakes in your business?  If you do, we show you how you can correct them before they crush you.

Wake Up and Get Real: Secrets of Leadership Motivation

Do you wonder how to get people to do everything you ask?  Do you wonder why you do some of the things you do?  This episode will help you answer those critical questions.

Do This Get More Clients

If you want to get more clients, you need to do follow this basic formula.  This is a guide that will teach you how to attract more clients today.

Make More Money with Better Business Strategy

If you want clients lined up at your doorstep you must have a compelling business strategy.  This podcast is your road map to magnetic attraction.

Email Marketing Strategy That Works

This is your step-by-step guide to creating an email marketing campaign that gets results.

The Fastest Client Attraction Method

Strategic alliances are the fastest way to attract clients.  This episode of the Valtimax Podcast shows you how.

How to Breeze Through Your Email Every Day

If your find email management annoying, you must listen to this Valtimax Radio Show.   We reveal our secrets for managing email more effectively and efficiently.

Relationships Matter

In this Valtimax Radio show we discuss the power of relationship marketing.  Do you hate billboards, TV ads and infomercials?  This is the place for you.

How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Have you ever wondered why some people are perceived as experts while others are not?  This week we help you see exactly why this happens and we show you how to make this happen for yourself.

Good Advice, Bad Advice and Stupidity: Who Really is An Expert?

In this episode of the Valtimax Podcast we discuss how to select an expert (and how to position yourself as one).

Building Healthy Self Esteem

The one thing necessary for long-lasting business success is healthy self-esteem.  If you want it, we show you how to build it.  Listen now.

Step-By-Step Guide to On-line Marketing

Just as the title says, we teach you how to build your on-line marketing empire.

Twelve Cost Effective Marketing Strategies for Lawyers and Other Professionals

This episode of Valtimax Radio has it all.  If you want to attract clients quickly, this episode will show you how to do it.

How to Get Clients as a Lawyer

This podcast is a show recorded just for lawyers. If you want to attract more clients to your law firm or law practice, this show is for you.

Triple Your Referrals Now

Want more referrals? Here you go. This is your ticket to better quality referrals.

Secrets of Value Based Billing

This show helps you get off the addiction of hourly billing. If you are not a lawyer, you will benefit from this inside look at the legal profession and you’ll probably learn a thing or two about creating value in your business.

Creating a Competitive Advantage with Google+

This show details how to use one of the hottest forms of social media out there. Google plus can be a huge advantage if you know how to use it. This show demonstrates how.

Money in the Mail

This episode of the Valtimax Podcast will remind you of the value of direct mail. Yeah, it still works.

David Lorenzo Answers Your Questions

In this episode, business strategy expert, Dave Lorenzo answers listeners questions. Some of the most valuable information on the Valtimax Podcast comes from this list of questions.

Big Benefits from Narrow Niches

If you want to start or grow a business quickly, niche marketing is a tool you must master. This Valtimax Radio Episode will show you how.

Blogging as a Marketing Tool

This is the episode everyone talks about. We reveal all the secrets of our blogging success.

How to Make Better Decisions

There is a science behind making great decisions. This Valtimax Radio episode will help you discover the qualities necessary to make outstanding decisions.

How to Engage Every Client Every Time

This podcast episode is designed to help you grow your client relationships. Everything we do in life revolves around how people feel about us. This Valtimax Radio Show will help you deepen your relationships.

How to Get Things Done

Want to get more done in the twenty four hours we all have? This episode of the Valtimax Podcast will help you do that.

Six Month Internet Marketing Challenge

Are you ready to boost your internet business. This is the Valtimax Radio show that will help.

Content Creation Shortcuts

Having trouble keeping up with the need for great content? This episode of Valtimax Radio is going to thrill you. In this show we reveal all our content development secrets.

Three Qualities of Successful Professionals

Are you ready to turn pro? You must master these qualities. Listen and grow.

How to Make Money When You Need It Quickly

This is one of the most popular episodes of the Valtimax Podcast. In this show we detail how you can attract more money to your business/firm rapidly.

Ten Disciplines of Leadership

Are you a leader of business owner? If so you will find this episode of Valtimax Radio valuable.

Three Questions to Get Anyone to Do Anything

These three questions will get anyone to do anything. Need we say more? Can you afford NOT to listen to this?

Secrets of Sequential Marketing

If you want to attract more clients and increase sales, you must use your marketing in a sequence. This episode of the Valtimax podcast will help you discover the power of sequential marketing.

Six Strategy Questions that Predict Your Future Income

These six questions will be the basis for your strategic plan. If you have not sat down and given some thought to each of them, you are doing yourself and your company/firm a disservice.

How to Hire the Best

If you want to discover a hiring system that will allow you to grow your business, this is the show for you. In this Valtimax Radio episode we help you discover and implement a system to attract and retain top talent.

How to Create an Insurmountable Competitive Advantage in Any Business

This is a great episode on Valtimax Radio. Listen to this podcast to discover how you can create a true, distinct, competitive advantage in your business.

Eight Predictions for Integrated Marketing Communications

Want to gaze into a crystal ball and discover the future of integrated marketing communications? This is the podcast for you. Listen to this episode of Valtimax Radio and see how close Dave Lorenzo came to predicting the future.

Marketing Tradecraft: Insider Secrets to Marketing Return on Investment

If you are looking to improve the return on investment from your marketing, this is the podcast episode for you. This show reveals the secrets only marketing professionals know.

How to Market On Line if You Are Cheap

Calling all cheapskates. If you want to attract clients from the internet, this is the podcast for you. This episode of Valtimax Radio is all about implementing a marketing system for less than $400 per month.

An Outline for Marketing Strategy

This episode of Valtimax Radio is your guide to creating the ultimate marketing plan. Listen to this podcast today and you can begin creating your marketing plan immediately.

How to Become a Trusted Advisor and Deepen Client Lifetime Value

Are you ready to take your client relationships to the next level?  This episode of Valtimax Radio will help you engage your clients and increase the value they have to your business.