Your Continuous Improvement Advantage

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Your Continuous Improvement Advantage

Episode Summary

Continuous improvement is the key to success in business and in life.

Your business depends upon your ability to out think, out maneuver and out hustle your competition.

In this episode you will discover how you can improve your clarity, confidence and capability. This will help you become a better business owner, it will help you make more money and it will help you live a better life.


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Valtimax Podcast Transcript: Your Continuous Improvement Advantage

Continuous Improvement Advantage

Business is a contact sport, and your business depends on your ability to outthink, outmaneuver, and out-hustle your competition. What are you doing differently than your closest competitor? What are you doing better than the rest of the field? How can you move faster to exceed your client’s expectations?

If you’re struggling to answer these questions, you must realize that you are not alone.

Continuous improvement is the key to success, in business and in life. And today, we will tackle this exact topic. Clarity, confidence, and capability are your competitive advantage. And today, you’ll discover how you can leverage them to crush your competition. The Valtimax Podcast starts right now.

Dave Lorenzo back with you for another edition of the Valtimax Podcast. And today we are focused on something that could truly be your competitive advantage. That’s right, folks, this is something that could truly be something that will make a difference in your life, in your business, in your career, in your financial future. And that is your dedication and your commitment to continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement. That’s getting better and better each and every single day. Now, I know this is something that you believe in, and I know it’s something you believe in passionately, because you’re here and you’re with me and you’re listening now. We’re going to really focus like a laser beam on continuous improvement so that you can leverage it to be a competitive advantage for you in business and in life.

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All right folks, now let’s focus on your areas of continuous improvement. There are three areas that I really want you to focus on. The three areas for continuous improvement are confidence,

capability, and clarity. Confidence, capability, and clarity, these are the three mindset areas that you need to embrace from a continuous improvement perspective.

Now, you may already be embracing these areas, you may already be focusing on these areas in some way, because as I said, you’re here now. You’re listening to this podcast, so that shows me, and it shows the world, that you’re dedicated to helping yourself improve. But, if you focus your continuous improvement, focus it like a laser beam, and harness these three areas of continuous improvement, you will turbo-charge your success. You will put it on steroids. It will be phenomenal.

Here’s how we’re going to do it. I’m going to break down each of the three areas for you, confidence, clarity, and capability, and we’re going to talk specifically about ways you can work out these areas like you’re working out muscles at a gym. Once you understand how these three areas are helpful in improving yourself, improving your business acumen, you will absolutely be amazed at the way that your growth takes off.

Let’s first start by giving you some definitions of what these three areas are. Confidence. What do we mean when we talk about improving your confidence? I mean, isn’t that something that just kind of happens to you magically? I used to think that. We can really work on, focus on improving our confidence. Confidence is your belief in your ability to deliver value.

Think about that for a second. Confidence is your belief in your ability to deliver value. In any aspect of life, or in business, confidence is your belief in your ability to deliver value, and we can work on improving that. We’re going to talk today about specific ways you can help to improve your confidence.

Capability is your actual ability to get things done, your actual ability to deliver the value. It’s whether or not you can really do what you want to do, whether you can deliver the value to your clients, to your customers, to your patients. And there are ways that you can improve your capability. Capability should be viewed as tools in your toolkit, and there are some areas of capability that we can focus on to help you improve.

You can improve your capability in your operational knowledge. If you’re a doctor, you can improve your capability specifically to your area of medicine. If you’re a surgeon, you can become a better and better surgeon. If you’re an internist, you can become better and better at diagnosing issues with your patients. If you’re a lawyer, you can become better and better at improving your mastery of the area of law on which you focus.

The other area in capability that we need to think about is strategic thinking. So, where is your business going next? What do your customers, what do your clients want next? Anticipate what your clients are going to need, and help them want what they need.

The other area we can talk about when it comes to capability is business development skill. How can you continuously grow your business development skills? How can you continuously make yourself more attractive to your clients, to your patients, to your customers? Those are the three areas of capability we’re going to talk about today.

Finally, clarity. Clarity is all about, where are you going? What are your targets? What are your goals? What direction are you headed in? If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never be able to get there. Think about that for a second. It seems foolish to even say that, but how many of us wander around through our businesses aimlessly, not knowing where our businesses should be taking us?

We’re now going to talk about the specific ways we can improve our confidence, our capability, and our clarity. How can you put your continuous improvement program on steroids? How can you put your continuous improvement program into turbo-charge mode?

Let’s talk first about confidence. How can you improve your confidence each and every single day? Well, when it comes to confidence, you can be completely confident in your area of expertise. You can be a lawyer and be completely confident in your ability in law. You can be completely confident in your ability to handle any matter that walks in the door. But, you may not be confident in your ability to get up in front of people and make a presentation. This may hamper your business development growth.

If you’re a surgeon, if you’re a doctor, you may be great at performing surgery. But you may not be great at handling the inter-patient interaction. The bedside manner that you have may not be the best when it comes to dealing with families. That’s going to hurt your ability to grow from the perspective of growing your surgical business, so to speak.

If you’re a business owner, you may be fantastic at the operational aspects of running your business, but you may not have the confidence you need to go out and do interviews on television and radio to promote your business, to attract clients in.

How can you improve your overall confidence? The best way I know of to improve your overall confidence is to put yourself in new and uncomfortable situations frequently. Think about that for a moment. Put yourself in the situations that you fear and lean into the fear. Get yourself ready, take classes, see professionals, see therapists if you have to, but put yourself in the positions that make you uncomfortable until you desensitize yourself from that fear.

This is something that you have to embrace, as a business owner, as a business leader, you must embrace the fact that the things you fear the most will defeat you if you allow them to. If you fear public speaking, that’s not uncommon. Many people fear public speaking. You need to embrace that fear. Join a Toastmasters group. Get in front of people every single week. Get up and speak. Speak in front of small groups of people first, and then grow the groups of people you speak in front of.

After a while, it will become like second nature to you. It’ll be easy. You will no longer fear that. You have to put yourself in the uncomfortable situations and go through it, and you will desensitize yourself to the fear.

Now, one caveat I will tell you, obviously if you fear something dangerous, you don’t want to put yourself in that situation. We’re talking about specifics related to business development. Specifics related to your business.

If there are areas that you have apprehension about, when it comes to your business, you have to put yourself in those situations repeatedly until you’ve tricked your brain into desensitization and you’re able to attack those areas with confidence. Okay, repetition is the mother and father of all confidence, if you need confidence in a specific area that you feel apprehensive about, repeat it over and over and over again.

Now, let’s talk about capabilities. I mentioned there are three types of capabilities. There’s operational knowledge, there’s strategic thinking, and then there’s business development. Let’s talk about the three ways that you can improve your capability when it comes to these areas. Operational knowledge consists of the education that you need in order to keep your business going.

If you’re a lawyer, you went to law school. You now have to practice what you learned. Improving your operational knowledge comes with experience. It comes with improving your skills. If there are continuing education courses you can take, take them as regularly as possible. You know, really immerse yourself in the practice of your business so that you are an operational expert or you know how to identify operational excellence.

If you can, outsource the operational aspects of your business to people who work for you. If you can focus on strategic thinking and the growth of your business, and outsource the operational aspects of your business, that will put your business on steroids.

If you have to practice the operational aspects of your business, focus on improving regularly to the point where you’re not only competent, but you’re one of the best. Again, operational excellence is fantastic as a competitive advantage, but there’s always going to be somebody who knows more. There’s always going to be somebody who can do it better. If you can outsource any operational aspects of your profession, it is one of the ways that you can really hone in on the strategy and the business growth for the long term.

Now, let’s talk about capability when it comes to strategic thinking. When it comes to business strategy, there’s nothing new under the sun. However, in your industry, you may be able to model successful behavior from another industry.

The perfect example I will give you is when I was working in the corporate housing industry. I ran a corporate housing business in Manhattan, in New York City. We had housekeeping in all of our corporate apartments. Over 800 corporate apartments in Manhattan at one time, and they were all cleaned each and every single week.

The challenge was, these apartments were in regular apartment buildings, they were in condo buildings. We didn’t have storage in any of these buildings. We had to deliver our supplies, and our linen had to be brought with us every single day we went to clean these apartments.

How did we do it? I brought in a guy who had done distribution routes for a soda company. That person knew how to handle distribution for soda all over Manhattan. Distributing linen and cleaning supplies and housekeepers was nothing big for him, because he handled this routing system for a very complex business, and the housekeeping aspect was simple.

Nobody else was doing that at that time. We were innovators. We were embraced as unbelievable thinkers. We were the da Vinci’s of the time, when it came to corporate housing and housekeeping solutions. You can do the same thing in your business. Strategic thinking. Apply other business models from other businesses that work to your business. Look around at other businesses and say, “How can I use that in my business? How will it help me grow? How will it help me improve?”

Finally, business development. How can you grow your capability from a business development perspective? You have to always be focusing on new ways to attract customers. We can help you with it here, at the Valtimax Podcast. We can help you with our Friday videos at, we can help you with our Wednesday articles. You should always be on the lookout for new ways to attract clients to your business.

You should have 100 ways to attract 1 client, and not 1 way to attract 100 clients. Diversity is the key to your marketing success. You should always be looking for ways to attract more clients. Do it today.

Now, the final point that I need to make to you is that clarity is the ultimate multiplier in your business. If you are absolutely clear on where your business needs to go, and you are absolutely clear on where you want to go as a person, you will no doubt get there one day.

Here’s the secret. You have to tie in each of your business activities, tie in each and every one of your business activities to your ultimate goal.

What have you done today to get you closer to your weekly goal for your business? And how does your weekly goal get you closer to your monthly goal? And how does your monthly goal get you closer to your annual goal? If you tie your daily activities into your annual goal, and your annual goal is tied into your ultimate goal for your business, you will always succeed.

Think about it. All of your activities need to align with your ultimate goals for your business. If they do, the activities that you undertake today, no matter how small, are getting you one step closer to your ultimate goals for your business.

Imagine that. Everything you do today is helping you get closer to your ultimate goal for your business. Everything you do as a person today is helping you get closer to your ultimate goals in life, that’s phenomenal. That’s real, true power. You truly control your destiny when you do that.

Focus on your daily activities getting you closer to your ultimate goals, and eliminate, delegate, outsource the activities that don’t get you closer to your goals. Let other people do those. You focus on taking steps to get closer to your goals each and every single day.

That will do it for this week’s episode of the Valtimax Podcast. My name is Dave Lorenzo, and I’d like your feedback and comments on this week’s episode. You can call me at 888-692-5531 or email me.

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