Creating a Competitive Advantage with Google Plus

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Google Plus is Your Competitive Advantage

Episode Summary

Google has developed a platform that is simply too powerful to ignore. The versatility of Google+ can be a competitive advantage for you if you use it correctly. That’s our mission this week.

Here’s what we cover:

1). Google+ Circles make communication easier
2). Google+ Circles make content segregation easier
3). Author Rank is going to be a big deal with Google and G+ profile is your link to it.
4). Search engines (Google) will customize search based upon people connected to you on Google+
5). Google+ has a sophisticated user base and it is easy to engage and learn from them
6). Hangouts allow you to develop deep, personal relationships in real time
7). Hangouts can become their own form of media
8). Communities can be a great source of new relationships
9). Local search will become a powerful tool for mobile
10). Pages allow you to be as promotional as you’d like about your business

Listen today and begin to experiment with Google+. You’ll be glad you did.

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