How to Build a Powerful Brand

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How to Create a Powerful Brand

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If you are looking for a clear differentiator, something that unequivocally sets you apart from your competition, then this podcast is a “must listen.”

Building a powerful brand is the key to differentiating your business from everyone else who does what you do.

Building a power brand will allow you and your company to become an object of interest – something that attracts clients.

Regardless of industry, profession, and price, you brand is what dictates whether or not people work with you.

What does your brand say about you?


How to Build a Powerful Brand

Hello again, everyone. Welcome to another edition of the Valtimax Podcast. Today’s podcast is a very special episode because we’re talking about power branding. We’re talking about making your law firm, making your medical practice, making your business a household name. If you’re an executive and you’re working for someone else, you can use the techniques we’re teaching today to create a powerful personal brand in your company or a powerful personal brand in your industry.

That’s right. Branding is universal. It’s the emotional attachment combined with the rational process people use when they think and evaluate you. When they think about you and they evaluate you, they go through a rational process and an emotional process. We’re going to show you how to connect on both levels with everyone. We’re going to use the format of the five Ps. Those five Ps are the elements that are essential to building a power brand.

The first P we’re going to talk about, first and foremost is patience. Rome was not built in a day and your brand will not be built overnight. You must have patience when it comes to building your brand. Most of us have a tremendous sense of urgency. Entrepreneurs are known for their sense of urgency and people who are out there in professional practices that are successful or people who are executives that are successful have a phenomenal sense of urgency but patience is an important element in power branding.

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Now that we’re done with that business, I want to talk to you about the five Ps of power branding. As I said, the first P is patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is your brand. You have to concentrate on playing the long game. You have to be in branding for the long haul. You have to be ready to put time and effort into building your brand. At the start, it doesn’t require a lot of money. It requires some other elements but you have to be patient. Patience is critically important.

An example of a couple of brands that I’ll give you are, number one, in my industry, McKinsey Consulting. McKinsey is known as the people to call when you have a really tough business strategy problem, when you have a really tough challenge and you’re in a corporate environment. McKinsey Consulting is the company you call to help you resolve your issues. You call them because they simply are the best. They hire the best people out of graduate school. They have a rigorous process in place for selecting their people and they have rigorous processes in approaches they take to solving business strategy problems. Their brand is powerful.

From sports, the brand that I like to use all the time is the New York Yankees. Year in and year out, the Yankees are consistently good. They are consistently good because number one, they spend the money to get the best players and number two, they have a culture and a philosophy that takes a business-like approach to playing baseball. They go in and do their work and they achieve the results each and every single time, 28 world championships. No other team in sports can boast that and it’s because of the power of the culture that they’ve created. That’s their brand.

IBM is the perfect example from a business perspective in the software and business services for technology community. IBM has been known as an innovative and focused, dedicated company that brings a professional work ethic to software, to computing hardware and to strategy related to technology. They are the gold standard in this area. They’ve developed that brand. Play the long game. Don’t expect instant results and focus on building your brand for the long term. That’s the P that is associated with patience.

The second P in the five Ps of power branding is proof. You have to show people that you can deliver the goods. You have to show them, not tell them. Showing them is critically important. How do you show people that you’re the real deal? You use case studies. You use testimonials. You use before and after demonstrations. All of these things provide proof that you are who you say you are, that you can do what you say you’re going to do. Proof is essential. Let me give you a couple of examples of brands that have powerful proof that is associated with them and what they do and who they are.

Nordstrom is a phenomenal brand. One of the famous examples of Nordstrom in terms of their level of service, they’re famous for their fantastic service, is the story about how a gentleman brought snow tires back to a Nordstrom store in Chicago. He returned four snow tires to Nordstrom. They took the snow tires back and gave him what he said he paid for it. The key is Nordstrom doesn’t sell snow tires. That story, whether it’s true or not true, is associated with the Nordstrom brand. It’s been perpetuated for years and years and years. Nordstrom is known for their phenomenal customer service. That’s their brand promise.

A local example that I’ll give you comes from when I was a housekeeping manager in a big hotel. I just graduated from college and I was a housekeeping manager at a hotel. We had a big convention in town and one of the attended … It’s a usually important convention not only for my hotel but for the hotel chain as a whole. We had all eyes on us because if we performed well in this convention, we would get other conventions all over the country, perhaps even all over the world. All eyes were on our hotel and how we performed.

One of the housekeepers who work for me took it upon herself to sew a button on a jacket. There was a button in a hotel room. As she was cleaning the room, she noticed that the jacket was on the chair and the button was left on top of the desk. She took it upon herself to sew the button back on the jacket for the guest. She left a little note, a handwritten note that she had done this and she hope it wasn’t too much of an intrusion. That reinforced the brand that she worked for which was Marriott at the time, that we were dedicated to client service, we were dedicated to guest service.

That story spread through the convention like wildfire. It resulted in a huge amount of business for not only the hotel but for the hotel chain as a whole. It became legend within Marriott that she did that. Phenomenal, phenomenal reinforcing of the brand. Those stories provide proof of how each of their brands is dedicated to something. In this case, service.

The third P is passion. You have to be passionate about the brand and you have to generate passion within the community. If you’re an individual solo practitioner, you can demonstrate your passion for what you do each and every single day. You have to show your passion for what you do and that passion becomes contagious. Big brands generate passion based on involvement. Harley Davidson, for example, has communities of writers and owners all over the world. These people are so passionate about the brand that they tattoo the logo on their bodies. Phenomenal passion for a brand. Harley Davidson has amazing passion for the brand.

This passion creates loyalty. Your passion for your service, your passion for your industry will come through to your clients, to your customers and will create passion in them. Involvement is the best way to create passion. Do as much as you can to get people involved with you or in the community that you’ve created. Justin Bieber is currently an entertainer that generates a lot of passion among the teen community particularly teen girls. He gets that passion through his involvement with them. He may not be involved one on one with each of them but he’s involved in social media, phenomenally involved on Twitter and Facebook. He reaches out to them and communicates with them and they feel like they’re actually interacting with him. That generates passion. That’s the third piece.

The fourth P is persistence. As I said, brands are not made overnight. You have to be patient and there’s also a persistence element. You’ll notice that big brands that advertise a lot repeat the same advertising over and over again. Consistency in the repetition is critical. Take Coca-Cola for example. Coca-Cola, it’s the real thing. They hammer it home. They hammer it home to their target audience over and over again. Budweiser, the king of beers. They hammer it home over and over and over again. GEICO Insurance, 15 minutes could save you a fortune or 15 minutes, give us 15 minutes and we’ll save you, whatever, 15%. That, they hammer that home over and over and over again. Consistency and persistence, P, the fifth P, persistence is absolutely critical.

The final P. The final P that you focus on when it comes to power branding is perspective. Focus on the user. You’re looking at things from the perspective of the user. The user’s perspective is all we care about when it comes to branding. Too many times, individuals, solopreneurs, small practice law firms, medical offices, they focus on what feels good to them and they don’t focus on the client’s perception. That’s what it’s all about. Your brand has to communicate benefit to your client.

I’ll give you a couple of examples. Ritz-Carlton Hotels, they communicate luxury and pampering to their guests wherever they are all over the world. It’s all about the guests. From the people they hire to the décor in the hotels, everything is focused on the guests and the guest experience. Nothing is … No expenses spared and it’s not delivered from the perspective of the hotel owner. It’s delivered from the perspective of the guest. Disney is another example. Their theme parks are designed with the guest experience in mind. Everything from the way they pick up the trash to the time they open the doors to the way their characters appear is all built around the guest’s expectations.

A little known fact about Disney is that they are, no two of their characters ever appear at the same time in different places anywhere in the world because they know that you could have a cousin who’s in Japan at the Disney theme park and he’s walking around and the cousin sees Mickey at the same time, takes a picture with Mickey in front of a clock at the same day and same time that you’re taking a picture with Mickey in front of a clock in Disney in Orlando, Florida. That’s a little known fact but that’s the level of detail Disney gets into when it comes to taking care of their brand.

The perception of the customer, the perception of the client, the perception of the end-user is everything. Disney is phenomenal about branding. They’re phenomenal about influencing the perspective of the client and taking the perspective of the client into account when it comes to their personal brand.

We’ve covered the five Ps of power branding. They are patience, proof, passion, persistence and perspective. Take these five Ps, implement them in your business today and you will be amazed at how the perception of your clients is influenced tomorrow. That will do it for this week’s episode of the Valtimax Podcast. My name is Dave Lorenzo. I’d like your feedback and comments on this week’s episode. You can call me at 888-6925531 or e-mail me at [email protected] Here’s hoping you make a great living and live a great life. Bye-bye.

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