How to Create a Diverse Marketing Plan

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The Power of a Diverse Marketing Plan

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You must have a marketing plan if you hope to attract new clients. This episode of The Valtimax Podcast will provide you with a step-by-step guide to developing an effective marketing plan that will deliver clients to you each and every day.

The key to consistent client attraction is marketing diversity. This means you should have a dozen ways to attract one client rather than one way to attract a dozen clients.

The reasons for this are obvious but they are often overlooked. Listen to this episode now and start attracting more and better clients today.


How to Create a Diverse Marketing Plan

There are clients out there right now with the need for your services, yet they cannot find you. You have a plan and your plan includes only 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 ways of attracting new clients. But there are hundreds of types of clients out there, each looking for your service and you’re depriving then with an opportunity to work with you because you haven’t diversified your marketing. You think you’re doing the right thing, you think you’re working hard at marketing, but you are denying a significant portion of the population of your services. How can you change this? How can you consistently attract clients regardless of the economic environment? If you don’t know, you should listen up, because we’re talking about this on the Valtimax Podcast right now.

This is Dave Lorenzo and we’re back with another edition of the Valtimax Podcast. And on today’s episode of the Valtimax Podcast, we’re going to talking about one of my favorite marketing topics, and that’s marketing diversity.

You see, every single day, I get a call from someone who thinks they’re doing enough when it comes to marketing. Every single day, I have somebody on the phone who tells me that they get dozens and dozens, or hundreds of clients. I ask them what they’re doing from a marketing perspective and they tell me one marketing method that they’ve completely and totally mastered. This is not unfamiliar in this day and age of the Internet. And they’ve gotten hundreds of clients using this marketing method, and they’re telling me how fantastic they are. Yet I still have them on the phone.

The reason I have them on the phone is because they’re nervous that someday, this marketing method will dry up and rightfully so. But before we get into the value of marketing diversity, I want to remind you to subscribe to the Valtimax Podcast. That’s right. You can subscribe to the Valtimax Podcast on iTunes. I want you to go to iTunes and type in Valtimax Podcast. Itunes will ask you if you’ve downloaded the podcast app. That’s right. There’s a brand new podcast app available on your iPhone, your iPad and your iPod. You have to download and then search for Valtimax, the Valtimax Podcast, and click on OK when the subscribe window comes up. If you subscribe, you’ll get the update for the Valtimax Podcast each and every single week, and if you like what you hear, we’d love for you to give us a review. A 5 star review would be fantastic. If you miss any episode of the Valtimax Podcast, you can find our archives which include transcripts from every episode at That’s has transcripts of every episode of the Valtimax podcast along with videos and articles and all kinds of information absolutely 100% free and it helps you with business strategy, law firm management, practice management, medical professionals, business management for entrepreneur and productivity improvement for corporate executives out there.

Now, let’s get back to marketing diversity because it’s so important. It’s absolutely critical to your success. You must have 100 ways to get 1 client as supposed to 1 way to get 100 clients. Let me give you a couple of examples. One of the clients I worked with when I focused exclusively, on working with law firms, was a consumer driven law firm. A consumer driven law firm that focused exclusively on the Internet. This gentleman was fantastic. He was a Google cowboy. He could get as many clients as you could possibly want through the Internet. He came up in the search rankings number 1 for his practice area, number 1 for his location every time you typed in the most important keywords into Google. He was doing phenomenally well. He was getting dozens and dozens and dozens of clients each and every single week, and he was in a practice area that is very very difficult to select a lawyer.

Now, the reason I’m telling you this story is because in April of 2012, and then again in June of 2012, Google modified its algorithm. That’s right. They modified its algorithm and they took away everything that this gentleman was doing to boost his rankings. So overnight, he went from being the top ranked lawyer in his search terms, in his keyword search terms, he went from being everybody to nobody. He went from being a somebody to being nobody, overnight. Google crushed him. Well, Google didn’t do it, he did it. That was the only way he had to attract clients, hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue was gone in an instant overnight. He was at the mercy of Google. There are hundreds of lawyers right out there right now making the same exact mistake. They have resources at their disposal. They have a lot of money so they invested in search engine optimization and then Google changes its algorithm. They’re at the mercy of Google and overnight, their business dries up.

I’ll give you another example. I had another client who was fantastic at developing people, developing clientele from his appearances on television. national television, fantastic exposure. 3 months after, he went off television. Made his last appearance on television and he on just about every single day on some channel. He was a recognized expert because he had gotten some great results for some people. 3 months after he went off the air, his income stream dried up. That was the only method he had of getting clients. Just recently, I received a phone call from an individual who asked me to help him because he had been spending $2 million a year on television advertising for personal injury cases and the television advertising was no longer effective. The marketplace had become so jaded; he could no longer attract the dozens and dozens of cases he was used to receiving each and every month. This can happen to you whether you’re using the yellow pages or television or radio. Any type of media can go soft, as the term; can go soft on you overnight if you allow it to. It can go stale if you allow it to. So you have to diversify your marketing. You have to test new things constantly and always be looking for ways to attract more and more clients. So if you’re currently developing a marketing plan, how can you build diversity into your marketing plan?

Well, I’m going to give you 10 specific things you should be doing right now. 10 things you should be looking at right now in order to help you diversify your marketing plan. Number 1. You should be writing. You should be writing in publications that your clients or costumers read. You should write articles because you’re an expert. Write articles on topics your clients, your costumers, your patients care about. Always write and offer the writing to publications. Offer the writing in publications like trade magazines. Offer the writing to publications like community newspapers. If you write and you are published in a place where people who are in your target audience can see it, you will be looked to as an expert. Writing is a key way to establish expert status. Write as much as you can, offer your articles for publications, any place they can possibly publish where your potential clients will see it. If it doesn’t get published anywhere, put it up on your website because people, when they come on your website, will read what you’ve written and you will have more credibility. The second element of your marketing plan should include speaking. You must get out and you must speak as an expert on the topics in which you are familiar.

So if you are a doctor and you are familiar with new procedures in your practice area, go out and speak to other doctors. If you are a lawyer and you’re familiar with a new practice in the law, go out and educate other lawyers. If you target consumers, go out and educate the consumers who may need your services. Now here’s the thing. Sometimes, we come across clients who are in areas that are so esoteric, they’re so new ones that many people won’t know who they are, what they do, even you go out and educate. If you went out and spoke on it, people wouldn’t care about it. So if you’re the best and let’s say calibrator of radio… of magnetic resonance imaging machines, MRI machines, you’re the best calibrator of MRI machines, you may think that the general public wouldn’t care about what you do and you probably correct that general public doesn’t care but people who buy MRI machines would care. You can educate them on the calibration. So there’s always an audience to whom you can speak. So you should be speaking all the time. The third area where you should be leveraging your marketing is through earned media. Being quoted and profiled as an expert is incredibly valuable, and it’s very easy to do. There are numbers of way to get out there and be sourced as an expert on specific topics.

Reporters, editors, producers are always looking for sources to quote on particular stories or they’re looking for background information, educational information to help them cover specific stories. Offer yourself as an expert on topics on which you have total mastery. So for example, if you’re a lawyer, you’re a criminal defense lawyer, all the publications in your area should know that you will be… they can call you in the middle of the night, they can call you during the day, they can call you anytime, give editors, producers, reporters your cellphone number. Call you for a quote on any breaking stories. Call you for background information on

any news stories in the news. Getting into earn media is a fantastic way to increase your visibility and develop credibility.

Networking. You’ve heard me talk about networking before. You should belong to 3, no more than 3 networking groups. You should be active in those groups, take a leadership role in those groups, get high exposure in those groups. You should be one on one networking, 2 to 3 days a week. Going to lunch with people, having dinner with people, having breakfast with people, having drinks or coffee with people. Introducing yourself and having those folks introduce you to new people each and every single day, each and every single week. Networking is a fantastic way to grow your business. All right. The next area is hosting educational events. Open the doors to your office and educate people who can refer your business. Educate people who are your past clients. Educate people on new techniques in your areas of expertise, so that you can help them understand who you are and what you do, so that they can refer more business to you.

Developing a referral or follow up system. We’ve talked about this time and time again as well. You should have a system where you keep in regular contact, preferably weekly with people over and over and over again. A newsletter system. A birthday card system. A monthly greeting card system. Some type of a follow up and referral system, so that people will come to you over and over again. Direct mail. You should outreach, part of your outreach should be sending out direct mail letters to people on a regular basis, so that they remember who you are, what you do and how do it. This direct mail piece can be phenomenally powerful because everyone’s e- mail in-box is overloaded. The mailbox, the regular mailbox through the postal service works phenomenally well, if you’re creative in how you do it.

Advertising, print, web, television, radio, still works. You can do it using lead generation advertising techniques, offering free reports, offering free CDs, offering free DVDs, giving people an incentive to pick up the phone and call you, giving people an incentive to go to your website, giving people an incentive to reach out and touch you in some way. So that you can talk to them and give them the opportunity to avail themselves of your service. Let them raise their hand, introduce themselves to you first, and after they do that, then you can sell them on coming in and meeting with you, so that they can hire you. Your Internet presence. There are dozens of ways on the Internet for you to leverage the Internet to do lead generation, to convert people from leads to clients. You must take advantage of them through your website, through social media, through e-mail, your Internet presence must be as diversified as all the rest of your marketing. You have to have a dozen different ways online, just like you have dozens and dozens and dozens of different ways offline.

Finally, community involvement. Volunteering, doing some community outreach is critically important to your success. See and be seen doing good things in the community, and you will

increase your visibility, you’ll increase your credibility and you’ll differentiate yourself from everyone who does what you do. I’m going to recap these methods very, very quickly. They all must be part of your marketing plan. Writing, speaking, leveraging earn media, networking, hosting educational events, developing referral and follow up system, using direct mail, advertising print, web, television, radio, etc, your Internet presence and community involvement. I’ve just included 10 things here in the short time we had together today. If you did 1 aspect of each of these 10 different marketing methods, you will have the ultimate in marketing diversity; and you will have 10 new ways to get clients, 10 ways to get 1 client today, 10 ways to get 1 client tomorrow. You would multiply your opportunities for attracting clients by 10.

That is powerful. You must diversify your marketing, you must find new and improved ways to attract clients. Do it now, do it today. That will do it for this week’s episode of the Valtimax Podcast. My name is Dave Lorenzo and I’d like your feedback and comments on this week’s episode. You can call me at 888-692-5531, or email me at [email protected] Here’s hoping you make a great living, and you live a great life®.

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Valtimax Podcast Episode 18: The Power of a Diverse Marketing Plan

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