How to Make Money When You Need it Quickly

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How to Make Money When You Need it Quickly

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Everybody needs money. This podcast will help you if you are an business owner, independent professional, doctor, lawyer or sales executive. Listen to this podcast today and start making more money tomorrow.


How To Make Money When You Need It Quickly

                        Hi there, everyone. This is Dave Lorenzo and I want to welcome you once again to the Valtimax Podcast. This week’s episode is about money, it’s about how you can go from desperation to inspiration, from desperation to motivation. It’s about how you can attract money to you in the next five to seven days.

I’m recording this podcast specifically because I get lots of phone calls from people who are willing to give me their last 500 to $1,000 to help them get going today, right now. Because they have no clients or they just their biggest client and they want to find somebody to replace them this week or this month.

This is not what I do but what I’m going to do today is I’m going to provide you with free resources, free tools here on the Valtimax Podcast that will allow you to go out and attract business to you quickly. These are the methods that I use to start my business, they are methods that I offer up to people who come to me just begging and pleading for help because they have absolutely no business at all.

Now, for those of you who are thriving and that’s the bulk of my clients, my paying clients are thriving and they want to take their practices or their businesses to the next level. You’re going to find that getting back to basics, focusing on the five things that I’m going to talk about today in this episode of the Valtimax Podcast will help you actually grow your business.

They’ll help you focus on things that you should have been doing all along because as our businesses grow we forget about the basic, in football would call the blocking and tackling of what we do to develop our business. Going to talk about five things you can do today to get business in the door, right away, immediately.

I’m also going to give you an update on our six month internet marketing challenges, it’s been awhile since we talked about that. Going to give you an update on our six month double your business from the internet challenge. I’m going to tell you some of the things that I’m testing, some of the results that I’m having and give you the guidance that you need to implement those things as well.

Just as a reminder this is the Valtimax Podcast, my name is Dave Lorenzo. I own and operate two consulting companies. The first company is Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting, you can find information about that at, and what I do there is I help attorneys make a great living and live a great life. I focus specifically on business strategy, practice management, productivity improvement, client attraction, relationship development and a little bit of work – life balance throwing in just to make things interesting.

At Valtimax Consulting I focus specifically on helping consultants develop practices just like mine. I help consultants develop niche practices and I help them develop these businesses in the area of professional development. If you’re another professional, an accountant, an architect, someone in any professional services, we have people all over the country that can help you grow your business.

Just like we have people in local markets around the country that can help lawyers grow their business. We also help all these folks with business strategy, practice management, client attraction, relationship development, productivity and a little bit of work – life balance. We do those things through those two companies and each and every week I delivery to you the Valtimax Podcast.

You can find the episodes of the Valtimax Podcast all in chronological order at,, you can also find these podcast at We have videos, we put up articles, hundreds and hundreds of articles for lawyers at and dozens of articles and podcast and videos at

Okay, now we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s start with what you can do right now to get people in the door to work with you. Now here’s the thing, if you’re in a situation where you desperately need business, you got to get client in the door tomorrow, there’s a good chance your confidence is shaking.

The first thing you need to realize is you are the exact same person that you were two days ago when the business was here compared to where you are right now, you’re the same person. You are the person who can get the job done so I don’t want you to think for one minute that there’s anything different about you or there’s anything wrong with you.

Sometimes we lose clients because we get fired and it has to do with a conflict that we had with the client, more of than not it’s just that our relationship has grown apart. That’s not your fault, it’s not the clients fault, it’s just one of those things. The way you need to look at this opportunity, the opportunity to grow your business is it’s an opportunity to chance for you to focus on getting back to basics from a marketing perspective. That’s exactly what we’re going to help you do right now.

Here’s what you need to do in order to get business in the door. The first thing I want you to do is I want you to immediately look at opportunities to increase your fees. I know this sounds counter intuitive, you got know business, nothing, nothing at all , right, or you got maybe two or three clients left or a dozen clients left when you had a hundred. I’m telling you to look for an opportunity to raise your fees.

Here’s one of the things that I come in contact … When I come in contact with clients who are resistant to raising their fees. One of the things I hear all the time is, “Well, my existing clients will bristle at that,” “But this a great opportunity for you because you got no clients now or the clients that you have now are clients who are probably going to be resistant to a fee increase anyway, so you need not even worry about it.”

Go out and as you take on new clients raise your fee, the fee that you charge by 10 to 20%. Now, what you do with your existing clients is completely up to. If you want to look at your existing client relationships and you can find a way to provide more value existing clients to get more money out of your existing clients, that’s fine. Raise your fees, provide more value.

If you don’t want to risk it, your existing client stay the same, any new client you take on automatically comes at a 20% premium, 20% increase over your past fees. I don’t care who referred them to you, I don’t care what your reasons are for not doing it. As you go out to develop new business everything is going to be at a 20% higher fee premium.

Why do I tell you to do that? Number one, you need to shift your mindset anyway, all right? You’re in this funky can’t develop or you’re having a hard time developing business. Everything else that you do is going to be complete different. If you do what you always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten, so you’re going to increase your fees by 20%, that’s it, across the board.

What that means is instead of having you go out and get five new clients to be at 100%, you’re only have to get four new clients to be at 100% because your fees are going to be 20% higher. Believe me it works, don’t trust the math it works, okay? Here’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to everybody we pitch from now on.

If your hourly rate was a $100 an hour, it’s automatically $120 an hour or better yet $125 an hour if you want increase a 25%, okay? If your hourly rate was $400 an hour then it’s now 480 an hour, congratulations you give yourself a raise. As you’re going out and by the way I hate hourly billing, I just use that for convenience sake.

As you’re going out to talk to people you’ve already given yourself that increase. What you’re going to do next is you’re going to look at the way that you feel when you sign up a new client at a 20% higher rate, all right? We’re going to use the hourly billing number because it’s just easy for illustrative purposes.

Let’s say you were billing $400 an hour and you decided to go out now and you’re billing $480 an hour and you’re a litigator, okay? You ended up getting a big case and you tell the person, the big case, the person who’s doing the hiring, the big case that you’re now $480 an hour lawyer. They don’t bat an eye, they sign you up and every hour that you bill, you’re now making $80 more, right?

Every hour that you bill, you’re making 20% more than you were making just yesterday, all right? They don’t know any different, the quality of your work is outstanding, you probably could bill $600 an hour and they’d be okay with it. What you’ve done is you’ve essentially created a confidence level in yourself that you’re now a $480 an hour lawyer. How about that? You’re a $480 an hour lawyer now, that’s fantastic.

You could do this at any point, you could raise your rates to $100 an hour, you could raise your rates 100% even if you wanted to as long as you can provide that kind of value and you can justify that kind of value, you are going to be able to create that kind of an environment for yourself. What you’re going to do is immediately you’re going to make that mindset shift, you’re 20 to 25% better than you were and when you go out and secure these new clients it’s going to be 20 to 25% higher rate.

What I want you to do next is I want you to go through your database, however you have it. If you have it in some type of software program, if you have it on Rolodex cards, if you have it in your Outlook contacts file. I want you too call everybody that’s in there. Start with people who are past clients, then go to people who’ve referred your business in the past, then go to your contacts, then go to the people you graduated from law school with, then you go to the people you know from the gym or from your house of worship, then you go to your family and your friends.

What you’re going to do when you call these people is you’re going to say to them, “Just in case you don’t know, I want to remind you here’s what I do and here’s the value I can provide. If you know of anybody who needs this value, I’d love to speak with them.” You will be amazed at what happens when you make these phone calls.

Now you’re not begging for business, let me be clear about this, you’re not even asking them for business at this point. What you’re doing is you’re telling them about the value you provide and you’re telling them that if they know anyone, you would be happy to take a look at their situation, so that you could provide them with the same kind of value.

Think about that conversation for a minute. Here, I’ll role play it for you. Let’s say I am a trust and estates attorney, okay, and I’ve just lost my biggest client or something happen, one of my referral sources dried up. I need to go out and get more trust and estates clients. I’m going to the Rolodex and I call people on the phone, I call law school graduate, a friend of mine who graduated with me, “Hi. This is Dave Lorenzo. How are you doing? How are your kids? How’s your wife?” Build some report, three or four minutes of conversation on that.

“Listen, the reason that I’m calling is I just want to take a minute and touch base. I realize I never told you about the kind of value I provide in my clients. Here’s what I do, I offer a five document package, five document package and free lifetime revisions to all my clients with these five documents. The five documents are a will, durable power of attorney, living will, healthcare proxy, and a trust. I do that for all my clients and I provide lifetime revision.

You’re married, you’re divorced, need to add somebody, take somebody off, want to come in and talk about it. We do an annual review with our clients where we invite them into our office and we sit down, we look at all their documents and see what’s changed with them and I it for one flat fee. It depends on the size of the estate but generally the flat fee is somewhere 7 and $10,000.

For larger estates it could be a little bit more, if it’s somebody who has a smaller state maybe a little less. These are things that are in the news and we also do a estate … And you need them, we also do estate planning and he’s what we do in the area of a estate planning. I know that you and I like I said have never talked about this before but I’m going through all my contacts now and reintroducing myself in the value that I provide.

I just wanted to let you know about those packages and if you know of anyone who could this service I’d be happy to sit down with them as a courtesy to you. For 20 minutes talk to them over the phone about their current situation. Now, I normally don’t do this, I normally charge for consultations, I normally charge $250 for a 20 minute consultation over the telephone, but if you have someone who you like to introduce me to, who I can provide this value to. For 20 minutes I’ll talk to them over the phone for free.

Let me know if there’s anything that I can ever do for you. If you need something from me or if you … If there’s anybody that I can refer to you I’d love to be able to pass a referral to you at some point as well. Tell me what I can do to help you. Thanks. I appreciate your time. Have a nice day.”

Now, of course this is going to be an interactive conversation, they’re going to ask questions, you’re going to ask questions and the relationship will develop from there. Immediately after that phone call, you hang up the phone, you’re going to write a handwritten note with your business card and say, “It was great catching up with you on the phone. I enjoyed speaking with you. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you in the future. Thank you.”

Then you’re going to stick that business card in a pen written note, drop it in the mail, send it out to that person. That’s what you’re going to do, the phone call and the handwritten note in the mail. Here’s what happens, as you begin to develop this value preposition and you share this value preposition with other people, two things will happen.

Number one, people will have folks to refer to you and the example I just gave you trust and estates attorney, just about everybody know someone who could use a trust and estates attorney. In the business to business world that’s a little bit less common, however you’re going to find that in your circle of friends you’ve developed people who know of other people who can use your value.

What you’re going to find is there’ll be referral … These people will be great referral sources and they’ll start sending you business. Now, the other thing that you’re going to find and this is an incredible phenomenon, is two or three people out of every hundred, two or three people you least suspect will come to you and they will say, “You know what, I could use that service,” or they will say, “I’m so glad you call. I’m looking for somebody who does exactly what you do.”

It’s happen to, it’s happen to everyone that I’ve ever introduced this technique to. You can go from being broke today to having 15 clients tomorrow just by doing this technique. I want you to call everybody you know and have this conversation with them and when I say everybody, I mean your grandmother, your auntie who lives in Oshkosh.

The reason that you’re going to do that is because if I ask you, if every member of your family knew what it is you do, knew the value you provided. I guarantee you these people wouldn’t be able to answer. I want you to start with the people who are most likely to work with you or refer you and I want you to go through the list.

Remember you’re not begging for business, what you’re doing is you’re simply calling people up and telling them about the value you provide and the verbiage that gets you into that conversation is simply just this, “Hi. This is blah, blah, blah. How is your family? How is everything going? Just calling to catch up and I realize that I never told you about the value that I provide to people.

What I’d like to do is I’d like to take a minute today and tell you about and see if there’s an opportunity for me to help you or one of your clients. Also I’d like to find out a little bit more about you and what you do and I’d like to find out if I can refer you some business.” Now, everybody is going to take that phone call and everybody is going to have a conversation with you at that point.

If they don’t, on the of chance that they don’t, don’t worry about those people, just move on. Now, if somebody doesn’t take your phone call or you leave a voicemanil for someone and they don’t call you back, still send them a handwritten note, “Hey, just looking to catch up with you, would love to do so at some point. Please give me a call.” Send the handwritten note out in the mail anyway. Every phone call you make, after you make the phone call, handwritten note goes out in the mail.

The next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to get in a room of people who are buyers, people who could use your services. The reason that you’re going to do that is for research purposes, you want to get back in the game. For research purposes you want to get into a room full of people who buy business, who buy your type of legal services.

If you’re an intellectual property attorney you’re going to want to as soon as you possibly can go to a convention of inventors or people who file a lot of copyright patent applications. That’s the first thing you want to do. If you’re the trust and estates attorney you want to get into a room with actually CPAs who need help with estate planning for their clients.

If you’re a criminal defense attorney you want to get in a room with family law attorneys because family law attorneys often times will have referrals for criminal defense attorney. If you’re a family law attorney same thing, you want to get in a room with criminal defense attorneys, you want to get in a room people who are people able to refer business to you or with people who are good clients for you.

The reason you want to do that is because circulating among those people, hearing the conversations will put you back in touch and gets you back in the game. Often times we find that when people lose a significant amount of business, their book of business or they lose their biggest client years prior, at least months prior, sometimes years prior, they stop being in circulation.

They stop being around people who do what they do, they stop being around people who use their services. Once you get back in that environment things will start to come back to you, the business development strategies you used to first develop your business, the networking strategies you use to first develop your business will start to come back to you.

The third thing that I want you to do, actually this is the fourth thing that I want you to do. Remember, number one was raise fees, number two was call everyone you know tell them about your value, number three was get in a room with people who are buyers so that you understand how they think and how they speak.

The fourth thing that I want you to do is I want you to do some direct mail. I want you to go out and I want you to talk to the people who are potential buyers of your services, that’s the third step. The fourth step, I want you to write a letter as if you’re writing a letter directly to one of those buyers. I want you to write the letter from the mindset of the person who’s going to be reading it.

For criminal defense attorneys let’s say you meet with 10 attorneys, you meet 10 attorneys at a networking event who are in other practice areas. What you’re going to do is you’re going to write a letter to those 10 attorneys it’s going to say, “When one of your clients is arrested he’s confused, frustrated and often times doesn’t know where to turn. You may get a call from this person in the middle of the night and you will probably not know what to do. When that happens I would like to be your first phone call and here’s the reasons why,” and you put in the reason why.

“Number one, your client need someone they can trust and I know because you trust me, they will be able to trust me. Number two …” And then you list the reasons why. What you’re going to do is you’re going to mail this letter out to the people that you meet at networking events. Then you’re going to mail them as similar letter once a month.

You’re not doing direct mail looking necessarily for end clients, you’re doing direct mail to referral sources. The reason that you’re doing direct mail via the postal service once a month is because everybody is going to be deleting the emails that you send to them once a month to follow up. You say, “Hey, you got any business,” or, “Hey, if you have any referrals I’d like to send them to you.”

Once a month you’re going to write a letter and it’s going to say something to the effect of, “This is what I do. This is the value that I can provide, I would love to provide referrals for you as well as I meet people who need your services. I would love to introduce you to them.” What you have to do is you have to as you add these people to your database, you have to start referring people to them.

They can be either direct referral, somebody who needs their service or they can be strategic referrals or indirect referrals, people who can introduce them to people they want to meet. The key is that you’re reaching out, that’s what you’re doing. You’re reaching out looking to help somebody develop business and you’re going to keep sending them this letter once a a month laying, who you are, what you can do and the value you can provide.

The reason you’re sending this letter once a month is to just stay top of mind with them. Here’s who you send the letter to. You go to these networking events or you go the events where there’s buyers or referral sources, you meet the person, shake their hand, collect the business card, you send them a handwritten note, “Hey, it was great to meet you.”

Then once a month you send them this letter and it’s not going to be the same letter every month, it’s going to be a different letter. If you want to you can go back to the Valtimax Podcast episode where we talk about direct mail and you can include what’s call the grabber. You can include something in the letter that makes it a little bit lumpy so that it looks a little different.

That mailing will stay top of mind with these, you’ll keep their attention and they will start referring business to you. It’s really important that you send them this letter once a month. Now, here’s a thing, you’re struct for cash, it’s tough, I know, so what you’re going to do is whatever money you can scrounge up, I mean shake the couch cushions if you have to.

Go buy a book of stamps or preferably a sheet of stamps and if you have to send out 10 letters a day or 10 letters a week until you can get through everyone whom you’ve met. You must keep in contact with these people on a monthly basis. I’m not talking about an elaborate newsletter that comes later when your practice is reestablished, when you’re back on your feet.

For now a direct mail letter, it could be one sheet of paper, two sheets of paper long that you hand sign yourself. You can address the envelop yourself with your printer in your office and you send it out. Everybody gets one once a month, you’ll be amaze at the referral results that you get. Finally, the fifth thing that you need to do in order to get your business back on its feet is offer to speak to groups of people where there are referral sources or buyers.

I don’t care if you’re the worst speaker on the planet, just throw yourself into it and start getting up in front of groups of people. There is no faster way to develop your law firm or professional practice than to speak in front of groups of people and here’s why. When someone introduces you as a speaker, even if it’s a crappy introduction and you get up in front of the room, you have an implied authority.

You’re standing in front of a room full of people, you are an authority. If you talk about a topic that’s of interest to them they will all give you their business cards and then you can follow the same process. You all them, you send direct mail to them once a month, somebody will call you to do business with you.

I want you to go out and I want you to speak to … Initially I want you to speak to anybody, any 10 people that will get together on street corner, you stand in a soap box, I don’t care. Go to your church, go to your house of worship, speak there. Just get going and start speaking then I want you to target your audience after that.

I want you to target groups of referral sources, potential buyers. I’ve done this with lawyers and every practice area. I’ve had criminal defense attorneys go to colleges and speak in a fraternity house in the living room to members of the fraternity and they’ve gotten referrals. I’ve had family law attorneys go out and talk to doctors about asset protection and prenuptial agreements for doctors who …

Particularly for residents who are just graduating and who are just going into practice from themselves, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, highly profitable business, chiropractors. Family law attorneys speak to groups of these people. You need to find groups and offer to speak even if you have to speak for free to start to these groups of people and business folks that’s even easier.

Look at for a directory of groups and associations online and there are groups and associations for everything. Find out who the president or executive director of that association and just call him up and say, “Hey, do you have any events coming up. I’m a speaker and I can speak on a topic that’s relevant to your people.”

If you had a time tell him, “Listen, I can speak on this particular topic, I know it’s a hot topic for you guys.” You will get book to speak and you will get business as a result. Those are the five things you can do to get business in the door today. Number one, you raise your fees because as you book new people your confidence will go up. I’m not talking about raising your fees to existing clients unless you really think that you can make more money by providing more value from existing clients.

I’m talking about when you do sign up new clients because you will, your fee has to go up 10 to 20% from the last client who just left you. Number two, call everybody that you know and tell them about the value you provide. You’re going to ask them to think about you from a referral stand point, you’re going to offer to refer them business and you’re going to tell them about the value you provide. Then after that phone call you’re going to send a hand written note.

Then number three, you’re going to follow up with direct mail every month, direct mail letter to them every month. Actually that was number four is direct mail every month. Number three is get into a room of people who are buyers or referral sources, meet them, network with them, take their business cards and then send them direct mail every month as well.

Number five is you’re going to offer to speak to people for free if necessary so that you can get in front of groups of people and talk about the value you provide, give them some tips, give them some guidance and then collect business cards at the end of the talk, send them your direct mail every month as well.

Even if you’re broke all of this stuff costs you simply the price of stamps and the phone calls which you’re going to be … You’ll be paying, you’ll be paying your phone bill anyway hopefully. Those are the five things you can do right now today if you’ve got no clients or you’re desperate to develop business.

Now, let’s talk about … Let’s move on and talk about our six month internet challenge, right? Our six month internet marketing challenge. A few weeks ago I challenge you to double your business from online in the next six months. As all of you know and I say this every time I talk about the internet, I was never a big internet marketing guy until just a few months ago when I’ve seen the power of how Google has shifted algorithm away from linked building and all the key Fanokey gaming of the system.

They moved really to content expertise and relationship development online using social media as signals for who the experts really are. That’s what created a light bulb going off in my head told me that this was something that I should get into in a big way. That happened at the end of May 2013 and as I record this we are in the end August.

We’ve gone through the whole summer and I’ve tested and adjusted, and tested and adjusted something. I’m proud to report that my traffic online has quadrupled since I started working on this. In three months essentially I’ve quadrupled the amount of traffic and I’ve gotten a lot of people to opt in. I’ve gotten some business, my business that I’ve developed online has increased because quite frankly it couldn’t been any worst.

I wasn’t developing a lot of business online, online was really an awareness tool for me to get people on to my email list. Then it would take months and months or maybe even years for them to develop and become clients as well. Here’s what I’ve done to shorten that sale cycle and here’s what I’ve done to triple my business.

The first thing that I’ve done is I have been very, very active, over active, hyper active if you will on social media. Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, I use my personal Facebook page, I’m not using a company page, I use a personal Google Plus page, I’m not using a company page. I use my own Twitter account and I use my own personal LinkedIn account and where I am now is I have close to 31,000 people who have connected with me on LinkedIn.

I have 3,000 people, as of today I have 3,000 people who’ve connected with me on Twitter, I have about 3200 who connected with me on Google Plus, I have about 800 people who’ve connected with me on Facebook. Now, Facebook arguably I use pretty much as for personal stuff, I’ve started to let more and more people come from a company perspective engage with me on Facebook. I’m posting less personal stuff on Facebook and a lot more business stuff.

Let me tell you what I’ve done. Forever I’ve had hundreds of articles at, what I’ve done is I took the month of July and I wrote an article a day in the month of July and these were substantive three, four, five, 600 word articles that weren’t keyword focused. That were focused on the things my clients wanted to hear about, the things my readers wanted to hear about.

They’re really substantive articles and I did that using the methods that I’ve told you about in previous podcast using article calendar with a subject for each article everyday. I’ve sat down and I’ve written and then I posted those articles at What that did was that bolstered my total of articles to north of 800.

I went through all of those articles in the past 60 days and I’ve taken the 200 best articles and I’ve added pictures to them. I was never putting pictures on my articles but prior to, I can tell you the exact date, June 18th, 2013 none of my articles had pictures. I started putting pictures on articles when I read … And I took a seminar, Google webmaster seminar and they said that images were a signal that this article could potentially be authoritative and Google was using photos as or pictures in an article as a signal that it was authoritative.

What I started doing is I went back, took my top 200 articles added images to all of them. I also embedded links in each article to at least one other article, in most cases three to five other articles on my website. All my articles on my website are linked together now, my top 200 have pictures in them. Every article write from now on has a picture in it.

What I did was I created a spreadsheet and I put all these articles in a spreadsheet one to 200 and I have the links in there. I’m going back through and I’m putting into a social media distribution software, software like Hootsuite or I use SocialSprout. You go through and you put these articles, set them up for distribution in your software which automatically delivers them to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Google Plus on a personal page you cannot “auto post.” I’m taking five articles every day and I’m posting them on each of these social media outlets. Each article has a link back to a page of one of my top 200 articles. My 200 articles will cycle through every 40 days, I do this on the weekends too. Now, the times when these go out, the software is selecting the times for me. The software selects the optimal time to send it out.

That’s one of the benefits of using the social media software that I use is it picks the optimal times based on engagement. Now, people will forward these articles or they’ll get into a conversation with me. It’s very important, you have to make sure you engage people when they reply to your article or they get into a conversation with you about an article.

This is particularly valuable on Google Plus and Twitter. You have a back and forth with them, have a dialog with them and that engagement is very rich, it’s phenomenal. Now, what I’m also doing is Monday through Friday I have two additional articles, I call them “static articles” that go out. Every Monday the same two articles go out, every Tuesday different than Monday but every Tuesday the same two article, every Wednesday the same two articles.

They’re different from the day before but every Wednesday the same article goes out, every Thursday the same article goes out. These two articles are promotional articles, they go out to fix time regardless of engagement levels. Every day of the week Monday through Friday at 2:00 and at 4:00 a promotional article goes out that offers people the opportunity to opt in to receive a free CD or to opt in and receive a free report or to call me for a consultation that cost $250 or to buy a product that costs $600 or to come to the latest event or seminar.

Five articles, a pure content, two promotional articles every single day. The promotional articles just run, the promotional links just run every … They cycle through once every Monday the same one and they have pictures as well so the social media goes out and it’s, “Get Dave’s free CD.” It’s a picture of me looking over a conference table and that goes out once a week on Wednesday’s at 2:00, every Wednesday.

Articles change, the informational, the educational articles change, the promotional articles stay the same. Those are seven different opportunities for people to interact with me on each social media outlet, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Google Plus and on Twitter. It’s a phenomenal way to drive traffic to your websites.

People click on the links, they go to your website and again they have three opportunities to opt in on your website. That has quadrupled my traffic in the last three months, the number of opt in is phenomenal. Now, what I’m experimenting with right now today as we speak, as I record this and if you’re coming back to this three years from now. I’m sure there’s a podcast down the road that will tell you whether or not this works.

What we’re doing is this, as people opt in to get my free CD offer for lawyers we’re waiting 10 days from when we mail the CD to them. We usually mail at the same day they opt ink, 10 days after that we send them a letter in an express mail packet offering them the opportunity to join my private client experience.

This is a limited experience I offer one on one unlimited access to me to people who want to grow their practice, make a great living and live a great life. It’s a very unique preposition, it’s extremely affordable. I am at your disposal, you call me when you need me, I’ll return your call within 90 minutes. I hope you work through difficult problems.

Some people call everyday, some people call once a week, some people call three times a month, some people call once a month, some people all every six months. It’s called my private client experience. If you want to go check it out, it’s is the direct link to the website,,

Anyway, these people get an invitation to join my private client experience. Now, the difficult thing is they get this invitation 10 days after the CD and I have a phone conversation with them and I’m just starting to do that this week. Once I book 10 people into this private client experience, it’s fine I got to put them into the waiting list.

My hope is that I feel it up right away and I have to change the offer and I offer them something else where I put them on the waiting. I will let you know how that goes and see what we’re doing here is we’re taking people from social media. Somebody goes and they read an article on LinkedIn and they clicked on that link and it takes them to my website.

They read the article on the website and they see the opt in for the free CD right at the top on the center of the website. They click on that, they read the page, they enter their information, they get the CD, we send it out to them. 10 days later they get an invitation from me and then after they get the invitation I follow up with a phone call to see if they want to join the private client experience or they call me directly and sign up to join the private client experience.

Now, this is a way to get people exchange to are not typically exchanged. The idea will then be to put in additional direct mail pieces once a month after that to continue to keep them engage and to see if they actually join up. But so far what we would call the front end, the lead generation part of this has been phenomenal four times.

The amount of traffic coming to the website like a hundred times the opt ins. We would usually get a dozen opt ins for the free CD every month. We got a dozen opt ins for the free CD just two days ago. We got a dozen opt ins for the free CD in one day last week when I promoted it in my weekly email. I will tell you that this is working very, very well, you could this in your law firm or professional practice immediately.

All you need to do is write articles and you can even promote on social if you have to promote the same articles every week, just use different headlines in the social media and link back to your website. Nobody is going to report you to the “social media police,” your traffic will increase and as your social media presence grows, different people are coming in.

300 people jumped into my Twitter account in the past week. Those 300 people have never see article X that I posted last week so when I posted again this week it’ll be new to them and they will potentially be my next client. Even if you only write one article a day and you promote that article one day this week.

Next week you promote that article and the article that you wrote that day, that gives you two articles. The week after you do the same thing and everyday as long as it compounds you will eventually get up to a dozen articles or more and you can rotate them through. The key is to be active and if you’re promoting articles that you’ve written make sure they have a link back to your website.

Now, for content creation shortcuts again you can go back to previous podcast. You can also go to and do a search for content creation secrets, I’ve written several articles that have that in the title. There’s a search bar at where you can search for that.

Also, I will tell you that you can read things that are in the news if you think they’re relevant to your clients. What you do is you write and make commentary on the article that’s in the news. You essentially aggregate content that you’ve seen in other news reports, put a link back to that content in your article on your website and you send an article out to the article on your website through Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn.

I know this seems like a lot of work but as I told you when I did the very first podcast on doubling your income from the internet, I am doing this all by myself. I didn’t hire any kind of virtual assistant, I didn’t hire any kind of real assistant to do this with me, I’m doing it all myself. If I can do it, you can do it.

That’s your update on our six month double your business from the internet program. I also gave you five ways to get new clients. I really hope that you take these tips and put them into practice immediately because if you do you will end up growing your business at a phenomenal pace. If you’d like to connect with me, please connect with me on Google Plus and to that you can find me by going to, all together, you can put a www in front of it if you want.

I love to speak with you again in our next epidsode of the Valtimax Podcast. That’ll do it for this week’s episode of the Valtimax Podcast. My name is Dave Lorenzo and I’d like your feedback and comments on this week’s episode. You can call me at 888-692-5531 or email me at [email protected] Here is hoping you make a great living and live a great life. Bye-bye.

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