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M.A.D. About Marketing

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Valtimax Podcast we go M.A.D. about marketing. M.A.D is an acronym that stands for Message, Audience and Delivery system. These are the three essential elements in a marketing plan. Dave Lorenzo, The Chairman and Founder of Valtimax Consulting, covers each of the points in M.A.D. marketing in detail. This show is a “must listen”!


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Valtimax Podcast Transcript: M.A.D. About Marketing

M.A.D. About Marketing

Hi, this is Dave Lorenzo and I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome you to today’s episode of the Valtimax Podcast. Today we are going mad about marketing. You heard me correct folks, we’re absolutely positive mad about marketing and the reason that we’re mad about it is because MAD is an acronym.

You see, many people complicate, and they over complicate marketing. They take it to the extreme, where it feels like you have to be some sort of guru creative genius in order to be highly effective at beginning relationships and attracting new clients, patients or customers to you or your business. That’s not the case. You can be completely mad about marketing and be a great lawyer, and be a great doctor, and be a great business leader.

So let’s first focus on the actual definition of marketing, and my definition of marketing is the start or the furthering of a relationship. That’s right, the beginning or the continuation, the deepening of a relationship. So, a good definition of marketing is the beginning or the deepening of a relationship with a patient, with a client, with a customer.

That’s what marketing is really all about and the reason that we’re talking about being mad about marketing today is because MAD is an acronym. MAD stands for the three aspects of really great marketing, the three aspects of fantastic marketing.

The first is your message, the second is the audience and the third is the delivery system you use to get the message to the right audience, so M-A-D, message, audience, delivery system. I’m going to give you an overview of the message, the audience and the delivery system today, and it’s going to make you mad. It’s going to make you mad in a good way.

All right, let’s first talk about your message, and this is the thing that most people screw up when it comes to really good marketing. Your message has to be centered in the mind of your client. It has to be all about them. When you create a marketing message it has to absolutely resonate with the people who are listening to you.

So, what should be included in a good marketing message? First and foremost, who you are, they have to know your name. They have to know who you are before they know anything else. The second thing that should be included in your marketing message is what you do, what are you actually doing? What is the end result that you’re getting for your clients? What is the end result

that you’re getting for your patients? What is the end result that your business delivers to its clients or customers?

The third thing is why people need you, and you have to get them to want what they need. See, it’s really fundamental that people don’t understand what they really need, and they don’t understand that they should want what they need. So when a patient comes to a doctor with a stomachache it could be one of two things, let’s say. It could be a virus or it could be appendicitis. They have to want to go to the doctor to find out which it is. So you have to educate them to want what they need.

The fourth thing has two aspects to it. They have to understand when and where they can engage you. They have to understand when and where they can engage you. Can they call you at 4:00 in the morning? Do they have to come to your office? Can they come and see you on a street corner? When and where they can engage you.

Finally, they have to understand how you are different, and this is the thing that most people leave out when it comes to a really powerful marketing message. You have to be different then everybody else, and in the client’s mind they have to differentiate you from everybody else.

So the elements of a really powerful marketing message, again, who you are, what you do, why people need you, you’ve got get them to want what they need when and where they can engage you, and how you are different. Each of these elements is critically important and you have to include them all.

Okay, let’s talk about the A in MAD now, the A in MAD. The A stands for audience, and the reason that audience selection, the target audience, your target market is so important is because if you sell to everyone you really sell to no one. I’ll say that again because it’s so important for you to understand that. If you sell to everyone you sell to no one.

You have to target your audience with precision. You have to understand what’s going through their mind when they’re making a decision to hire someone who provides the services that you provide. You have to make sure you have a deep understanding of how they choose a doctor, how they choose a lawyer, how they choose someone who has the products and the services that you want to get in front of them.

If you don’t know how they hire someone or how they engage someone who provides your services, you’ll never be able to create a message that resonates with them. Every marketing message must be centered on the client. It absolutely has to be set in their world. So many times today, I go to a website or I see an ad in a paper or I even read an article written by a great

lawyer or written by a doctor and what does it start with? “I have 15 years of experience and we have a combined 25 years of trial work, and we do this, and we do that and we’re so great.”

They don’t care about that. The people reading, the people who are going to engage you don’t care anything about your background and your credentials until they have an understanding of what it is you can do to get them the outcome that they need. Focus on the outcome the client is looking to achieve and you will then get the opportunity to tell them why you’re different.

But all of that background information is unimportant until they understand that you understand them. They must know that you understand them first and foremost, and that’s why audience selection is so important. You have to match your strengths with the things the audience wants. You have to match your strengths with the things the audience needs.

All right, we’re going to talk about the D now in MAD marketing, the D, and that’s a delivery system. You’ll notice there are two elements to that D, delivery and system. The reason I put system in there is because too many people think that just blasting their message out and not having a way to handle the inbound information that’s coming back from the clients – too many people focus on just blasting the message out and they don’t have a way to handle the inbound information that’s coming back from the clients.

So, I’ll give you some examples of a delivery system. Television ads – delivery system, radio ads – delivery system, ads in a magazine – delivery system, billboard, online marketing like websites and banner ads, those are delivery systems for your message. These are delivery systems that are delivering your message to the target audience. They’re delivering your message to the target audience.

So, when you have a delivery system there are two elements to it. There’s the way the message gets in front of the audience in the first place, and then there’s the back-end, the way that you handle the inbound information when it comes back to you from the audience. So, if your message is broadcast to the audience and it says, “Call Dr. Jones for a free consultation on how you can make your face prettier and get your skin healthier…” If that’s your marketing message and people start to call, and you have a number that they call and the phone lines are overwhelmed with calls, after three calls your delivery system has failed.

So you have to have a delivery system that delivers a message and has a way to handle that message when it comes back and it resonates with the client. Now, are there right delivery systems and wrong delivery systems? In general, no, every delivery system can be made to work if you know how to work it. In reality practicality dictates what delivery system works for you. When I say practicality dictates, you have to understand which form of media – because all media is a delivery system – which form of media your audience consumes most regularly.

Then you have to understand which form of media, which delivery system, fits into your budget. If you can come up with those two things, if you come up with a media that your audience consumes on a regular basis and something that fits into your budget, you have an ideal delivery system.

You also need diversity in your delivery systems. So you have to find multiple ways to get in front of your target audience over and over and over again. Having just one delivery system is setting yourself up for failure, because at any given time a delivery system can break down.

Let me give you an example. For years people who sold business to business, people who sold products to business people, would sell things via fax. You may remember this, the annoying fax message that would come across, for example that had office supply offers on it. The annoying fax message that would come across that would sell you toner for your copier.

For years these people thought it was a fantastic way to get in front of people, and guess what. They were right, because a message would come across the fax and an office manager would take that message off. He or she would see the prices of the toner on there, they’d see the prices of the office supplies on there, and they would go to their last invoice and compare the two.

If the message in the fax resonated with them, they would call the people up and they would say, “Hey, listen. I saw the message that you sent me via fax and if you can really provide the services at these prices we can do this. We can get together. We can work,” and that messaged worked.

So over and over again people would bombard office managers with faxes. Well the federal government outlawed fax marketing. So if you were selling people office supplies via fax message, all of a sudden your main marketing message, the delivery system put you out of business. The federal government put you out of business with one fell swoop. Think about it. Marketing vehicles, having a way to market your message, a delivery system, can be shut down at any given time.

All right, so we’ve come up with the three aspects of MAD. We’ve come up with your message, we’ve come up with your audience, and we’ve come up with a delivery system. Now it’s time to put it all together, so let me put it all together for you, folks. If you don’t match perfectly your message with your audience, using the right delivery system, you are setting yourself up for failure.

So how do we this? The first thing to do is to talk to the people who are in your target audience. Talk to people who are in your target audience and make sure you understand how they make

their buying decisions. Make sure you understand why they choose the types of services in your area of expertise that they choose. Finally, make sure you understand how they communicate with one another.

Targeting your message to your audience using a delivery system that works for them is the way to start great marketing. Now, I’m going to give you some key examples. Affluent individuals, let’s talk about affluent individuals for a minute. They don’t buy professional services. For example, the services of an accountant, they’re not going to go to the Yellow Pages and look for the services of an accountant. An affluent individual is most likely going to go to his or her centers of influence, their attorneys, the people that they trust the most, and ask them who the best accountant in the area is.

So you need to get your message – if you’re an accountant, you need to get your message in front of attorney’s who influence the buying decisions of affluent individuals. The opposite is also true. If an affluent individual needs an attorney for a probate matter, or if an affluent individual needs an attorney to do their will, who are they going to call? They’re not going to go through the Yellow Pages or do an internet search for an attorney who could write up a will.

This is an affluent individual. They’re going to call their accountant. They’re going to call the attorney who handled their real estate transaction. So what you need to do is you need to think like your prospects think. You need to think like your target audience thinks.

Let’s talk about women’s products. We talked about it briefly. If you’re selling women’s makeup, you’re not going to place ads in Playboy magazine. If you’re selling women’s makeup you’re not going to take out a billboard at a baseball stadium. It’s just not going to work for you. You may come across one or two people who could use your services, but the odds are against you being successful using that form of delivery device. You have to make sure you match the message to the target audience using the right delivery system.

So what am I telling you? What’s the takeaway from today’s Valtimax Podcast? The takeaway from today’s Valtimax Podcast is this. When it comes to really, really, really good marketing you’ve got to be absolutely mad. You have to have a great message and it has to be targeted at the right audience and it has to use a delivery system that really and truly resonates with your audience. Something that they see frequently, they hear frequently, they read frequently. You’ve got to be absolutely mad about marketing.

This is the Valtimax Podcast and if you like us, make sure you go to iTunes and subscribe. You can find the Valtimax Podcast on iTunes each and every single week. You can also find us at V altimax.com.

That will do it for this week’s episode of the Valtimax Podcast. My name is Dave Lorenzo and I’d like your feedback and comments on this week’s episode. You could call me at 888-692-5531 or e-mail me. Here’s hoping you make a great living and live a great life®.

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