Maximum Motivation: Five Ways to Get Going Now

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Maximum Motivation

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Get fired up!

If you want to achieve your goals and make a great living and live a great life, you need to be motivated.

You don’t have to be a motivational speaker. You don’t need to be a preacher in church. You just need to understand the five key components to self motivation.

This episode of the Valtimax Podcast will help you discover how to get motivated and get going right now.


Maximum Motivation: Five Ways To Get Going Now

Hi there once again, folks, and welcome to another edition of the Valtimax Podcast. My name is Dave Lorenzo, and I’m the chairman and founder of Valtimax Consulting, and I am here today to get you on your feet and out of your seat, and to help you to get motivated to achieve your goals for making a great living and living a great life. That’s right, this episode of the Valtimax Podcast is going to be all about motivating you to achieve your goals, to achieve your desires, to have the lifestyle you deserve as a result of working in the business that you’ve built for yourself.

I don’t care if you’re a lawyer in private practice, or you’re a doctor, you’re a medical assistant, or you’re a business executive. This podcast is for you, because it’s going to get you on your feet, out of your seat, and get you fired up and get you going. I am not a motivational speaker. I am just a business person who is achieving his goals as we speak, and I’m here today to help you achieve yours. Here we go with the five ways to increase your motivation. Five ways to get you going to achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

The first way you can achieve your goals is by setting ridiculously big, crazy goals, and the example that I’ll give you is when President Kennedy took to the airwaves, television, radio, and he said that we would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. He was setting a huge goal for the country, an incredible shot of adrenaline right into the veins of the country so that we could get off our butts and achieve the biggest goal ever known to mankind. We had no idea how to do it. He didn’t know if we could do it, but he knew we had the best minds in science and physics and mathematics. He knew that if he set the goal for the country, people would be motivated, they would be fired up to achieve it.

How do you set a goal for yourself that is crazy big, that’s still is something that you can achieve and attain? Well, here’s the elements of setting a great goal for yourself so that you know, that once you’ve set that target, you can absolutely, positively hit it. The goal has to have five specific elements, and you’ve heard this before, I know you have. The goal has to be smart, S-M-A-R-T. SMART is the acronym we use. First is that the goal has to be specific. You have to decide what you want to do, specific goal, very focused, specific goal that is a target that you can focus on like a laser beam.

The target can be big, it can be huge. You could set a target for building a one hundred million dollar business or a billion dollar business if you want. That’s fantastic. Jim Carrey, when he was an unemployed actor, the actor Jim Carrey when he was unemployed, wrote a check for a million dollars to himself, and put it in his wallet. Five years later he was able to cash that check with the money he made from a big movie deal. You can do the exact same thing, but you have to have a very specific goal. Set a goal for yourself, just like Jim Carrey did. Make it very, very specific.

Next, is it has to be measurable. You have to determine when you know you will have achieved your goal. Jim Carrey, a million dollars, knew he had achieved his goal. Make your goal measurable, and you should build in milestones along the way. Step by step. I know I am successful when I do this, I know I am successful when I do this. I know I’ll be successful when I do this. Set timelines for yourself. Has to be done by this day, has to be done by this day, has to be done by this day. Those are measurable components to your goal and they’ll keep you motivated and keep you going.

Next element of a great goal, is that it’s achievable. You have to have the capability, or you have to be able acquire the capability to achieve this goal. The goal of putting a man on the moon within the decade. We didn’t know if we had the capability, but the president knew we could acquire the capability if we needed to. You can do the exact same thing. Whatever capabilities you don’t have, you have the capability to acquire those capabilities. You have to believe that you can do that, and you have to make your goal achievable so that you either have those capabilities or you can acquire those capabilities.

Next, your goal has to be relevant. It has to make sense for who you are and where you are in this place in time in your life. If you are a four feet two, four feet two inches tall, and you want to be an NBA basketball player, that’s not a relevant goal, because it’s not going to happen for you. If you’re setting a goal of performing a hundred and fifty open heart surgeries between now and the end of the year, and you’re a plumber, that’s not a relevant goal. It’s not going to work for you. However, a hundred and fifty open heart surgeries for you and you’re a heart surgeon, that is a relevant goal for you, okay?

Make sure the goal is relevant to who you are and what you want to accomplish. Finally, you have to have tangible components to your goal. Many people use this “T” for something else in the SMART goal acronym. Tangible is something I find is very important. All along the way to achieving your goal, you have to be able to feel, touch, see, hear, smell, or taste some type of element of success. If you set your goal for having a hundred million dollar business, you need to be able to celebrate when you get to ten million dollars.

Build yourself a big office, buy yourself an expensive car. When you get to twenty million dollars, you have another celebration point. Maybe you go on an exotic vacation or buy yourself a vacation house. Fifty million dollars, do something else to celebrate with something tangible so that you can sink your teeth into the success that you’re achieving. Tangibility. Having the ability to see, hear, feel, touch, taste, and smell the success that you’re achieving as you’re going along the way to completing your goal, to fulfilling your dreams, is critically important.

Again, those SMART goals, SMART goal acronym. SMART: Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and tangible. Set a big goal for yourself, make sure it’s a smart goal, then go out and tell the world. Tell everybody, “I’m going to build a hundred million dollar company and I’m going to take over XYZ Company and be number one in my industry. That is a phenomenal way to motivate yourself. If you have that goal as your motivation and you post pictures of the tangible items that will be the trappings of your success all over your house, you will always remain motivated. You will be fired up each and every single day and you will achieve the goals that you set out.

All right. Second way to make sure that you increase your motivation is to burn your ships, and I love this story, all right? Hernan Cortes was an explorer. He was a Spanish explorer, a conquistador, and he was going to Mexico and he brought men with him. They were going to explore, and discover the riches of Mexico. They ran into a little trouble. They ran into some indigenous people there that did not want them to take the riches from Mexico back to Spain with them, so Cortes knew that he had only one choice, he had to get his men to fight. He had to get his men to fight to conquer the land that they had sailed to, and he did not want to go back empty handed.

What did he do? He took the ships and he burned them! The men were furious, yet they were motivated to fight and beat the indigenous people down so that they could basically steal everything that was in their land and conquer the territory. Now, regardless of what you think about conquistadors, or stealing land from people, burning your ships is a phenomenal motivation. I know lots of people who go out and start a business while they’re working for someone else and they do that because they have to eat. They do that because their business is not going to ramp up quite as quickly as they thought, so they want to make sure that they have something on the side just to be careful with their money.

This is not an effective strategy. Burn your ships, quit your job. You’re going to go into a business? Go into that business. You can’t do something part-time, I know from experience. If you want to start a business and you want it to be successful, you’ve got to throw yourself into it a hundred and ten percent. You can’t have mixed motivation. Burn your ships behind you and you will be amply motivated. Okay, the third way to increase your motivation is to challenge a competitor.

I love this. Go after the person who’s number one in the field even though you are not even a shoelace on an ant, and tell them, “I am going to eat your lunch within five years. I’m coming for you, and I’m coming for you within five years.” Nobody is going to pay any attention to that claim, but that claim will motivate you, because you’ve looked your competitor in the eye and you’ve said, “I’m coming for you.” I want to use as an example the guarantees from sports. Joe Namath guaranteeing that his underdog New York Jets in 1969 were going to win the Superbowl when they had only even been a football league, the American Football League, for a very few years.

That’s the example of challenging a competitor and then rising to meet that challenge. You can do this, go out and challenge one of your top competitors and tell them you are coming to eat his lunch. That will motivate you. If you are humble you will not be successful, you’ve got to go out and do that. All right, the fourth way to find motivation within yourself, is to hire someone to hold you accountable. Take your money, take your resources and hire the personal trainer you’ve always dreamed of to help you get ready for that marathon.

In business, you can hire someone to kick your ass each and every single day to get you fired up. Many successful people hire people like me to get them going and to get them to do this, and it’s not that we motivate you, it’s that we bring out the best in what you have to offer. You can hire people to bring out the best in you, to get you fired up, to help you chart a path toward your success. It’s not that these people literally push you toward your goals, they merely remove the obstacles you think are in your way.

All right. The final way to focus on achieving your goals, to help you motivate yourself, is to do it because you want to do it, and you want to be able to do it for the rest of your life. You heard me correctly. Once you know how to get up and get going, once you know how to fire yourself up, once you know how to make sure you will never, ever have to worry about money again, you will never, ever have to worry about achieving your goals again, that’s the best motivation you could possibly have. I encourage you today, to get motivated and get going, and do it because you want to do it for yourself.

Look yourself in the mirror, right now. Look yourself in the mirror right now and decide today, that this is the day you’re going to get going. This is the day you’re going to move forward with your goals and with your dreams. You do it because you want to please yourself, because you know you deserve to make a great living and live a great life. Once you learn to do this for yourself, and you do it because you want it, and you want it so bad you can taste it, you will never, ever, ever have to worry about motivation again.


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