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Stop It! End the Behavior that Is Killing Your Business and Career

Episode Summary

Most people focus on the things they need to do in order to be successful.  During your obsessive pursuit of success, you may have overlooks one key thing…and that could be the things that sabotages you.  The thing you have overlooked may just be one of the nine behaviors that can destroy everything you have worked to achieve. If you want to continue your pursuit of fortune, freedom and fun and make a great living and live a great life® you must stop your self destructive behavior. This week’s radio show will describe exactly what to stop and how to stop it.  Listen now to take back control of your future.


Click the link below for the transcript of this episode.

Transcript Click the link below for the transcript of this episode.

Valtimax Podcast Transcript: Stop It!

Stop It!

You have to study the art and the science of success if you want to be successful. If we studied 100 people from the start of their working careers and followed them all the way through to retirement, here’s what we would find.

Fifty-four of those people would be flat broke, absolutely bankrupt. Thirty-six of them wouldn’t even make it that far; they’d be dead. Five people will continue working, not because they want to, but because they have to. Four people will be financially secure, and one will be wealthy.

That’s 5% successful and 95% unsuccessful. What are the keys and the secrets to the success achieved by the 5% and the 1%? You’d be shocked to know that it’s as much about what you stop doing as what you start doing.

That’s the subject of our discussion today. If you want to be successful, you’ll want to listen up, because the Valtimax podcast starts right now.

This is Dave Lorenzo. Welcome to another edition of the Valtimax podcast! Our title for today’s episode is, “Stop It!” That’s right, you heard me correctly folks. The title for today’s episode is “Stop It!”

That’s right. I want you to stop nine specific behaviors that are limiting, actually, killing your chance for success. You heard me correctly folks. There are nine very specific behaviors that are absolutely destroying any chance you have of achieving the success that you dreamed of.

Whether you dream of a big house on a hill, or you dream of a boat on the sea, your success is being stifled right now by these nine behaviors. What you’re going to do after you listen to our episode today is stop it. You heard me correctly; you’re going to stop these nine behaviors, and you’re going to stop them dead in their tracks.

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All right. Let’s get into the nine specific behaviors that are absolutely deadly. They will kill your business, kill your chance of success, and you need to stop it! Alright, I’m focusing first on

behavior Number one, allowing negative people into your life. If you allow a negative person to take up any of your time, any of your space, and any of the opportunities in your life, you are absolutely killing your business. You’re killing any chance you have of ever being successful.

Negative people bring you down. Now, I know there are negative people in your life right now. Some of them may be friends, some of them may be family. You’ve got to challenge them. You’ve got to go up to them and just say, “stop it! Stop being negative. When you are negative, you kill my chance of success, and you kill your chance of success.” Because here’s what happens, folks, what we focus on expands, and if you focus on the negative in every situation, what are you going to get more of? Negativity!

You need to focus on opportunities. You need to be realistic, but you need to focus on opportunities. Every situation has a silver lining; you need to find it, and you need to eliminate negative people from your life. So if you have a negative person in your life right now, approach them. Tell them to absolutely “stop it”, and if they won’t stop it, you’ve got to cut it out.

You’ve got to cut the negative person out of your life, just as if you’re cutting a cancer out of your body. It will make a dramatic world of difference. In some cases it will be hard to do, but I promise you that if you do it, it will make a huge difference.

The second behavior I want you to focus on stopping is adherence to industry norms. Adhering to industry norms is absolutely killer behavior. What is an industry norm? It’s something that’s normal for your industry. What is normal in your industry? The average.

If you focus on what’s normal, you get what’s average. If you look at and challenge all of the norms constantly, you get exceptional behavior. If you accept industry norms in your business, you are accepting the average. I look at the lawyers I’ve worked with for years and years, and they tell me, “Dave, an industry norm is billing by the hour. I have to bill by the hour, everybody does it.” No, everybody doesn’t do it.

The highest earners in the legal profession come up with value-based fees, and they do it in conjunction with their clients and attract more clients as a result. They blow away that industry norm! Think about the industry norms that you experience and, stop it!

The third behavior that I want you to challenge is accepting facts that are untested. There are facts that people spew out all the time: “Oh, 25% of the population does this, and 35% of the population does that.” In the opening of this podcast, I gave some facts. Those facts come from the Social Security Administration: that 100 people, if we follow them from the beginning of their career all the way through. Those are facts that are verifiable.

You need to look at each set of facts that is given to you, and verify and test it. If you come across facts that are untested, if you come across facts presented to you by sources that you aren’t 100% sure are reliable, you need to stop it! Take the facts and check them out before you believe them. Untested facts are unacceptable. You need to just stop it.

The fourth behavior that you need to stop participating in right now is guilt. We all feel guilt to some extreme. To some sense, we all have guilt in our lives, and guilt is what prevents us from doing really, really bad things. You could be raised absolutely, perfectly appropriately. You could be raised in a moral household with moral people, and the thing that stops you from doing some really crazy things is that you would feel guilty.

Well, that guilt is okay, but guilt about having things that other people don’t have is not okay. You can be successful and not take away from anyone else’s success. Guilt that’s caused by you having things that other people don’t have is not acceptable. When you feel that kind of guilt, you’ve got to stop it!

Okay, the fifth and sixth types of behavior that you need to stop immediately are very, very similar. Behavior Number five is the fear of failure. You cannot fear failure; you need to welcome testing. That’s right, don’t look at things as failing.

If you take a shot at something and it doesn’t work out the way you had planned, that was a test, because you now know what not to do. If you take a shot at something and it works out, great! Fantastic! But more often than not things are not going to work out the first time, but you’ve tested it.

Thomas Edison was asked, “How many times did you try to develop a light bulb before you were successful?” He said, “Well, I’ll tell you that I didn’t fail 99 times, I didn’t fail 999 times, I found 999 plus 99 ways not to invent the light bulb, and one way to invent the light bulb.” He was testing. He had no fear of failure.

The next fear that you need to stop is the fear of success. This an underlying fear; you don’t even know you have it. Many of you out there right now are afraid that if you succeed you’ll lose your friends, you’ll lose your family members, things will change, life will be so dramatically different, you won’t be able to handle it.

When it comes to that fear, and the fear of failure, do you know what you need to do? Stop it! You need to absolutely stop it, immediately, because those fears are irrational. They’re fears that embody the acronym that we use all the time to describe fear itself, and that’s False Evidence Appearing Real, F-E-A-R. Fear should not be a factor for you, as the TV show says.

The next behavior I need you to stop immediately is striving to be perfect in every little activity. You heard me correctly: perfection is the enemy of progress. When it comes to the work that you need to do on a day-to-day basis, work that’s necessary for you to get things out the door, progress is important. Perfection is the enemy of progress. You want to strive for progress.

You’re looking to make things better each time you do them. If you go for perfection each and every single time, you’re never going to get anything out of the door. You’re never going to get your work done. Stop it!

The next behavior I want you to think about is being comfortable with the status quo. Many of us think about things the way they are right now and we think, “Hmm, things are pretty good. They’re not so bad. I could live like this for the rest of my life.” You need to, stop it! That’s horrible thinking! That’s “stinking thinking,” as Zig Ziglar would say. It’s terrible! Comfort with the status quo is the absolute enemy of the success you really deserve. You need to constantly strive to get better. You need to focus on continuous improvement.

We did a radio show on that just a week ago. Focus on continuous improvement. If you’re comfortable with the status quo, things could change, the ground could shift right from under your feet, and the status quo could be different tomorrow. Comfort with the status quo is a horrible behavior, and if you have that behavior, you need to, stop it!

The last behavior that I want you to think about and focus on eliminating from your life is making excuses. There are a million reasons why things can’t happen, don’t happen, won’t happen. Those million reasons are not important for you. The only things that are important for you are how you get things done, and why things happen, and how you can make them happen. Excuses are for losers.

You control your destiny. You are the person who takes control of your career; you are the person who takes control of your business; you take control of your future. The economy does not matter for you. You make your own economy.

I don’t care who you listen to. I don’t care who you talk to, excuses are for losers. I don’t care if you’re running to submit a proposal, and you get hit by a cab. Oh, that story sounds familiar, wait, that happened to me! I was actually running to submit results, and I got hit by a cab. Guess what? Somebody went and delivered those results anyway.

Excuses are not acceptable. You cannot accept excuses from anybody, especially not from yourself. Things either get done or they don’t get done. That’s it. That’s the way life is. If you use excuses, you need to, stop it!

Okay, there are nine behaviors that I’m going to read off right now, and after I finish reading them off we’re all going to scream, “Stop it!”

Behavior Number one: Negative people in your life.
Behavior Number two: Industry norms that you’re currently accepting. Behavior Number three: Untested facts that you absolutely believe in. Behavior Number four: Allowing guilt to be a part of your life. Behavior Number five: Fear of failure.
Behavior Number six: Fear of success.

Behavior Number seven: Perfection instead of progress.
Behavior Number eight: Being comfortable with the status quo. Behavior Number nine: Accepting and allowing excuses into your life.

My friends, these nine behaviors are absolutely horrible. What you’re going to do right now is you’re going to stop it! That’s right, immediately focusing on stopping these nine behaviors will dramatically improve your life and will improve the results you achieve in your business.

I want you to go out right now, today, make a list of these nine behaviors, and immediately, completely, and totally…

That’ll do it for this week’s episode of the Valtimax podcast. My name is Dave Lorenzo, and I’d like your feedback and comments on this week’s episode. You can call me at (888) 692-5531, or email me.


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