Selling Process

Sold BlocksWelcome to the page on dedicated to helping sales professionals make a great living and live a great life ®.

Since this is the inaugural article in this section of the Valtimax Consulting Website, I thought it would make sense to point you to some outstanding videos on the selling process I share with my clients.  This is the same process I use myself.

These videos should give you a head start toward meeting this months quota and your income goals.

Step One in the Sales Process is Getting an Appointment

This seems basic but many salespeople think they must close every prospect the first time they interact. This video helps you keep focused on the objective for your first interaction.

Rules of Engagement for Sales Professionals

As a salesperson you get rejected a lot.  These rules of engagement will not only help you close more deals, they will help you protect your self esteem.

Maximize Your Motivation as a Sales Pro

Keeping your head in the game is tough enough when you face the battle for each prospect’s heart and mind, forget about having the desire to charge headlong into the next appointment.  Motivation is critical to success in selling.  This video discusses how you can keep going day after day.

Closing the Deal

This is where everyone thinks the money is made.  This video will help dispel when the “close” really happens.  Hint: It’s not at the end of the process.

Enjoy these videos on the selling process.  Keep checking back on this page as we regularly provide sales leaders and sales professionals with the tools they need to be successful.

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