Make More Money And Enjoy It

Judson CohenDear Dave:

Thank you for consistently challenging me to do things I would never have done on my own to improve my law business.

Yes, I said law ‘business’, not law ‘practice.’

I own and operate a law firm and for years I managed a law practice. That means 99% of my focus was on being a good lawyer and putting systems in place to win cases. My assumption was that being a great lawyer will translate into people knocking down the door to be your client. Of course, that is simply not true. Being a good lawyer isn’t the end, it is the beginning.

You made me realize there are many good lawyers, and many good lawyers who do the type of law I do. You challenged me to ask the question, ‘why would a client search for me and ask me to help?’ In short, you made me take steps to think like a businessman, in addition to being a good lawyer.

From the outset of our relationship, I never had plans to grow my law practice and I never wanted a substantial increase in clients. However, focusing more effort on attracting clients has resulted in more people asking me to help them on a more consistent basis. This allows me to be much more selective in who I help and what I help them with. The end result, I do the same amount of work as I did before, I help people more, I make more money helping people and I enjoy what I do more. Thank you.

Judson L. Cohen, Esq.
Weinstein & Cohen, P.A.