• Make More Money And Enjoy It

    Judson CohenDear Dave:

    Thank you for consistently challenging me to do things I would never have done on my own to improve my law business.

    Yes, I said law ‘business’, not law ‘practice.’

    I own and operate a law firm and for years I managed a law practice. That means 99% of my focus was on being a good lawyer and putting systems in place to win cases. My assumption was that being a great lawyer will translate into people knocking down the door to be your client. Of course, that is simply not true. Being a good lawyer isn’t the end, it is the beginning.

    You made me realize there are many good lawyers, and many good lawyers who do the type of law I do. You challenged me to ask the question, ‘why would a client search for me and ask me to help?’ In short, you made me take steps to think like a businessman, in addition to being a good lawyer.

    From the outset of our relationship, I never had plans to grow my law practice and I never wanted a substantial increase in clients. However, focusing more effort on attracting clients has resulted in more people asking me to help them on a more consistent basis. This allows me to be much more selective in who I help and what I help them with. The end result, I do the same amount of work as I did before, I help people more, I make more money helping people and I enjoy what I do more. Thank you.

    Judson L. Cohen, Esq.
    Weinstein & Cohen, P.A.

  • Thriving And Happy

    Porpoise Evans“I first heard Dave Lorenzo speak at a breakfast event about a year ago. I began implementing a few key strategies he recommended and I immediately found I was improving the productivity in the office. More importantly I dedicated a portion of my newly discovered time to implementing a personal marketing plan (also inspired by Dave’s suggestions) and my exit from Big Law.

    Today, I am enjoying a thriving, growing practice – and my family keeps telling me how much happier I seem. I can’t wait to drink more from the Dave Lorenzo fountain of wisdom and continue this ride.”

    D. Porpoise Evans
    Perlman, Bajandas, Yevoli & Albright, P.L.

  • Blown Away

    Dr. Todd Narson“Of all the lectures I’ve attended, Dave’s are among the best of the best.

    Over the past 21 years since starting my practice I’ve had the opportunity to listen to some of the best lectures in both sports medicine and business. After attending Dave Lorenzo’s workshop “Seven Simple Strategies to Unlock the Secrets of the Referral Multiplier”, I have to say I was completely blown away!

    The information was concise, relevant, made sense and was easily incorporated into my business the next day. His strategies really work and his presentation style is a great combination of light hearted yet serious. Dave’s message really hits home. It was amazing to see such a large crowd engaged for the entire time.”

    Dr. Todd M. Narson
    Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
    Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner
    USA Triathlon Certified Level-1 Coach
    Member of the Sports Medicine Team, 2011 Pan American Games

  • Already Seeing Results

    Elizabeth MansoAfter only twelve weeks of working with Dave Lorenzo I noticed a change in my mindset and advancement toward my goal of becoming a national bookkeeping firm.

    Dave takes me out of my comfort zone and keeps me on track toward my goal.

    He is my weekly accountability partner and I know, working with him, I will make my dream a reality.


    Elizabeth D. Manso, CPA
    DM Accounting Services, Inc. dba Brigade Bookkeeping

  • Outstanding Consultant

    Jerry Libbin Miami BeachDave knows how to get the most out of your business. He’s an outstanding consultant. I had the opportunity to have Dave speak to our law counsel, a room full of lawyers, and he told them, in no uncertain terms, very clearly and concisely, how they could grow their business and make it home on time for dinner at 6:00. Dave Lorenzo is a good guy to know.

    I’m Jerry Libbin, President and CEO of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. In my line of work, I understand how important it is for business owners and managers to have a full grasp of the essentials of their business, but more importantly they must know how to execute at a high level.

    I am proud to tell you that Dave Lorenzo is a champion in this vein.

  • The Best I Have Seen

    Perry Greenfield - Financial AdvisorAs a financial advisor, you might guess that I have seen my fair share of coaches, motivational speakers and marketing experts.

    Dave is, without a doubt, one of the best I have seen!

    His ability to entertain and educate small and large audiences sets him apart from the rest.

    I look forward to attending more of his sessions in the future.

    Perry B, Greenfield
    First Vice President – Investments
    Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

  • More Financially Secure

    Scott Thomas Testimonial Screen ShotMy firm is typical, you can be the greatest lawyer but if you are not the rainmaker, you don’t earn as much money. This event, with Dave Lorenzo,  has helped me get a greater base of clients, and I’ll be more financially secure.  And I won’t have to work 80 hours a week to make the same amount of money. That helps balance family and work.

    My name is Scott Thomas. I’m with the Hemmer law firm in Cincinnati.

  • Work With Dave And Get Noticed

    Eddy Blanco 2 Screen ShotDave Lorenzo has given me some phenomenal tips on how I can market our services to the community and to physicians. He’s very knowledgeable. He can help any business owner come up and implement some great strategies that will help them get noticed in the community and by their peers.

    My name is Dr. Eddy Blanco. I am the Owner and Pharmacist at VH Pharmacy.


  • The Only Guy I Trust

    Brian TannebaumI can tell you that I know a lot of people in the legal consulting world who help lawyers and Dave Lorenzo is the only guy in this business that I trust.

    I personally know Dave and while I’ve read a lot of other materials from people who do this, he is my go-to guy for lawyers who are looking to build a practice – better a practice – possibly get out of their practice and do something else. He is the guy who knows how to help lawyers.

    My name is Brian Tannebaum and I’m in my 21st year of practicing law. I do state and federal criminal defense, and I represent lawyers before the Florida Bar.

  • Helped Me Change Everything

    Mitch RotbertDave has helped me think about what I’m doing, perhaps not as well, and the things I can do to grow my business. Today and the rest of my life,  using this course and materials I’m getting from here, is about growing my business. I’m very excited. I just see myself differently.

    Because I’ve been practicing law over 25 years. I know I don’t look it, but I have been. And I have a lot of clients, many have been with me for years, sometimes decades, who come to me for everything. And I should be able to make some good use of those relationships and build value and introduce new value to them.

    My name is Mitch Rotbert. I’m the owner of Rotbert Business Law in Washington D.C.

    We are a general counsel for hire. We represent businessmen and women, helping them to get what they deserve. They have needs and wants and we pursue them.

    Let me take a big step back, because I don’t recall how I encountered Dave. I just started getting emails. I must have hit a button somewhere along the line. And I read them and I was intrigued, and I read them very carefully. And he was really singing to me about what I need in my business. And saying it that way may seem facile or simplistic, but it really is a big change. The first thing that he or one of his top level people sitting with him, his experienced people sitting with him today, said today, “Change the way.” It’s a category shift for me. And he really started talking about growing a business. I have been earning a living. There’s a real difference between earning a living and growing a business.

  • Worth Every Penny

    Steve Klitzner“No matter what Dave is charging these days he is worth every penny.

    The business strategy he provides will help you make a great living and live a great life.

    Dave regularly transforms underperforming law firms and businesses into rainmaking powerhouses.

    If you want direct interaction action with a business strategy expert who can help you grow revenue fast, there is only one thing you can do…call Dave Lorenzo right now.”

    Steven Klitzner, Esq.
    Miami, FL

  • Invaluable Resource

    Wei-Li Chong“Engaging Dave Lorenzo is expensive but you will receive a fantastic return.

    The strategic insight my company received was worth at least ten times what we invested.
    I worked with Dave when I was a senior executive at a global retailer and he was an invaluable resource.”

    Wei-Li Chong
    Executive Vice President, Human Resources,
    Knowledge Universe
    Portland, OR

  • My Highest Recommendation

    Barry Conchie“Dave is an outstanding business executive and key strategic thought partner.

    He specializes in disruptive thinking and challenging orthodox approaches.

    Dave specifically seeks to define a clear value proposition to all work activity.

    He has great business sense and is able to use very wide knowledge to come up with novel solutions.

    Dave commands strong loyalty because of his level of commitment and follow-through and he is excellent at maintaining a highly effective network that he leverages for everyone’s’ benefit.

    I am very happy to give Dave my highest recommendation.”

    Barry Conchie
    Conchie Associates LLC – Leadership Consultants
    Boulder, CO

  • Exceeded My Expectations

    Chris Cartisano“David is an expert at his profession.

    He has taught me to think outside the box and to achieve goals for myself that I never dreamed possible.

    He is an extremely talented individual of high integrity who is both consistent and reliable.

    I would recommend David to anyone who is interested in growing their business, be it a business owner, lawyer or salesperson.”

    Chris Cartisano – Owner, Christopher Allen Custom Clothing
    Huntington, NY


  • My Entrepreneurship Guru

    Jennifer Kirkland“David Lorenzo is a business development genius — and believe me, I do not ever use the word genius lightly. Dave is a coach and mentor in the true sense.
    He believes in you, he fires you up, and he won’t accept anything less than you giving it your all and going for it. Priceless!

    Thanks, David. You are my entrepreneurship guru!”

    Jennifer Kirkland
    Creative Director at World Web Content Writers