This Is The Time To Focus

Executive Coach Helps You Focus

Executive Coach Helps You Focus

Each day is a new opportunity to start over.  You can begin a new year any time you want. Start now.  Ask yourself these questions:

What will make next year better than this year?

What will you do to make things better?

If you are completely happy with your income, with your life and with your social status, do nothing.

If you want more, if you deserve more, if you feel you should make a great living and live a great life®, read the suggestions below…

…and take action.

Five things to focus on right now:

Value Based Billing

My clients continue to build new relationships based upon the value based billing philosophy I teach them.  This is not just “flat fee” billing.  It’s not just “success fee pricing”.  It is a revolutionary concept that helps attorneys, CPAs, professionals and business owners offer clients a price they feel is fair and rational.

If you have not yet embraced value based fees, call me.   888.444.5150

Depth of Relationships

Most attorneys and business owners do not develop deep relationships with their clients.  They simply handle the matter in front of them and move on.   This is a big mistake.

Current clients know you, like you and trust you.  You must work at deepening your relationship with each of them by helping them solve their biggest challenges even if they are outside the spectrum of your current offerings.

Think you cannot do this in your business/law firm?  Need help figuring this out?

Call me.  888.444.5150

Eliminate Free

Can a client meet with you, pick your brain and create a roadmap to solve his problem – without paying a cent?

If so, people are taking advantage of you.

And no, I do not care what your competitors do.  Your competitors may be giving away money and positioning themselves as low-fee, low quality service providers.

You are smart but you still cannot figure out how to eliminate the f-r-e-e consultation.

Call me and we will figure it out together.  888.444.5150

Guard Your Time

Each day we give away something even more valuable than our advice.  We give away our time.

Budget your time wisely.  Only invest your time when you see a positive return on investment.

If you are ready to take control of your life, give me a call 888.444.5150

Friends Matter

Look around.

You are defined by your closest relationships.  These people are reflective of your values, your intelligence and your potential for success.

We have an expression in the consulting industry.  We say: “Talent knows talent.”  That means successful people hang out with other successful people.

You need to change the crowd with whom you associate if you want to grow your business and improve your life.

I’m not saying you must ditch everyone in your life.  But I am saying you need to add more valuable relationships to your circle of trusted advisors.

Isn’t it time you made the decision to step up to the big leagues?  Even if you don’t want to rule the world, you deserve a great living and a great life.

This is your moment of truth.  You can do nothing and unsubscribe from my email list or you can make a decision to take action.

My telephone number is 888.444.5150.

Best wishes for your fresh start.

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