Twenty More Great Business Success Videos

I’m Dave Lorenzo, Founder of Valtimax Consulting, and I host a video show for business leaders. We tackle topics in the area of business strategy, productivity improvement, sales, marketing, and leadership development.

This is the second directory of videos we produced. The first directory was titled: Twenty Videos Every Business Leader Should Watch Right Now

Below you will find the title and description of each video. The link in the title will take you to the video and transcript on the Valtimax website. If you’d like you may watch each video embedded from YouTube right on this page.

Enjoy the videos but, even more importantly, take action based upon the guidance they deliver.

How To Use Feedback To Improve Your Business

We receive feedback everyday. Some is more valuable than others. How do you know which feedback you should pay careful attention to and which feedback you should ignore? That’s the focus of this episode of Four Minute Fixation.


How Long Until I Receive A Return On Investment From My Marketing?

You invest in marketing and as a business leader you should expect a return on your investment. In the episode of Four Minute Fixation Dave Lorenzo answers a question about return on investment from one of our viewers.


How To Ditch The Guilt And Be More Productive

Most people are in their own way when it comes to improving their productivity. In this episode of Four Minute Fixation Dave Lorenzo helps lawyers, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders recognize the guilt they are forcing upon themselves. Once this happens you can stop holding yourself hostage.


Make More Money By Making Better Decisions

What is your decision-making process? There are five factors that influence every decision. When you know these factors you can create a system for making important decisions in your business and your life.


How To Prioritize Your Schedule With The Time Management Matrix

Time management is never a problem. Setting good priorities is where business leaders, lawyers and corporate executives struggle. This episode of Four Minute Fixation will help you understand the different types of activity in your business so you can set your priorities according.


Know When To Say No

The most empowering word in the English language is the word “No.” Saying that word can boost your self-esteem. It can prevent you from making mistakes. It can keep you out of big trouble. Want to learn how to say “no” to toxic people and opportunities? This video is for you.


How To Respond To Your Critics

Have you ever received a negative review? Has someone ever said something critical about you or your business? It doesn’t feel good, right? Here’s how you deal with negative reviews and criticism from the public.


How To Use Social Media The Right Way

Stop whining and complaining on social media. When you do those things, you are telling the world you are a complainer. This episode of Four minute Fixation is a guide to using social media for fun and profit.


How To Communicate With Confidence and Power

Communication is one of the most important tools of business leadership. This video provides you with a guide to effective business communication. It is a must-watch for business owners, attorneys, sales professionals and entrepreneurs.


How To Eliminate Business Overwhelm

It is easy to get swamped. Once you attract more clients than you can personally service, you become overwhelmed. This becomes a trap. You have so many clients you can’t handle them all and none of them receive your highest level of service. This video will help you break out of that trap.


Why Most People Don’t Take Action

Most people have great ideas (or at least good ideas). The thing that keeps most people from greatness in their business and personal lives is action – or, more specifically – failure to take action. This video explains why you may not be taking action and what you can do about it.


Why Use Video To Build Relationships

There is a way to build relationships with large numbers of people, quickly. Years ago, it was television. But television was out of the reach of most entrepreneurs. Today we have video and YouTube as a way to distribute the video.

This episode of Four Minute Fixation is all about why you should use video to build relationships and how to do it.


The Recipe For Business Success

What if there was a recipe for business success…would you follow it? Well, there isn’t one recipe for business success. But you can create a recipe for success in each activity in your business. And if you follow those recipes, you will be consistently successful.


Four Qualities Of A Successful Business Leader

There are four qualities of a successful business leader. Dave Lorenzo outlines them in this episode of Four Minute Fixation. They are:

  1. Confidence
  2. Clarity
  3. Consistency
  4. Caring


Simple Formula For Business Success

There is a formula you can apply to your life and your business in order to become successful. That formula is:

Organization + Education + Entertainment + People X Persistence = Business Success

This episode of Four Minute Fixation outlines how to use it.


What Is Your Level Of Commitment?

Most people think they are committed to their own success. They have no idea what commitment is all about. That is why so few people ever achieve the level of success they deserve.


How Does a Small Business Owner Plan An Exit Strategy?

This episode of Four Minute Fixation is about the end of a business. It can either be on your terms or it is under the terms of someone else.

Planning your exit strategy should have started the day you began your business. That would have been the best time. The second best time is right now.


How Business Owners Relax And Reduce Stress

Everyone deserves the opportunity to reduce his or her stress. In this episode of Four Minute Fixation Dave Lorenzo outlines three ways to reduce stress now.


How To Get The Most Value From An Expert

So you hired a consultant and you want to know what he can do for you and your business. And you also want to know how you can get the most out of your relationship with him. This video is for you.


Words To Avoid In Business Communication

This is one of the most popular episodes of Four Minute Fixation so far. Each of us use communication as a tool for our success. This episode will help you avoid undermining your power by using harmful language.


The Power Of Consistency For Business Leaders

There is one quality in successful business leaders that is most impressive. It is the ability to deliver a performance over and over again. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, if you can perform at a high level consistently, you will be successful. This video shows you how.


Do you want people to place a high value on every interaction they have with you? This video is a tutorial on how you can be taken seriously by everyone you meet. If you want to become a person of influence, this episode of Four Minute Fixation is for you.


These videos are the second twenty (actually twenty-one, we got carried away) we have produced and we’re proud of them. Make sure you review the first twenty as well.

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