Avoid The Unhappy, The Unlucky and The Unintelligent

Avoid the Unhappy, Unlucky and Unintelligent

Avoid the Unhappy, Unlucky & Unintelligent

You can tell a great deal about a person by the company he keeps.  Show me a man’s closest friends, his confidants, and the people on whom he relies for advice, and I’ll be able to tell you what makes him tick.

The same holds true for you.

Your friends, your employees, your allies, they tell me more about you than your words ever could.

Their reflection is present on your face and in results you achieve in life.

If you are not as successful as you’d like to be, I encourage you first to look in the mirror and determine what changes you need to make in order to achieve your desired results.

Next I encourage you to look at the company you keep and get rid of three types of people in particular.  These folks are a heavy burden weighing you down.

The Unhappy

Would you choose to hang around with someone who complains constantly?

Most people, when asked this question, respond with an emphatic: “No.”

Yet when you look at your roster of friends, relatives and business associates, you’ll notice at least a few whiners, complainers and malcontents in the mix.

Get rid of them.

Life is too short to be around unhappy people.

I’m not talking about someone who is unhappy because of some temporary adversity.  I am referring to the chronic complainer, the glass half empty, the focus-on-the-negative type individual.

Cut yourself loose from these sacks of wet cement.

The Unlucky

You are responsible for your own luck and I am responsible for mine.   The more prepared you are and the harder you work, the luckier you become.

Yet there are people in your life right now who seem to always have some act of ill fortune befall them.  You know the type.  If this person owned a funeral home, nobody would die.

You must immediately remove this person from your life.

The sentiment that fortune has predetermined your fate is neither accurate nor helpful.

Lose the telephone numbers of any unlucky people you know.   When you see them coming, cross the street and run away.

The Unintelligent

Everybody makes mistakes.  All of us do dumb things.  Intelligent people learn from their mistakes and do not repeat them.  The difference between intelligent people and unintelligent people is the ability to grow and develop as a result of life experience.

There is no nobility in taking care of the happy-go-lucky idiot who stumbles through life repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

We have all been involved with someone who is a serial bad-decision-maker.  I’m talking about someone who does not think before he acts. Someone who, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, thinks he knows what he is doing, in every situation.

People can be judged by the sum total of their decisions.  Intelligent people learn from their mistakes and they do not make the same errors over and over.

Unintelligent people make the same mistake multiple times.

You should not make the mistake of associating with these people.

A Challenge

So what would a wise man think of your friends?

What would his assessment be of the people from whom you seek advice?

Do the people with whom you associate challenge you to get better or do they drag you down?

If the answers to these questions confuse or frighten you, perhaps you should evaluate the people in your life.

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