Unshakable Belief

Unshakable BeliefThere are times when you reflect upon your beliefs (social, political, religious) and you say to yourself:

“Why am I holding onto these convictions when many of the people around me criticize them and attack me personally, for them.”

Then you realize three things:

1). Nobody else has lived your life. They have not been exposed to the same experiences, circumstances, and events that shaped your beliefs. They cannot put them in the same context.

2). Many people fear that which is different. When we share our beliefs with others, sometimes it triggers a memory or evokes negative emotion. It is difficult for people to push through that pain and see things through your eyes.

3). Their opinion has no impact on you. It is about them. Carry on. Live your life. You can still care about a person who disagrees with you. You can dislike his/her opinion on this one topic (or many topics). People are complex and your bond with others can (and should) be stronger than the way you feel about a few things.

If you decide to change what you believe, it should be because you have evolved. It should be because you’ve grown; emotionally, intellectually and/or spiritually. You change things you believe based upon what you feel.

Nobody, under any circumstances, regardless of their social stature, political position, or societal authority, can take that away from you. They absolutely do not have that right nor that ability.

Never be embarrassed by your beliefs. Use them as a compass to guide you on the journey of your life.

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