Valtimax Accelerator

Are you still struggling to implement the “BIG IDEAS?”

Don’t you want more free time?

Wouldn’t some additional revenue each month help you enjoy yourself?

Don’t you wonder if there is a way to get more done in the 24 hours you have in each day?

If you’re like most of my clients you’ve answered “YES” to at least one, if not all, of those questions.

But after giving over 50 presentations to business leaders in 2014, and after conducting a half-dozen workshops and learning events this past year, and after seven years of taking 30-plus phone calls per day from lawyers and business leaders…

I’ve cracked the code to making BREAKTHROUGH change in your business – quickly and permanently.

  • You need time to focus your attention on implementation of the strategy you’ve discovered
  • You need the speed that comes from real-life experience
  • You need someone to hold you accountable for making permanent the changes you desire

Valtmax® Accelerator

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Valtimax® Accelerator.

After all those conversations with lawyers and business leaders, presentations to groups, and workshops with law firm and business owners, it hit me like a ton of bricks – you need a short cut!!!

The Valtimax® Accelerator is designed to help you implement all the business strategy you and I have discussed or to help you work out some of the ideas that have been knocking around your brain.

Here’s how it works:

Sign up for a Valtimax® Accelerator Session and you are a member of a small group people invited to spend a day with me working on your strategy, marketing, productivity improvement, or business management systems.

Attendance is limited

Each person presents a “big idea” or “big challenge” they want to work on. The group provides feedback on how to best implement the “big idea.”

After receiving feedback,  you immediately start working on that specific idea with an “accountability partner” to help you stay focused.

I’m in the room, helping you as needed.

That’s focused, dedicated time, with me – others pay $3,000 per month for access to me – and you receive it as participant in this session.

We take a break for lunch and a brief educational presentation from me.

Then you spend some time putting the finishing touches on the thing (or ideas) you wanted to implement.

Finally, you present your progress to the group and end the day with at least one, fully completed tool to help you manage and/or grow your business or law firm.

This is one day, dedicated to getting an entire project completed.  It’s the focus you need in your crazy-busy life.

  • No telephone ringing
  • No employee interruptions (you’re sequestered in a hotel for the day)
  • No noise and distractions (you’re assigned an accountability partner to keep you focused)

Here’s a more concrete example:

Mike Bossy and Brian Trottier are lawyers.

They come to the Valtimax® Accelerator and both want to improve their new client intake processes in their respective firms.

After they present their “Big Challenges” I pair them up to work on this together. Even though they’ve never met, and one has a law firm in New York and the other has a consulting practice in Memphis, they can help each other think through the step-by-step guide to developing a great client intake system.

They begin their work and with my input, they develop a “standard operating procedure” for client intake in their firm.

They present this process to the group at the end of the day, receive even more feedback, and have a fully fleshed-out system to use in their law firm immediately after they leave.

Mike returns to his business law firm in New York and Brian returns to his consulting firm in Memphis and they both have their own, customized, client intake process implemented in their firms within 24 hours.

Follow-up Guidance

Approximately 2 weeks after the meeting, each attendee has a private one-on-one call with me to discuss any challenges they are experiencing.

This call serves two purposes:

1). Accountability: It ensures you implement the plan you developed

2). It provides you with the support you need to fine-tune the process

Here again you receive one-on-one feedback from me.

Why is Dave doing this?

You’re probably wondering why I’m offering this kind of access, at such a discounted investment…

It’s because I want to reach more business leaders and I’m constricted by the amount of time available.  These small group sessions will allow you to get direct feedback from me, implement your next BIG IDEA, and stay accountable for taking action to grow your law firm.

The Valtimax® Accelerator allows me to work with a small group of people a few times each year and really make a difference in their businesses and in their lives.


Register today.

2015 Jump Start LegalMax Accelerator Meeting (Select your date and location)

Get your year off to a fast, successful start in either Miami or New Jersey

April 16, 2015 – 10AM – 5PM

Embassy Suites – Miami International Airport
3974 NW South River Drive,
Miami, Florida, 33142, USA

Here is the schedule for the LegalMax® Accelerator meeting day:

10AM  – Introductions, Educational Presentation and  “Big Ideas”

11AM – Work Begins

Noon – Lunch (Included in your investment)

1PM – Work Session Continues

4PM – Final Presentations

5PM  –Adjourn

As you can see, it is a full day of hard work.

Some people may even be able to work on 2 or 3 “Big Ideas” while we are together.


Participation in the Valtimax® Accelerator Session requires a $1,500 investment.

But you maybe eligible for a HUGE discount…

If you act right now, you can receive a 50% discount.

That makes the investment only $750 and you receive a follow-up consulting session with me included…the follow-up session alone is usually a $1,000 investment.

Valtimax Accelerator DiscountYou receive:

  • A full day out of the hectic office environment to work on the implementation of your “Big Idea(s)”
  • Feedback from other participants
  • Assistance from me
  • New relationships through networking with other smart business leaders
  • A fully-formed system you can implement immediately after you leave
  • Lunch

That’s a great deal.

Join me:

April 16, 2015 – 10AM – 5PM

Embassy Suites – Miami International Airport
3974 NW South River Drive,
Miami, Florida, 33142, USA

Click the button below to receive a 50% discount.

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Here are some reasons you should attend:

Assistance with implementation: I will work with you for an entire day to help you get things done. We can focus on business strategy, marketing, productivity improvement, and practice management.

Small group & personalized attention: I’m only admitting a small number of people to each event. You will have my dedicated attention.

Cutting edge strategy: While we are together I will share my latest thinking on a business strategy topic. You’ll see things before I release them to the general public.

Accountability: You will be paired with another participant and this person will be your “accountability partner.” This relationship will continue beyond the meeting and it will help you keep focused on the task you’ve selected for implementation.

Follow-up: I’m going to initiate a follow-up call with you approximately two weeks after our meeting. On this call you can ask any questions and I will provide clarification and feedback.

Full day of strategy: I’m including lunch and we will work the entire day on your strategy.  Your focus is solely where it should be – on the future of your business.

If you’ve never invested in one of my programs or if you’ve never worked with me, WELCOME!

Please click the button below.   You will receive a new client orientation call with me prior to the event and some pre-work.

Click the button below to receive a 50% discount.

Get a 50% Discount on Event Admission if you Act Right Now!

Each group is limited in size.

We will accept deposits and place people on a waiting list when this session fills up.

There are no refunds however your investment may be transferred to another program within 12 months of the original date – should the need arise.