About Four Minute Fixation

Be Sure to watch this video past the credits. We have a little surprise for our viewers on this one.

We received lots of questions about our daily video show: Four Minute Fixation. This week, in our mailbag segment, Dave Lorenzo answers those questions for our viewers.

The guys who edit the video also have a little surprise for everyone after the credits role. It certainly was a surprise for Dave. You don’t want to miss it.

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Here is the transcript from this episode of Four Minute Fixation:

About Four Minute Fixation

You said it was only going to take four minutes. It’s taken a lot longer than that. Hi. This is Dave Lorenzo, and today it’s time for another mailbag segment. That’s right we’re reaching into the mailbag, and we’re whipping out your questions. Today I’ve got a whole slew of questions I’m going to answer for you, because the questions are about this video series. I get an enormous amount of questions. Just an unbelievable amount of questions about the video series, the show itself, me. What I’ve done is I’ve selected a handful of these questions. I’m going to read through them today, and bang out the answers as quickly as I possible can, because obviously this is important to you.

The first question is why is the show called Four Minute Fixation when the videos are longer than four minutes? This is a great question. We’re recording this now, and we’ve already released, I think 42 episodes as I’m recording this. This will probably be the 47th, or the 48th episode in the show’s history. What we’ve learned over the first 40 some odd episodes is that it may take longer than four minutes for me to explain some topics. That doesn’t mean that the name of the show is bad. That just means that you should focus on this stuff for four minutes a day. Now some of you may focus on it for longer than four minutes and that’s fantastic. I hope you do that.

Four Minute Fixation was a name that I dreamed up when I started the video series, because I thought we were going to do videos that were four minutes in length. Generally the content portion of the video is about four minutes. The portion where I spend teaching, or answering your questions is about four minutes in length. Four Minute Fixation’s a good name. If it makes you feel better only focus on this stuff for four minutes, and then for you it really will be a four minute fixation.

Now that brings me to another point. The videos are probably always going to be longer than four minutes, because the guys here have taken to adding the bloopers, the outtakes of what we shoot to the back of the videos. Now I’m actually okay with this. It’s … All the time it shows me screwing up, and that’s fine. I’m human. I screw up. I’m sure that you’re not perfect at your job every single day. I have the benefit of editing, maybe you don’t, and so we’ll give you a glimpse in what happens. Make sure you watch past the credits, because we’ve got some pretty good stuff that’s gone into the minute or so that runs after the credits.

The second question is who’s the kid in the credits? Who’s the kid in the video at the credits? Those of you who have actually watched these videos all the way through will have seen my daughter Dahlia at the beach. The story behind that is when my daughter was three and a half we were at the beach. My wife was coming out of the water, and she stepped on a jellyfish. I happened to be videoing my wife coming out of the water, stepping on the jellyfish, and then hopping around on one foot afterwards when she got stung. My daughter said what she said, and we had it on video. We were able to crop out my wife hopping around on one foot, which was actually funnier than anything else. We did save my daughter, and I thought it would be an interesting thing to put at the end of the videos.

Should I watch these videos on YouTube, or on your website? Another good question. You can do either. I like both. I put them on the website, because it’s great content to have on there when people search for me, or for my company. I love to have that content on there. Also on my website, [valtimax.com [00:03:37] the Valtimax website, Valtimax Consulting is my company. On that website, on [valtimax.com [00:03:44], we also put the full transcript of these videos. You can read exactly what I said, and use it as a step-by-step guide if you choose to.

On YouTube we’ve broken the videos down into playlists. If you want to see all the videos on business communication they’re right there for you from start to finish. All the ones we’ve recorded so far in a playlist. If you want to see all the videos that are the whiteboard workshops, you can click on that playlist, and see all those. If you want to see all the videos that are mailbag videos, this segment will be in the mailbag video playlist where we all the questions. It’s up to you whether you choose YouTube or my website. I like to do a little of both. YouTube has them all in a very easy to view fashion. They’re very well organized. Make sure that you click the subscribe button on YouTube. Definitely subscribe to get the updates on a regular basis, and also I would love it if you gave me a thumbs up. That’s right. Give me a thumbs up on the YouTube video page when you watch an actual video.

What is Valtimax.com, and why does Four Minute … What does Four Minute Fixation have to do with it? Valtimax.com is my website. It’s my company’s website. Four Minute Fixation is my video show, so we put fourminutefixation.com on Valtimax.com, so that everybody who watches these videos can also get all of the audio programs, all of the great articles, and all the benefits that are on the Valtimax website as well. V A L T I M A X. Valtimax. That is a made up word. I named my company a made up word … Vault like catapult, to the max. Valtimax.com.

Finally, what is your real job? My real job is similar to this. I am a consultant, which means I solve business problems. I create value by solving problems for businesses. Big businesses. Small businesses. I’m also an executive coach. What that means is I work with senior executives in large companies, and help them with leadership development, productivity improvement, hiring, succession planning, business strategy, as well as navigating some of the political waters they face. I also help small business owners and entrepreneurs. I help them grow their businesses with marketing, sales strategy. Our team … We have a team of sales trainers that go out, and train sales forces. Basically we are organizational effectiveness consultants. If you want to improve your business you can call us. You can call me. That’s what we do. That’s my real job.

These are just some of the questions I’ve received about the video series, about me, and about what I do. I really appreciate you sending in your questions. I appreciate you subscribing on YouTube, and I appreciate you for watching. Today, spend four minutes fixated on me. Thanks for watching. I’m Dave Lorenzo, and we’ll see you next time right here at Four Minute Fixation.

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