Benefits Of Public Speaking For Business Leaders

Public speaking is one of the best ways to initiate new relationships.

There are several benefits to adding public speaking to your marketing plan.

Today we cover four of those benefits:

1 – Create Better Visibility For You And Your Business

2 – Improve The Perception Of Your Credibility

3 – Differentiate Yourself And Your Business From Everyone Else Who Does What You Do

4 – Initiate New Relationships And Develop More Leads For Your Business

Here is the transcript for this episode of Four Minute Fixation:

Benefits of Public Speaking For Business Leaders

What could you possibly gain from speaking to a large audience? Come with me and find out. Today we’re fixated on the benefits of speaking to your business, to your professional practice. A lot of times when I introduce speaking as a way to initiate relationships with new people, folks tell me, “Hey listen, I’m not a great public speaker. It’s going to take me a lot of work to get good. Even then, once I get good, I’m going to be uncomfortable for a long time, so I’m not sure that it’s really going to benefit my business if I become a public speaker.”

A couple of things I’ll say about that before we even get started on the benefits of speaking. You’re going to get good if you have the talent for speaking with practice, with repetition. Also, the fear of speaking in front of people will go away with preparation and with practice. If you have a talent for public speaking, if you’re naturally gifted at getting your point across in a succinct way, and you can connect with people in a live setting, you should definitely give speaking a try.

Now when it comes to preparation, I will tell you that the rule of thumb I use is one run-through of your speech for every minute in length. If you’re giving a ten-minute speech, you should run through the whole thing ten times. If you’re giving a 60-minute speech, you should run through the entire speech 60 times. What does this mean? It means you need to prepare well in advance. That’s what it means. You should go through your speech and change it up and work on it until you get to the point where you have internalized the information. You’ve made it your own.

When you practice something 60 times and you get up in front of a live audience and you look around and you connect with each person in that room, there is a feeling that comes over you of complete mastery, of mastery of yourself, mastery of the information, and mastery of the room. I’ve you’ve watched some of the other videos I’ve done on public speaking here at 4 Minute Fixation, you’ll know that we talk about practicing in front of a live audience. Incredibly valuable, and it will help you get more comfortable. Don’t worry about the work that goes into it, because the benefits are enormous. We’re going to talk about those in just one moment.

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Now here are the benefits of public speaking:

First and foremost, visibility. If you have a talent for communicating wt people, you can get up in front of any number of people, ten, 15, 20, 1,000 people and deliver your message. You can motivate them. You can differentiate yourself from everyone else who does what you do. Even more importantly, or before you do all that, you have the ability to get in front of tens, hundreds, even thousands of people with public speaking. You can’t do that in a one on one setting. You can only sell to people one at a time in a sales setting. When you speak in front of an audience, you get to leverage your ability to communicate.

Second benefit is credibility. When you are on a stage in front of people, you have an enormous amount of credibility. You have very, very high perceived level of expertise on the topic that you were brought there to discuss. People automatically put on a pedestal because you’re on one. You’re on a platform when you speak. That’s where you are in people’s minds as well. Your credibility is phenomenal. We have visibility and we have credibility.

The third thing you get from speaking, the third advantage, the third benefit of speaking as a way to initiate relationships is differentiation. You can clearly differentiate yourself from everyone else who does what you do because you’re delivering your message in a powerful way. You get to differentiate yourself because you’re the only one speaking in a room full of hundreds of people. Fantastic way to differentiate yourself.

The final benefit that we’re going to discuss today: lead generation. This is the intention of a relationship. You can get up in front of a room full of people and you can say, “Anyone who wants to do business with me, raise your hand right now.” When they raise their hands you can ask them to do whatever you want. Now that is a metaphor. That’s not actually what you should do. There are a number of different techniques you can use when you’re speaking to identify people who are interested in your services. Even if you don’t do anything, people will crowd you after you speak. They’ll come rushing over to you to shake your hand, give you their business card, get your business card. If you do nothing, people will naturally find you and do business with you.

There are some techniques you can use to attract business as a speaker, and we’re going to get to that in a future episode of 4 Minute Fixation. This is one of the videos in our series on public speaking. Hope you enjoyed this episode of 4 Minute Fixation, and I hope you join us right back here again. See you next time.

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