Crackerjack Marketing Offers


If you want to improve your marketing results you must make powerful compelling offers to your audience.

Confused about how to create an offer that is irresistible to your prospective clients?

This video provides you with a step-by-step guide to crafting an offer that will take your relationship with your prospect to the next level.


Hi. I’m Dave Lorenzo and today we’re going to talk about Cracker Jack marketing. That’s right. We’re going to talk about the free prize inside Cracker Jack marketing.

I call it Cracker Jack marketing because when I was a kid, I used to get boxes of Cracker Jacks. You open it up and you dig through looking for the prize and that was one of the reasons why you bought the Cracker Jacks.

Well, we’re not doing anything with Cracker Jacks and we don’t have any free prizes and stuff but we do have a two-step marketing program which I’ve discussed in the past and using a prize as a giveaway is a great way to do two-step marketing.

Now it’s not really a prize. It’s educational information. It’s a free report or something that you can use to entice people to give you their contact information. I’m going to explain to you what I mean by that.

Now, on your website, you should have a little opt-in box where people can put their name and their phone number and their email address and perhaps even their physical address in order to get your free report. The report can be something that gives them what they should do in the event that they have a specific type of pain that you can relieve.

So real estate lawyers for example who are working on alleviating home foreclosures can offer a free report, Five Things You Need To Know About Negotiating A Deal With A Bank When Your Home Is In Foreclosure, or you could give a free report away, Five Things You Need To Know In Order To Hire A Real Estate Lawyer, to negotiate your foreclosure settlement with your bank or Five Things You Need To Know Before Engaging A Realtor To Do A Short Sale. You get the idea.

The free report allows them to put in their name and contact information and then it gives you the opportunity to send them the report via email and you get their contact information. You call and follow up and see if they have any questions. They go from being a stranger to being somebody who you now know has an issue, a problem that you can solve.

So what types of tools, what types of free prizes do we give away? Well, I like to use free reports with lawyers. Free reports are great with doctors too. For retailers or other types of businesses, we’ve done everything from free reports to DVDs and videos that educate people on exactly how to use your product or service. Also lawyers and doctors can use DVDs, videos as well. CDs or audio programs are fantastic. I give away CDs all the time.

Books are great. If you’re at a speaking event and you want to give away a book, you can get people’s contact information in exchange for sending them a book later.

What you should never do is you should never offer a free consultation as a giveaway. Free consultations are horrible. I hate them. I know you’re going to tell me in some industries it’s an industry standard, CPAs, lawyers, so on and so forth. I don’t believe in it and you should never give away a free consultation as the “free prize” or incentive to get the contact information.

So, using free reports, DVDs and any type of CD, audio program, books, any type of information product is a phenomenal way to entice people to give you their contact information and to identify themselves as somebody who has a problem you can solve. You can do this when you speak. You can do this on your website. You can do it in a direct mail campaign. You can do it in an email campaign. There are lots of ways to give away information products, educational products in return for contact information that identifies people as prospects for you and your business.

I encourage you to explore the free prize inside, Cracker Jack style of marketing, immediately. You will be glad you did because you will be amazed at how it helps qualify the prospects who walk through your front door.