Empathy Produces Prosperity

Today we are fixated on something you know – intuitively – but you probably forgot.  The most important quality for relationship marketing is empathy.  People must feel understood before they will invest their trust in you.

This key to business success cannot be stressed enough.  Empathy leads to prosperity.


Here is the transcript of this video:

Empathy Produces Prosperity

Hi, I’m Dave Lorenzo, and today we’re fixated on empathy, and empathy produces prosperity. So, what does empathy really mean? Well, empathy is the ability to understand and to relate to others and it is critically important for relationship development. Why? Because people like to be understood before they make the effort to understand. So, if you want to do some good for someone or you want to add value to someone’s life or to their business, that begins with understanding their point of view, understanding where they’ve come from, and, quite frankly, understanding them as a person. So, why is empathy important? Well, number one, it’s important because it helps us develop deep, long lasting, prosperous relationships.

Empathy is also important because it can help lead to a higher level of productivity. If you have empathy for the people with whom you work, you will understand their motivation and when you understand their motivation, you’ll be able to provide them with enough value so that they want to go way above and beyond what your expectations are. Empathy also leads to greater loyalty. When it comes to client loyalty, customer loyalty, and employee loyalty, even provider or supplier loyalty. Empathy goes a long way to fostering an environment that allows those things to grow and flourish. Why? Because when people feel understood, they want to be with the person who understands them more frequently.

Finally, empathy, bottom line, leads to greater profits. If you’re in professional services, you’re a lawyer and your client feels like you understand them, they will bring you multiple matters. They’ll bring you the work they have that will be great for you and your firm to do. They’ll also bring you work that you don’t typically do, which will give you an opportunity to get into that practice area or to refer it out. So, empathy improves your bottom line.

Now, in order to be empathetic, you have to be open, right? You have to be open and welcoming of people with all points of view. You have to be a really good listener and you have to be curious. You particularly have to be intellectually curious and you have to really want to know about another person, the other person, the person with whom you’re sitting. So, focusing on listening, being open and willing to hear someone’s point of view and listening for the emotions that are behind the thoughts, all critically important aspects and requirements of empathy.

It is really, really easy to think ill of someone with whom you’ve never been face to face. So, if you want to develop a deep empathetic relationship or you really want to understand someone, the best way to develop this type of relationship is in a face-to-face environment. Once you sit down with someone face to face, you listen to their point of view, you ask probing questions and understand how they develop that point of view, you really have the opportunity to find some common ground between you but even more importantly, you’ve given that person the opportunity to be understood and that is what really develops the deep relationship between you.

So, asking the reasons why people do things, being open, communicating fairly and honestly, and listening and being curious about the reasons why, those are the things that lead to a deep, long lasting, empathetic relationship. I’m fixated on this because it’s so important. It is the very foundation and the building blocks and the mortar all wrapped in one of long lasting relationships. That’s our fixation for today. I’m Dave Lorenzo and I’ll see you next time.

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