Faith Facts And The Fridge

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Faith Facts and the Fridge

In business we make decisions base upon facts.

We do research. We look for evidence. We evaluate the evidence objectively. Then we make our decision.

The basis for good decisions is routed in things we can prove.

Faith can have a place in our lives but we must evaluate business decisions based upon the things we know to be true based upon evidence.

We address this topic on this episode of Four Minute Fixation.

Here is the transcript for this episode.

Faith Facts and the Fridge

Oh hi! You’re in my refrigerator! Actually I knew that because I put you there. The reason that you’re in the refrigerator is because I wanted to make a point.

You see we oftentimes take things for granted. We take things on faith when there actually is a way to prove whether or not something is true and when we’re going to make decisions we should always look for some sort of proof that what we’re actually experiencing is real.

Many times on TV news or in the paper that people are clinging to their ideology in spite of evidence to the contrary. So there may be scientific evidence that disproves something that people believe yet they’re touting those beliefs as fact. That’s what I’m trying to prove by placing you in my refrigerator here today. You see, when I open the refrigerator door a light goes on and when I close the door, in fact I get the door all the way shut like this almost, I still see a light.

So I could draw the conclusion that the light stays on all the time, but I know for a fact that when the door closes the light goes off and how do I know that? Well, I did some investigation and there’s a switch right here, you see, when the door closes the light goes off. That proves that although I may believe the light stays on the entire time it’s just not true. When you are doing business you must look for proof that things are true before you make a decision. You cannot, should not, and must not operate solely on faith. Faith and hope are not strategies in business. When you go to make decisions you always look for proof to determine whether or not something is true. And by the way when I close the door I know that the light really does go off.

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