How Committed Are You To Success?

Most people believe they are committed to their own success and the success of their business. Most people underestimate the level of commitment required in order to be successful in business.

Business success requires a level of commitment most business leaders cannot even comprehend.

In this episode of Four Minute Fixation, I tell a story that really brings home the massive level of commitment required for business success.

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Here is the transcript for this episode:

How Committed Are You To Success?

What can a six-year old teach you about commitment? Give me four minutes and you’ll find out.

Hi, it’s Dave Lorenzo. Today, I’m fixated on commitment. I want to make sure you’re 100% committed to your success. I coach dozens of people each and every single week. In fact, I take between forty and fifty phone calls from lawyers and business leaders every single week. They’re focused on growth, improvement and their own personal success. What I tell them when I first start working with them is that, “I can’t be more committed to your success than you are.” You have to be the most committed person in the world to your success.

What does that really mean? What does commitment mean? I’ll give you an example by illustrating it with my own family, with my own son. My son Nicholas was six years old when he started to swim competitively. We had him tryout for a swim team that had kids on it that were nine years old and older. In South Florida, everybody swims year round. Nick jumps in the pool. He swims. He tries out. The coach is thrilled. He’s doing great. They put him in a meet. His first meet, he’s swimming the 400 meters. The last hundred meters, he’s doing freestyle, he comes down and halfway through that last hundred meters at about fifty-five meters, I see him gasping for air. He has an asthma attack.

It’s fifty meters left. He’s second, going up against nine-year olds. The kid is six years old. You know what he did? He found another gear. Not getting enough air in his lungs, he did everything he could until he reached and touched the wall ahead to the next kid. Then, I was scared to death. He couldn’t get out of the pool. He couldn’t breathe. I had to run out of the stands. The coach jumped in the water. The other kids propped him up, threw him out on the shore and we had to make sure we got him his rescue inhaler right away because he absolutely couldn’t breathe.

That kid wanted to win that race more than he wanted to breathe. That’s commitment. If you’re not committed, that committed to your success, you’re doing yourself a disservice. I challenge you to demonstrate your commitment each and every single day. How can you do that? You got to show up on time every time. Whether you’re sick, whether you’ve had some issue at home, show up for every meeting on time every time. Go full speed. Give a hundred percent regardless of who’s in the room or how many are in the room.

In order to prepare for speaking, I speak probably seventy or seventy-five times each in every year, in order to make sure I was the best speaker possible, I did stand-up comedy. I was terrible at it when I first started. I would perform in front of a handful of drunks in bars that nobody would go to even if they had no place else on earth to hangout. You show up, you do your thing, you act like a pro, give a hundred percent every single time. You have to demand more from everyone that works with you. Everyone on your team always demand more but you yourself, leave it all on the field. You give a hundred percent every single time, maximum effort. Then at the end of the day, if you’ve given everything you got and you’re gasping for air, you know you’re committed to success.

My challenge for you right now my friends, right now, my challenge for you today is what can you do today to demonstrate your commitment to success? Go out today and give a hundred percent at everything you do. When you put your head on the pillow tonight, you’ll know you’re committed to success and you’ll feel better about yourself as a result. If you like what you heard today, share it. If you’ve love what you heard, subscribe and share it.

I’m Dave Lorenzo and I’m fixated on your success.

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