How Do I Stay Motivated?

Each week we reach into Dave’s Mail Bag and take questions from viewers of Four Minute Fixation.

Today we pull out a question from Carlos Gutierrez. Carlos is the President Elect of the Miami Board of Realtors – Residential Section and he owns the Gutierrez Group Keller Williams Reality.

Carlos asks: “Why does motivation come in waves?”

In this episode of Four Minute Fixation I answer Carlos’ question and provide our viewers with some ways to stay motivated even when you start to feel burned out.

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Here is the the transcript of this episode:

How Do I Stay Motivated?

Hi, I’m Dave Lorenzo. This is the 4 Minute Fixation. Today we’re reaching into my mailbag. In my mailbag I’m pulling out a question from Carlos Gutierrez in Miami. Carlos is the president of the residential section of the Miami Association of Realtors. He asks: Why does motivation come in waves? This is something that all of us struggle with from time to time. Every business owner, every business leader, entrepreneur, attorney, no matter what profession you’re in you’ll find that your motivation comes to your in waves. There are some days or weeks where you’re the king of the world, you’re on top of everything, and nothing can stop you. Then there are other days or weeks or, God forbid, even months when you just feel like you’re running uphill on ice. It’s just an absolute struggle. Carlos, thank you very much. This is a great question.

Motivation comes in waves because the need for us to be successful varies over time. When we don’t feel fear, when fear isn’t pushing us … That is the most primal and the most powerful motivator, fear. When we’re not in fear of anything we’re generally not motivated to make things happen. Think about it. When you first started your business or when you first got into the leadership role that you’re in, or when you first became an attorney, you were motivated by fear. You knew that if you didn’t go out and find the next client, if you didn’t go out and sell something, you were not going to be able to take any money home and feed your family. You were highly motivated to be successful. You had that fear.

As we become more successful that fear tends to subside. Our basic needs are met: food, clothing, shelter, the need to belong to a group of successful people, all those things. When those needs are met, fear is no longer a motivator for us. Then we become motivated by goals. Once you go out and you achieve a goal, whether it’s easy, or if you set a goal that’s just too high for you and you can’t reach it and you know you can’t reach it, you become unmotivated. Your goals have to be attainable yet they have to make you want to strive to be more successful. If you don’t have goals, that’s another reason why your motivation may wane a little bit.

Boredom is the third reason why your motivation may wane. You’ve become a victim of your own routine. Regardless of whether your routine has made you successful, you need to vary things up a little bit. If you use direct mail to get the bulk of your clients and you’re just board by writing and sending out direct mail letters, dedicate the direct mail to somebody else and you try something new. Go to some networking events, do some speeches, write some articles and try and get them published. Vary your routine. Break up the boredom and the monotony and you’ll find that you become more motivated.

Finally, your motivation is on the downswing when you are burned out. If you’ve been overwhelmingly successful and you move from project to project, and you’re just absolutely killing it but you find that you’re not motivated anymore, that’s the time when you need to step away from your business completely. Hopefully you’ve got a good team in place that can run the business without you. Step away. Shut off the phone. Completely disconnect. Start by completely disconnecting, no phone, no contact for a day. Then move to completely disconnecting for a week. Then finally, for two or three weeks.

You’ll find that when that pull comes to you that you feel like you’ve got to get back into your business, you’ll find that that’s when you’re most motivated. Disconnect for your business. You’ll find that the burnout will subside and you’ll become overwhelmingly drawn back into your business. That’s when your motivation will come back. Motivation comes in waves because you don’t feel fear, or you don’t have a goal, or you’re bored with your regular routine, or you’re just plain old burned out. Address these four factors and you’ll find that your motivation comes back. Carlos, thanks very much for this question.

If you have a question you’d like us to answer here on the mailbag section of 4 Minute Fixation, visit me at 4 Minute Fixation on Facebook, or you can hit me up at Twitter @thedavelorenzo on Twitter. I’m Dave Lorenzo and I’m fixated on your success.

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