How To Break Out Of A Sales Slump

Everyone runs into an occasional sales slump.

There are times when you just can’t meet a new client or close a new deal.

When this happens the worst thing to do is get tense and anxious.

Selling is all about self-confidence. If you have it, you get through any rough patches with ease. If you don’t, a slump can seem to last forever.

This episode of Four Minute Fixation is about keeping you self-confidence up while you are going through touch times in sales.

We discuss four steps to getting out of a sales slump:

  1. Check in with all of your existing clients
  2. Reconnect with your former clients
  3. Follow the rule of “three times”
  4. Teach someone the basics
  5. Unplug, unwind and relax

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Here is the transcript to this episode of Four Minute Fixation:

In a sales slump and you want to break out? Well today we’re bringing the high heat. Come on with me to The House That Ruth Built.

Hi, we’re standing in front of new Yankee Stadium today. This is a great picture I took last time I was there. Yankees are my favorite team and we’re standing in front of this picture of Yankee Stadium and I’m dressed in full Yankee gear because we’re talking about breaking out of a sales slump.

This is our mailbag segment. Each and every Friday we reach into the mailbag and we pull out a question from one of our viewers. Today we’re answering a question we received on Twitter from yankeefan1968. yankeefan says, “I’m a pharmaceutical sales rep and I’m in a deep sales slump. How do I break out of a slump and get in front of more doctors to write more prescriptions?” I appreciate the question, thank you for reaching out to me on Twitter and those of you that want to reach out to me on Twitter, my Twitter handle is: @thedavelorenzo. That is @thedavelorezo.

You can also send me questions at YouTube. Go to our YouTube page, just go into the search bar a type in Four Minute Fixation with four spelled out F-O-U-R, Four Minute Fixation and on any video in the comments put your question. I respond to every single comment on our videos so thank you very much for sending me the comments. Those of you who want to put nasty stuff, I’m not going to respond to that but I respond to any comment where there’s questions or people are offering feedback. I love feedback. Finally you can go to Facebook. Go to Facebook The Four Minute Fixation page on Facebook. Click the like button. We want you to like us on Facebook because when you do our posts and our videos come up at the top of your newsfeed and when they come up at the top of the newsfeed you never miss a video.

To yankeefan’s question, “How do you get out of a sales slump?” there’s five specific things. Five things you can do to get out of a sales slump. Number one I want you to check in with your existing clients. I want you to get on the phone and call all of your existing clients. I want you to ask they’re doing, I want you to ask them how their year is going, I want you to ask them if they are in the process of meeting their goals, and if they aren’t ask them if there is a way that you can help them. This may not only lead to a sale, it may also grow and deepen your relationships.

While you’ve got them on the phone, you can also ask the for referrals. You can say something like this, “Mr. Client, I really value as a client and I appreciate having you so much. I wonder if you know someone who’s like you, in a similar role to you, maybe in a different company or an organization that is in your industry that I can help get to the place where you are. I don’t need to work with your competitors but maybe somebody in a similar situation in a different business. Do you know someone like that that you could refer to me, that I could help out?” Asking the question nine times out of ten will get you blank stares, or I don’t knows, or I’ll think about it but that one time out of ten that you get that referral, you’re off to the races. That could be the referral that gets you out of your sales slump.

Checking in with existing clients is great for two reasons. Number one … well actually three reasons. Number one you build a relationship. Number two you can actually get business from the client you can give them help with something they’re currently working on. Number three you may get a referral.

Second thing I want you to do to bust out of your slump, go to your former clients. Go to your former clients and talk to them and say, “How’s it going? How are you doing? I really appreciated your business when we worked together. Is there anything I can currently help you with? Could I be of assistance in some way? How are you doing reaching your goals? Would you like any help reaching your goals?”

Former clients are people we tend to ignore because they’re no longer doing business with us, but you should view them as people that already know you, like you, and trust you they just moved in a different direction. Maybe things have changed. Go to your former clients and talk to them, the trust is already there.

Step three, it’s the rule of three times. It’s the rule of three x if you will. Three x means I want you to do these three things three different times. I want you to make three phone calls every day. Three phone calls every day to new prospects. These are brand new people, people you’ve never met you call them up and say, “Hey my name is Dave. I’m working on this project with this company and your company is a company I’ve always admired. I’m wondering if you have a few minutes to talk to me about how we may be able to help one another. Make three phone calls like that. I’m interested in the activity. You may not get the best possible results. I know you hate cold calling but the activity is what’s important.

The other thing I want you to do is, I want you to write three notes to people. I want you to write physical notes. Take note cards, write three specific notes. I want you to write notes to people saying, “Hey, I admire you. Maybe I saw that you were interviewed in the paper, and go through your local paper and write notes to people that were interviewed. I saw you were interviewer in the paper, I appreciate what you said. Thank you for doing that. I would love to reach out and speak to you about your goals to see if we can work together.” Just write three notes to people every single day. People you don’t know, people who’ve been in the media, people who you may admire, write three handwritten notes, put them in a note card, you can get 50 of these at the dollar store for like $2.99, just a cheapo note card, put it in the mail. Three notes every single day to people you don’t know.

Then I want you to give three referrals. I want you to find people in your database, and I want you to find people to connect them to, and I want you to call people and give three referrals. You’re going to make three phone calls to people you don’t know, I introduce yourself, and see if there are ways you can help one another. You’re going to write three note cards to people who are in the news or people that you admire. These people are quote unquote “aspirational contacts” and then you’re going to get three referrals and give them to people. You’re not going to ask three people for referrals. you’re going to give three referrals to people that are in your database. You’re going to reach out and connect them to three people.

Number four, the fourth sales slump buster, is you’re going to teach someone the basics of sales. You’re going to go back to basics and reach out to somebody in your company who’s new, or who’s just coming up and you’re going to teach them the basics. I don’t care which basic principle you teach them. You can go through my videos and teach them something you’ve learned in my videos, but I want you to teach the basics to someone new. Teaching reinforces things in our minds. You’re currently in a sales slump, I want you to get back to basics, I want you to teach someone the basics of sales and selling.

Slump buster number five is just unplug. Take a day. Take a Friday unplug from everything. Shut down your email, turn off your phone, hang out with your kids, hang out with your family, go on a picnic, go to the beach, totally unplug. Relax and decompress. Often times what happens is when we’re in a slum we press too hard. You need to relax. You need to decompress. You need to chill out. You’re never as good as you are when things are going well and you’re never as bad as you are when things are going badly. Decompress, relax, reset and get back at it first thing Monday morning.

Those are your five sales slump busters. I hope they help you. Thank you very much for your question. Those of you who are out there and you want to send more questions, you can send them to me via email, you can send the to me via Twitter, you can send them to me via Facebook, you can send them to me here at Four Minute Fixation. My name is Dave Lorenzo and this has been out mailbag segment. Let’s go Yankees. Now take me out to the ballgame.

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