How To Communicate With Confidence And Power

Do you want your message to come through loud and clear?

Is winning people over to your point of view important to you?

Are you willing to assess your communication style and adjust in order to get your message through?

This episode of Four Minute Fixation will help you focus on some of the things that may be distracting from your message.

Communication is one of the most valuable skills for a business leader. Focus on it and you will discover how much of an impact you can really have on others.


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Here is the transcript to this episode of Four Minute Fixation:

Powerful Personal Communication

Hi, it’s Dave Lorenzo, and today we’re fixated on demonstrating power and interpersonal communication. People are naturally attracted to those we find to be powerful. So today we’re going to discuss some of the ways that you can convey a sense of confidence and power in your interpersonal communication.

First and foremost, when you have some discussions with people who are colleagues or friends or even business prospects, you want to always be calm and rational when you have your discussions. Topics can get emotional, they can get heated and you can have passion for what you’re saying, but you always want to appear on the surface to be calm. Now you certainly can raise your voice from time to time and you can display that passion and that commitment just as I’m doing right now. However, when you elevate your voice and you start screaming at people it makes them recoil. So you always want to be cognizant of the fact that you’re a duck. You’re placid on the surface but underneath, you’re paddling like crazy. Be calm.

The second thing you want to think about is your tone. You don’t want to strike a defensive tone when you’re having a conversation with someone. Even if they come at you directly and they question exactly what your position is and maybe they start to get a little bit personal. Your first thought needs to be, “Why is this person taking this approach with me?” and you should ask questions that draw out the underlying thoughts and feelings behind their approach. Do not react to a personal attack or do not take anything that’s said in that conversation personally.

The third tip I can give you is don’t move around and gesture wildly. Now, if you’re doing a presentation, as I am now to you, you can gesture as a point of emphasis and for great personal effect like a former president of the United States. That was a horrible Bill Clinton impression. But you can definitely gesture if you need to make a point. What you should avoid doing is fidgeting or any type of wild, rapid hand movements or gestures. They’re distracting and people look at you when you do those types of things and they have a perception that you have a lack of control.

The final two points I’ll make to you is that you should always make eye contact with the person to whom you’re speaking and you want to make sure that you look them in the eye at least 60 to 70% of the time. When you do choose to look away, make it natural when you look away. Don’t look away and glance as if you’re looking for flying objects in outer space.

The final point, always smile. Smiling people are confident people. People who smile look like they’re welcoming and they’re open and inviting to other folks. When you walk into a room, you want to portray an air of confidence and you want to be someone that people can walk up to and have a conversation with. Be more approachable, walk into the room and start with a smile and end with a smile because it shows how confident you really are. Because after all, what do you have to be upset about? You’re a confident person and people want to be around you.

I’m Dave Lorenzo and this is our Four Minute Fixation for today.

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