How To Develop A Client Community

There are three main reasons to create a community for your clients:

Reason One: They will invest more money in your services.

Frequency of interaction builds trust. If your clients see you and interact with you more often, they will invest more of their money in you.

You stay top of mind. People forget about products, services and people who are not “in their face.” If you stay connected with your clients as part of a community, they will never forget about you.

You can introduce new products and services to them quickly. If you want to get immediate adoption of a new product or service, your client community will make it easy and natural.

Reason Two: Clients who are members of your community will refer more frequently.

If your clients feel they are part of something special, they will want to share it. That leads to referrals. It’s that simple.

Reason Three: You will reduce client attrition.

Clients who are part of a community are less likely to leave you for the competition.

These are the reasons why you should create a client community. The video and transcript detail how.


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Here is a transcript of this episode:

How To Create A Client Community

Would you like your clients to spend more money on your products or services each and every single month? Would you like your clients to bring to your doorstep, qualified, new, prospective clients? How would you like your clients to invest their hard earned money in promoting you? I’m going to show you how to do that right now, so come join me.

Hi I’m Dave Lorenzo and welcome to another edition of four minute fixation. Today we’re discussing how you can create a community, an engaged community, among members of your current client base. Think about this for one moment: There are people out there who know you, like you, trust you, and have enjoyed working with you in the past and they’re just sitting there waiting to promote your business. In fact, they’re waiting with their hard earned money in hand, looking to give it to you again, because they had such a great experience when they gave you their money the last time. But you’re not taking advantage of that right now. And why aren’t you taking advantage of that? Well, you’re not taking advantage of that because your clients don’t have a sense of community among all of them related to the service and the products that you’ve provided them.

Think for a moment about Harley-Davidson or about Disney or about Weight Watchers. All of these places, all of these companies, have developed a sense of community among the folks who visit them. And what do they do? They invite the people who are their best clients to come and enjoy higher level products and services and they invite them to bring people they know in with them to experience the service and the power of their brand. Now you may be a small business owner. You may be an entrepreneur just starting something new. Or you may be a professional, like a lawyer or even a doctor, or an architect, or a real estate professional, and you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t have the resources to develop a huge brand like Harley-Davidson or like Disney” and that’s fine.

What you can do is create a group that meets perhaps once a month for breakfast or lunch and you discuss things that are important and relevant in your local community. You provide some educational information around what’s going on in your industry and you invite a local speaker, perhaps a politician or a local figure of importance, in to speak to this group as well. What you’re doing is you’re creating a community. You’re creating a reason for people to come together and discuss what’s going on in the neighborhood and discuss what’s going on in the industry and bond. As time passes, these people will develop relationships and those relationships may lead to future business for each of them, but they’ll also lead to future business for you.

You see, one of the basic needs we all have is the need to belong and you can create an environment that fulfills that need for your clients. So regardless of whether they came to you to solve a problem or they came to you to fulfill a goal, you can create a community that helps them feel like they belong to something really special and you’re at the center of it.

Now notice when I discussed forming this community, I didn’t talk about building it around you. I talked about building it around the needs of the people in the group. The common thread that holds the community together is the relationship with you. The way to do this, as I said, break bread with them once a month, either a breakfast or a lunch, and then maybe once a quarter or two or three times a year do a social event where they can all come together and just relax. Perhaps have them go to a baseball game together. You take them all to a baseball game. Perhaps you can go to a cooking class or to a wine tasting or something along those lines. Create a reason to bring them together in a social setting two, three, or four times a year. Create a reason for them to come together for educational and networking purposes once a month and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your business grows as a result of you being the community organizer, so to speak, for the community of people who are your clients.

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