How To Develop The Proper Sales Mindset

I almost hate to call this episode “Sales Mindset” because it really is a business mindset.

Good businesses exist to solve problems in return for compensation. That’s what a business does.

The device you’re watching this video on right now: a computer, a smart phone, a tablet, a TV – you purchased it, in part, to make your business or your life easier. In doing so, it solves many problems.

It makes communication easier. It enables your learning and growth. It can help you become more efficient. It can help you make more money.

So if you are a computer salesman, does it make sense to ask questions about the type of computer the person wants or odes it make more sense to start by asking questions about business efficiency?

Before you start thinking about selling and why you can’t (or won’t) sell

Here are three aspects of a great sales mindset:

You are helping.

You are here – on Earth – to help people achieve their goals. Sometimes the goal is to achieve something. Sometimes the goal is to take away pain. That’s what you do.

You are essential.

Nothing happens until someone sells something. Without you, the business doesn’t exist. Fell good about that.

Every “No” get’s you closer to a “Yes.”

People will not always agree to work with you. You can live with that because you know there are people out there who can and will want to use your product and service. You just need to find them.

Here is the transcript to this episode of Four Minute Fixation:

Sales Mindset

Where does your next big deal start? It starts right here. Your next big deal starts right between your ears. Join us now and find out how.

Hi, it’s Dave Lorenzo. Today, we’re talking about sales mindset. That’s right, we’re talking about the mindset you need to be in in order for you to make more money and help more people by closing more deals.

There are three elements that I try to get across to my clients when it comes to sales and selling. These things are critically important and they all take place right here. They’re right between your ears. Your mindset is the most important thing in making more money through sales and selling.

The first thing you have to do when it comes to mindset is you have to focus on the fact that you’re helping people. You’re not forcing something on someone. Many people think about sales, they think about selling, and they think about pushing a product or a service onto someone who doesn’t need it. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you sell, you are solving a problem for someone for money. You’re solving a problem for money, that’s what you do. People have a problem, they need help with it, you’re there to help them solve that problem. That’s all sales is.

You’re also helping someone get closer to achieving a goal. That’s your job as a really good salesperson. You’re diagnosing what the issues are, and you’re helping someone reach a goal that they’ve been striving for for a long time.

Also, you’re delivering something of value in return for compensation. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling cars or if you’re selling software or medical devices or you’re out there, like I am, selling consulting services. You’re selling business coaching services.

You’re delivering value in exchange for money, in exchange for financial compensation. This value could be in solving a problem, it could be in helping someone get closer to a goal or it could be all three.

The second element that you have to have in your mind, if you’re going to be effective at selling … and we all sell, business people sell every single day … the second element that you have to have set in your mind if you’re going to sell, is that you are essential. As a salesperson, you are essential. As a business owner, you need to sell. Selling is essential. As a lawyer, if you don’t find someone to work with and convince them that you’re worthy of their money, nothing’s going to happen, so you are essential.

Without sales, nothing happens. Nothing happens until somebody sells something. Keep that in the back of your mind. Also, keep in mind that revenue fixes many problems. Selling can fix many problems. Selling solves problems. You always have to have that in the back of your mind. More money makes up for many issues in a business.

Finally, make something from nothing. That’s your ability when you have the ability to sell. In terms of the mindset, when you’re essential, if you can make something from nothing, you always control your own destiny. You’re always able to recover from a mistake because you can go out and find another customer, find another client.

The third element of mindset that you have to have if you want to be successful in selling or as a business owner, business leader, is that every no helps you grow. I know it’s a cutesy, cutesy saying, every no helps you grow. Every time you get rejected, you learn something. Rejection sucks. I’m not trying to tell you that rejection is great. No way. Rejection sucks, but if somebody doesn’t want to use your product or your service, that’s not about you. It’s about them.

Maybe they don’t have the money. Maybe they don’t have the problem that you can solve, the exact problem that you can solve, or maybe they don’t have the ability to say yes. Maybe they don’t have the ability to make a decision. That’s not about you, that’s about them. So every no helps you grow. You can just learn from that experience and move on. Every time someone says no to you, it makes you better as a business professional and as a sales professional, and every no gets you closer to a yes.

If you close 50 percent of your deals, if you’ve gotten three no’s today, that means that you are that much closer to a yes because only two more people need to say before you get a yes from someone. That’s the way you have to look at it.

In terms of mindset, number one, you’re helping, you’re not forcing your product or service on someone. Number two, you are essential. Selling is essential. Without sales, nothing happens. Number three, every no helps you grow. Don’t worry about it if people say they don’t want your product or your service, put it behind you and move on because tomorrow is another great day, and there’s another opportunity for you to make more money.

I’m Dave Lorenzo, and this has been Four Minute Fixation, where we’re fixated on helping you make a great living and live a great life.

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