How To Rekindle And Reignite A Business Relationship

If you want to give your business a jump-start, reigniting relationships with past clients is definitely the first thing to look at.

Clients who have worked with you previously, know you, like you and trust you. These are the people who are ripe for future work. Look to them first.

In this episode of Four Minute Fixation we discuss how to you can reach out and rekindle and reignite your relationships with your past clients.

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Here is the transcript of this episode of Four Minute Fixation:

How To Rekindle And Reignite A Business Relationship

How do you rekindle a dormant relationship?

Come with me and find out.

Welcome once again to another mailbag segment here at Four Minute Fixation.

This week we reach into our mailbag and we whip out a question from Ivone Amor, the owner of Raven Avenue Productions. Ivonne asks:

“How do you reignite a relationship with a client who you haven’t seen or hasn’t used your services in a couple of years? Not because you did a bad job, but just because it’s a service they need only every three years.”

This is a great question.

If a client hasn’t used your services in three years it’s definitely time for you to reach out to them and ask how they’re doing. Treat them like you would treat any other friendship or relationship. Simply give them a call on the phone and say:

“Hi, I wanted to reconnect with you and find out what’s been going on in your business. Do you have a few minutes for us to grab lunch and sit down and talk?”

Now when you go to lunch with this person you sit down and do what’s called a consultative interview with them. Simply put you ask them how their business is going, what’s new, and what their goals are for the year. You sit back and you listen.

The idea is that 70-80% of your time during this consultative interview should be spent listening. You should only be talking 20-30% of the time. The idea for you is to find ways to help them.

Sometimes the product or service they used the last time will not be a good fit this time. Even if it is they may need a different product or service from you this time. So reach out to those folks you haven’t spoken with in two or three years. Ask them if they’d like to go to lunch or to breakfast.

When you take them out do a consultative interview. Simply ask them how they’re doing, how their business is going, what their goals are for the year, and what it would mean to them personally if they reached those goals.

Now of course if your client is in a different city or it’s not physically possible for you to meet them for lunch you can always do this consultative interview over the phone.

Here’s an extra tip for you. Don’t wait two or three years to reach out to your clients. Your best clients you should have conversations with at least monthly, maybe even weekly, and some of the clients that you haven’t talked to in a while you should reach out to at least once or twice a year and do this consultative interview process.

Remember you’re focused or you’re fixated on your clients and how you can help your clients achieve their goals.

This is just like we’re focused and we’re fixated on you and how you can achieve your goals.

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