How To Relax And Reduce Stress

One thing that holds back many business leaders is stress.

Most business leaders, at one time or another, feel completely overwhelmed and totally stressed out.

In this unusually crafted episode of Four Minute Fixation, we discuss three ways to relax, unwind and remove stress from your busy life.

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Here is the transcript for this episode of Four Minute Fixation, titled:

How To Relax And Reduce Stress

Hi, it’s Dave Lorenzo, and today my fixation is on relaxation. That’s right, relaxing, unwinding, de-stressing, all of these things make you more productive and more effective business leader. What are the three best ways for you to relax? Well, that’s completely up to you, but I’ll tell you the three best ways that I relax. Way number one, the first way, is every day, twice a day, I take twenty minutes and I meditate. I do transcendental meditation, there are a number of different meditation methods but I focus every day, twenty minutes a day, just on meditation. How do I do it? Well, transcendental meditation is simple, it is you just spending twenty minutes in a quiet place thinking about, what’s called, your mantra. It is a word or a phrase that you repeat over and over again for twenty minutes. You can go to a transcendental meditation center and take a free course on meditation and the benefits and they will, for a fee, teach you how to meditate and you’ll relax and unwind for twenty minutes each day.

The second way I relax and I de-stress is, I pick one day a month and I go on a complete and total electronics diet. My clients don’t know I’m doing this, nobody knows I’m doing this, but one day each month I just unplug completely and then I pop back on to electronics the next day. This just completely de-stresses me.

The third way I relax and de-stress is I take my email inbox and I completely dump everything that’s older than one week old. It is the greatest feeling in the world and, quite frankly, if you haven’t responded to someone in a weeks time, you’re not going to respond to them or your response is not going to be timely anymore, just dump it and get rid of it. Allow yourself the pleasure of being free of any guilt associated with email that you haven’t responded to. Now, I get messages from lawyers all the time when I share this strategy, and he message is, “Hey, listen, if I dump my email once a week I’ll have problems with my clients, I’ll have clients with the Bar, I’ll have problems with the regulating authority,” and I will tell you that if you’re not responding to people in a week you’re going to have far greater problems than those, but obviously you should comply with any rules associated with responses and protecting files. Quite frankly, if you’re not responding to things and a week passes by, you can get rid of it. Nobody’s going to know.

Those are the three ways I de-stress. In addition, once a quarter I take a vacation at a place like this. You can see behind me, I’ll pan over my shoulder now. The ocean is absolutely beautiful. Once every three months I take a week, I go away with my family, and I just totally relax. I get some work done while I’m away, but I totally relax as well. Today we’re fixated, absolutely fixated on you relaxing and de-stressing. Think about some of those methods that I use and share with me some of the methods you use to de-stress, unwind, and relax.

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