How To Showcase Your Expert Status

Malcolm Gladwell has famously written that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert.

You’ve put in your time. You surpassed 10,000 hours years ago.

You are an expert.

Your clients think so.

You’ve gone to school. You’ve worked hard.

But people don’t recognize this expertise – at least not in the numbers you would like.

And those who do come to you for help, don’t pay you a fee premium for your services, like a true expert.

You feel as though you still need to battle everyone else for each new opportunity.

How do you change this?

How do you position yourself as a true expert in your field?

How do you command a fee premium commensurate with your level of expertise?

There are five ways to demonstrate your expertise to the world. These strategies are not difficult to implement. They simply require focus and consistency.

They are:

-Write and publish often

-Assume a position as a community leader

-Provide the media with education and information

-Speak everywhere often

-Obtain and leverage testimonials

In this episode of Four Minute Fixation we detail how you can leverage all of these strategies in your business.

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Here is the transcript from this episode of Four Minute Fixation:

How To Showcase your Expert Status

Are you an expert nobody’s ever heard of? We can change all that in just four minutes. Come on with me. In this episode of 4 Minute Fixation we are going to focus on how you can share your expertise with the world. That’s right, you can become an expert in the eyes of the people who use your services, in the eyes of the people who hire you, in the eyes of the people who will come into your business. We’re going to discuss five ways you can become known as an expert in your field, and we’re going to do that in just one moment.

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Let’s talk about the five ways you can become known as an expert in your field. Way number one is to write. When you write, you educate not only the consumers who use your services, and by consumer I mean if you’re in business to business, these could be business leaders who are purchasing your services. You also educate who folks who are in your industry. You can become an industry expert simply by writing. Where do you write? If you’re in the business to business world, you write in trade journals. You should always try to publish articles in trade journals with as much frequency as is absolutely possible. Because when you write, people read what you write, they see the byline in there, and you become known as an expert.

If you are marketing to consumers, you have a product that’s good for consumers or you have a service that’s great for consumers, then you need to write in places that consumers will read. Online is a fantastic place. Writing articles on websites dedicated to the exact thing that people are searching for, that’s ideal. If you’re selling a kids’ product or a kids’ service, writing on websites that mom’s go to is critically important. If you’re selling a service for fishermen, writing on fishing websites is critically important. You can write about what types of fish are biting at what times of year, what types of bait and lures to use, what types of boats work best, rods, reel reviews, anything along those lines. Writing is critical. It makes you an expert in your field.

The second thing you can do is become a community leader. If you’re looking to market to consumers, get out into your community. Join civic organizations. Join community-based organizations and become a leader in those organizations. You must become a president or a committee head because that credibility transfers to you. If you’re in a business to business market, become a leader in your industry trade groups. Very, very important. Leadership and industry trade groups conveys expertise. That credibility is passed to you, so community leadership is the second way.

The third way: media. Become a resource for reporters in your market niche. Offer your services to reporters who are writing stories in the subjects that you’re an expert in. Being an expert, serving on background, meaning educating the reporters so they can write a better story, is really, really important. Why? Because if you help the reporters, they’re going to likely use you as the subject of a story at some point, or they could use you as somebody who’s a resource for them for the long-term and they could introduce you to people about whom they’re writing. Serving as an expert in the media is phenomenally important. How do you do that? You contact editors. You contact reporters of trade magazines if you’re in the business to business community, or in consumer publications if you’re going after consumers, editors and reporters.

You can also contact producers of radio shows. The producer is somebody who books the guests on a radio show. Producers of TV shows, they book the guests on TV shows. These are the people who need experts all the time. Call them. Tell them what you’re an expert on. Better yet, come up with a story idea and pitch them on a story idea. Perfect example: When my first book, Career Intensity: Business Strategy for Workplace Warriors and Entrepreneurs, first came out, I pitched a story to producers all over television. The story was five secrets the boss doesn’t want you to know. I outlined the story. I had the five secrets ready to go. I pitched it to a bunch of producers. The first one that said yes, I got on that TV show. It happened to be Today in New York. I was on Today in New York. My book was featured and I was interviewed for a five-minute segment. It was phenomenal. Worked out really well for me. I came up with a story idea, pitched it to the producer. They had a five-minute slot to fill. They used my story idea. That’s how you can use the media to help you become an expert.

Number four: speak everywhere. Public speaking is a great way to become an expert. If they can get ten people in a room and they’re interested in your subject, go talk to them. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the B2B market or B2C, business to business or business to consumer. Speaking is a phenomenal way to elevate your status and become an expert. How do you get these speaking gigs? You look for conventions where people go who are interested in the subject that you’re talking about. How do you find these conventions? You look through trade journals. You look online. Here’s a great tip: Search for conventions where people you want to target are congregating. If you’re targeting the wedding industry, look for wedding shows in your local area. Do a search for wedding shows just like brides would search. That’s the big tip. Search where a consumer would search. Find events that the consumer is looking to go to. Get in the head of the buyer. Find out what they would search for. You search for the same things, then you contact the person who’s promoting the show, ask them if they need a great speaker. You go and you speak there. Speak everywhere. Any place people will round up ten people, you go speak there. Teach them something they didn’t know about your industry, about your profession, about how to hire an expert like you. Teach them these things and you’ll be viewed as an expert.

Finally, number five: testimonials. Ask everyone for a testimonial: anybody who’s ever used your services, anybody who’s ever worked with you, anyone who’s ever been able to give you a reference as an outstanding member of the community. Have them write the testimonial on letterhead. Carry a camera with you. Your phone is also a camera. If you have nothing else, use your camera phone to record them giving you a testimonial. Get permission their full name and the name of their company if you’re in the business to business space, or their full name and their city if you’re in the business to consumer space. The full name is so important because of credibility. It gives you more credibility. Then show those testimonials to everyone. Post them on your website. Create a brag book that contains copies of the testimonials. Hand it out to everybody you know. Include testimonials with your proposals. Include testimonials with a letter introducing you and your services. Put your testimonial, a link to them in your email signature. Use testimonials everywhere.

Those are the five ways to be viewed as an industry expert. Number one: write. Number two: community leadership. Number three: media. Serve as a background expert for the media. Number four: speak everywhere. Number five: testimonials. Use these five ways today and become known as an industry expert. I’m Dave Lorenzo. This has been 4 Minute Fixation. We’ll see you again next time.

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