How To Use Social Media The Right Way

Social media can be one of the most powerful relationship development forces on the planet…if you use it correctly.

This episode of Four Minute Fixation outlines what most people ACTUALLY do on social media and contrasts it with the things people SHOULD do.

Watch this video and compare it to your social media activity. You might just find that you’ve slipped into some bad habits.

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Below is the transcript for this episode of Four Minute Fixation:

How To Use Social Media The Right Way

Hi, this is Dave Lorenzo and we’re outside on a beautiful sunny day here in Miami to talk about anti-social media. That’s right, I’m fixated today on the things I see on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, even stuff on LinkedIn which is a business-to-business community, that’s negative, or just focused on energy that can never result in anything good for you or for your business. Social media should be used for three specific purposes. If you’re a business leader, you should use social media to start relationships, to communicate information, or to deepen relationships. It should never be used for you to seek personal validation, or to complain. So, before we get started on what you should use it for, let me tell you what I think I see the most, and you can think about it yourself and determine whether or not you’re using social media properly.

First and foremost, you should never seek validation. Never go on there and ask people to like you, or talk about things that you want people to do for you, seeking recognition, seeking validation, that’s not the place for it. Social media makes you look desperate when you do those sorts of things. Don’t do that. Also don’t go on social media complaining all the time. If you’re trying to be funny or you’re a comedian, it’s one thing to riff on stuff, but it’s another thing, totally different. It’s a completely and totally different thing to go on and complain and moan and gripe about what’s going on in your world, and how miserable your life is. Nothing good will come from that. Don’t do it on social media.

So, what should you use social media for? Number one, and here I am competing with the airplane. Number one, start relationships. Use social media to comment on things that people post or to ask questions of other people, or to share information. When you comment or question or share valuable information, you have the best chance of starting a relationship with someone. Also, you can use social media to communicate with people. Broadcast some news about your company. Good news. Positive news. Broadcast event information. Share that information with people who can come to the event, who can attend, or who can help you promote the event. You can use social media to communicate when you need to publicly respond to something. If there’s a criticism or a complaint, and you want to publicly respond, social media is a good place to do that.

Finally, use social media to deepen your relationships. You can use it to recognize people. Everyone is under-recognized. You can always recognize someone for doing something good, for adding value. Social media is the perfect place for that. Also, you can use social media to support your friends. If someone’s doing an event, or someone just received an award, promote it on social media. That’s how you deepen relationships. Finally, use social media to answer the questions of others. If somebody has a question, and they ask you a question, respond to it as quickly as you can on social media. Because, if one person asks you a question on social media, you can bet there are a dozen or hundreds more. This is how you use social media; start relationships, communicate information or deepen relationships. Don’t use it to seek validation or to complain. I’m Dave Lorenzo, and that’s what I’m fixated on today.

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