Kill Off ‘Drop-By’ Meetings

Power Productivity Video Series: Video 4 – Kill Off Drop-By Meetings


This video provides you with the solution to one of the most annoying productivity killers in every workplace today.  That killer is the drop-by meeting.  It is perpetrated by just about everyone who works with you.

Want to stop the drop-by meeting?

Watch this video.

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My name is Dave Lorenzo and this is the fourth video in our Productivity Series.

Today we’re going to talk about people who drop by. We’re going to talk about the office drop-by or the client or patient drop-by, people who just happen to pop in and they want to see you and ask you a couple of questions. I absolutely hate this because any professional practice can absolutely not take walk-ins.

You’re not a hairdresser. You’re a lawyer. You’re not a hairdresser. You’re a doctor. So people who walk in and want to see you on the spur of the moment are not going to be the best patients or clients. So I don’t think you should take walk-ins at any time. I think anybody who walks into your office and expects to see you should be told that the next available appointment is tomorrow at 2:00 PM or whenever your next available appointment is and then folks can schedule an appointment.

Your administrative staff can schedule an appointment for the person who walked in to see you at a later date or time. If you’re worried about losing that patient, if you’re worried about losing that client in the moment, then I will tell you that that’s a sign that you don’t have a significant enough marketing effort because if your marketing is robust, your patient roster, your client schedule will be full at least 24 hours in advance and you won’t be able to accept walk-ins no matter what.

Let’s talk briefly about how you would handle pop-ins if you’re an executive or a business owner and you have employees who pop in to see you all the time and they say, “Hey, you got a minute? I just want to talk about these one or two things with you.”

Those are completely unacceptable and they’re absolute productivity killers. Here’s how I recommend you handle those folks. What you do is you schedule standing meetings with each member of your team. Now the bigger your team, the more meetings you’re going to have to have but in this case, these meetings will prevent a lot of the pop-ins that you see.

The standing meetings can be weekly or they can be biweekly and what you do is you have an agenda set in advance and you ask the employee who pops in a lot to send you the agenda in advance. You cover those items on the agenda and then you end the meeting.

Now you can also schedule “pop-in time” for you while you’re in your office. What this means is that you simply have one or two hours during the day that you designate. Maybe one hour in the morning from 10:00 to 11:00, one hour in the afternoon from 3:00 to 4:00 when you sit in your office on the edge of your desk and the employees just parade in and out and they fire questions at you one at a time, one after another.

This is the way to handle employee pop-in meetings so that you can be more productive during the course of the day.