Live Studio Audience

Most people are intimidated when they are required to make a business presentation.  There is one secret to getting over that intimidation and feeling comfortable with your presentation (and yourself).  That secret is doing the presentation in front of a live studio audience.

This is the subject of our discussion today on the Four Minute Fixation.

Here is a transcript of today’s episode:

Live Studio Audience

Hi, I’m Dave Lorenzo, and welcome to another edition of the Four Minute Fixation. Today I’m excited to talk to you about how you can make your presentations even more powerful.

You’ll notice that I’m standing here in front of a TV today. And the reason that I’m standing in front of a television is to remind myself and you that during the ’70s, ’80s, and even the early part of the ’90s, most comedy shows were filmed before a live studio audience. You may remember hearing that at the beginning of any TV show that you might have watched, maybe your favorite show. And the reason they did this was twofold.

Number one, they wanted to get the best possible performance out of the actors, so they put them in front of a live audience because the actors can feel the energy of the audience. And they always perform better when they’re standing in front of a studio audience that is excited and emotionally engaged in their performance.

The second reason they did it was because they wanted to test out the material. If they tested the material in front of a live audience and the audience didn’t laugh, they would cut out things, add new jokes, make things better, punch them up so to speak.

You can do the same thing in your business as a business leader. The best thing for you to do is to get people into a room and deliver that presentation in rehearsal in front of a live audience. This will help you feed off their energy, you’ll get the experience of making eye contact with a group of people, and you can test out your stories and see what resonates with them. You will always elevate the level of your performance in front of a group of people far better than practicing in front of a mirror or perhaps using a video camera to record your performance and then watch it. I encourage you to do those things as well. But when it’s time for a dress rehearsal or it’s time to really make sure you have mastery of your material, you need to get in front of a live audience. So here are some suggestions.

If you have to give a presentation to a group of your employees at your office, I encourage you to round up some friends and family members and deliver that presentation in your living room. Hit all the emotional hot buttons that you would hit in front of the employees, make eye contact with each and every single one of the people in the room, and ask them what resonates. Also determine how you feel when you’re delivering that presentation. Make sure it looks right, make sure it sounds right, and most importantly, make sure it feels right.

If you have to deliver a presentation to your customers or to a prospective customer, round up a group of existing customers and deliver that presentation to them. Buy them some lunch, get them in a room, and make the emotional connection. Make sure they understand your objectives for your presentation with your prospective customer and get their feedback. Your performance will improve and they will give you phenomenal feedback that you can use to adjust the presentation.

Finally, if you need to make a presentation for a community group or for an organization that you’re a member of that’s doing some outreach, grab some people who are part of that community and make sure you get a diverse cross section of that community and deliver that presentation either in your office or perhaps at your home. And again, look for the emotional resonance in your talk.

This has been the Four Minute Fixation on leadership presentation styles. And I want you to remember that you should always do it in front of a live studio audience if you want to get the best results from your presentation rehearsals. I’m Dave Lorenzo. You can connect with me on Twitter. Follow me @thedavelorenzo, @thedavelorenzo or on Facebook, I look forward to seeing you next time. Make sure you make a great living and live a great life.

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