The Need for a Newsletter


Is it really necessary to send out a print newsletter?


There is a segment of the population who respond to a print newsletter even though they ignore an email newsletter.

In fact, many people will give your printed newsletter a second look because they do not receive many educational newsletters in the postal mail.

With email inboxes becoming more and more crowded, a printed newsletter is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

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This is Dave Lorenzo with Valtimax Consulting and today I would like to talk to you briefly about print newsletters. Professional service providers ask me all the time, “Is it really necessary for me to send out a monthly print newsletter? I’m already doing the weekly email newsletter that you advocate.”

Here’s the reason why I tell people that a print newsletter is an absolutely critical part of your marketing mix. There’s a certain segment of the population to whom you communicate that will not respond to email newsletters. In fact, they may not open them and with spam filters being what they are today, they may not even be receiving your email newsletter.

These folks will indeed read a print newsletter. The readership of print newsletters continues to be very high and one of the reasons for that is that there’s not as much extraneous mail coming to folks via the US Postal Service anymore. It used to be that you would get piles and piles of junk mail in your mailbox.

Well, because of the expense associated with direct mail and because companies have found other ways particularly online ways to market to their consumers and customers, there’s not a lot of information coming to somebody’s mailbox that is of a sales nature anymore.

If your newsletter is structured with solid educational content and it arrives via the US Postal Service like clockwork every month, you will be able to develop business as a result of having a print newsletter as part of your marketing mix.

So for lawyers, doctors, business owners as well as corporate professionals who want to reach out to a large constituency and if you’ve got a lot of employees that work under you, a print newsletter is a phenomenal way to go. It’s an excellent communications tool that will not only deliver value for you in the long term but it has high pass-along value. That means that people who read your newsletter will often share it with others by actually physically giving it to them and handing it to them. Incredibly valuable to have somebody refer you like that, by handing them a copy of your newsletter.

So a print newsletter is a critical component of any good marketing mix. I highly recommend to you definitely to use a print newsletter in your professional services marketing.

My name is Dave Lorenzo. I’m the Chairman and Founder of Valtimax Consulting and I look forward to seeing you again right here.