The Power of Educational Marketing


There is one form of marketing that is completely ethical and effective and it is hardly ever used.

This form of marketing is powerful because it helps the prospective client discover a path that leads to you, your business and the solutions you provide.


Watch this video to find out how you can attract clients using a marketing method that has been around since the beginning of time.


I’m Dave Lorenzo, Chairman and Founder of and I’m going to take you back to school. That’s right. Today we’re going to talk about educational marketing and why it’s so valuable to you regardless of what business you’re in.

I’ve used this with lawyers, with doctors, with CPAs, architects. I’ve used it with every type of client. I’ve even used it with folks who own a corner store type situation, a retail outlet and educational marketing works phenomenally well. I’m going to give you the five reasons why educational marketing is powerful.

Number one, it positions you as an expert. So if you do own a corner retail outlet, let’s say you sell women’s clothing in a corner shop and you’re an independent women’s clothier, you can educate your clientele.

You can do dress-for-success seminars. Whether you do them in big companies or you do them right in your shop, you’re educating people and that’s something that store owners all over the world are not doing. So it positions you as an expert. You can do this as a lawyer. You can give seminars in your area of expertise. You can do this as a doctor, again, giving seminars in your area of expertise. You get the point. Positioning you as an expert is the first and very best reason to use educational marketing.

Second reason and equally as good almost is that it teaches prospects how to hire you. So, as you’re educating people, you’re also teaching them how to select someone who does what you do. You’re teaching them how to hire a CPA. You’re teaching them how to hire a lawyer, how to hire a women’s clothier and you’re educating them on how to buy from you. You’re demonstrating the value you provide.

The third reason to use educational marketing is it provides you with a competitive advantage. As I said at the outset, nobody is doing this. Most people in just about every industry focus on trying to get the business. They focus on 10 reasons why you should hire me instead of here’s ten reasons why you need to resolve the situation now and here’s three ways you can resolve it. Educational marketing provides you with that competitive advantage.

The fourth reason educational marketing is so important is that it keeps you sharp. It keeps you at the top of your game. You can look around our website You will find podcasts. You will find articles that are written. You will find videos just like these and I do these every week. Every week you see another video. Every week you see another podcast. Every week you see an article.

That type of marketing is valuable to you because you’re coming here to watch it and then you’re implementing it in your business and it’s creating success for you. But it’s also incredibly valuable for me because the teacher always learns more than the student.

Like for example when I do these videos, I have to do some research, go back through my notes and make sure I get all these points correct and then I have to prepare to stand in front of you and deliver the material. Makes me sharper, so that when I meet with my clients and they ask me a question, for example about educational marketing, I’m prepared because I’ve gone through and done this video.

The fifth reason to use educational marketing is that it’s ethical. It’s beautiful. It’s legal. It’s moral. It’s ethical regardless of your industry. If you’re a lawyer, a highly-regulated industry for advertising, you can educate your clients on business disputes, on litigation, on any topic you want and you can educate them on how to hire the right lawyer to resolve their problems.

You’re providing a service while you’re marketing yourself. It’s fantastic. I encourage you regardless of your business to work educational marketing into your marketing mix somehow because of the five reasons I’ve given you.

It positions you as an expert. It teaches prospects how to hire you. It provides you with a competitive advantage. It keeps you sharp and it’s so ethical that it’s fantastic.

Educational marketing is great. I love it. I use it. I’m a convert of my own system. I encourage you to use it today. Thanks for watching and I hope to speak with you again soon.