Promote Yourself Without Looking Like A Jerk

It is easy to promote yourself but it is difficult to do it without looking like a braggart.  Today we are fixated on telling the world about the value your business provides and doing it in a way that makes people feel great.

These days everyone is obsessed with “shameless self promotion.”  You should be too.  This video provides you with a way to promote yourself and your business and still maintain your dignity.

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Here is the transcript of today’s Four Minute Fixation show:

Promote Yourself Without Looking Like A Jerk

Hi, it’s is Dave Lorenzo and today, we’re fixated on shameless self-promotion. That’s right, we’re going to talk about how you can promote yourself without coming off as a bragger or a blowhard. So often I hear from business owners, professionals, especially attorneys that they’re uncomfortable promoting themselves because quite frankly, they just don’t know how to do it correctly. I’m going to give you four ways that you can promote yourself without coming of as some sort of a pompous obnoxious fool.

The first way is by sharing case studies of your work history or your professional history with other people. Now case studies are really interesting because they’re based in fact and you’re simply relating what happened and you’re just telling it as if you were relating a story to someone. So think of it this way, you have results that you’ve produced for your clients and if you’re a professional, those results are a matter of public record, and if they’re not, you can simply get permission to share those results, from your client, and get permission to share those results with other people and you just tell the whole story about what happened. You lay out the facts and you lay out the outcome. The result is what’s most important and the emotional impact on the client is one of the factors that you need to convey, and you do that by simply laying out the facts, laying out what could have happened if you didn’t intervene and laying out what the actual result was.

Write it up just like a college textbook case study. It doesn’t have to be as dry as that but simply relating the story and the results is what we’re looking for. And as long as it’s a matter of public record or you get the permission, this is a phenomenal way to promote yourself. You publish those case studies on your website. You can send them out to prospective clients in advance. You can hand them at events and speaking engagements. You can relate the stories over and over in those venues as well, so case study are great.

Related to case studies or a close cousin are testimonials. You should always ask a client for whom you’ve gotten a good result for a testimonial. What you simply do is you say, “Thank you very much for working with me. I appreciate it. I enjoyed our time together and I think you’re happy with the results.” The client will say, “yes”, then you say, “Would you mind just jotting down a brief word or two on your letterhead and sending it to me about the result? You said I did this, you said I did this, you said I did this. Just put that in writing and send it off me.” If they’re a business client, putting it on letterhead is critical and if they’re a consumer based client, just having them hand write it it really important. You can send them the information as a summary, what you’ve talked about. Send the information as a summary “Hey, Joe. Just include this in the letter as we discussed.” Send it to them in an email and then just have them put it in their own words and send it back to you. Testimonials are another great way to promote yourself.

Way number three, the type of promotion number three you can use is having someone interview you. Sit down, audio record an interview, have them ask you questions, you answer the questions and then you don’t have to edit it you just have to keep it together just like that. You keep it to 10 to 15 minutes in length have them ask two or three questions, frequently asked types of questions that you get in your business, and then publish that on your website.

The fourth way is media appearances. If you have the opportunity to be on any form of media: electronic, writing something for a website, being interviewed on T.V. or radio, do it and then get a copy of that interview and post it on your website. Then you can send that around in an email or promote it in your newsletter and have people see it. What that does is it just gives you added credibility.

Those are the four ways to promote yourself without bragging. Number one is case studies. Number two is testimonials. Number three is to have some one interview you and number four are media appearances. This is the Four Minute Fixation and until next time, I’m Dave Lorenzo.

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