Selling: Closing The Deal


This is the thing everyone thinks about when they think “sales”. They think about closing the deal.

There is no mystique about sales closing. It is simply the end of the beginning of a relationship.

Think about that. Selling is helping people want what they need. The selling process is simply the beginning of that relationship.


This is Dave Lorenzo with Valtimax Consulting and we’re at the part of our sales video series where we talk about closing the deal. This is the simplest process if you followed our guidelines up to this point because the deal really closes itself and here’s how it works.

You’ve gotten the person to the point where you’ve identified what their pain is and you’ve shown them how you can relieve them of the pain. You’ve shown them how you can make things better for them or make things better in their current situation.

Now what you want to do is you simply want to ask them how they like to proceed. Here’s how it goes. You’re a realtor. You got them in the house that they like and they’re looking at the house for the second time. You ask them if they can picture themselves around the kitchen table with their family. You take them to the office and you ask them how they can picture themselves working in the office. You look at them and you look at the house and you say, “How would you like to proceed?”

Now at this point, they may have some objections and you’re not going to be able to overcome those objections. What you’re going to have to do is you’re going to have to help them work through those objections themselves and here’s how you do that. If they say to you the garage is too small, you have to say to them, “Hmm, the garage is too small. All right. Tell me what that means.” Well that means that we’re not going to be able to fit both of our cars in there. OK. Well, where do you put both of your cars now? We put them both in a garage now. OK. If we could find a way to help you get on-street parking, would the house be acceptable to you or do we need to look for a house with a two-car garage?

You offer them two options, one of the options being to take the home. The idea is that you help them work through the objection themselves. Let me give you another example.

In the case of an attorney. They’re sitting across from you and they’re saying, “I’m not 100 percent sure if I should go with you because your fee seems really high in order to get rid of that speeding ticket.” You say to them, “My fee seems high. OK. Well what’s the alternative?” And then they say to you, “Well the alternative is to try and represent myself.”

OK, I understand that. If you represent yourself and it doesn’t work out, what happens? Well I get the points and I have to pay a fine. And how much is the fine? Well, it’s $300. And how much is that compared to my fee? Well it’s three times your fee.

You see what happens here is you help people work through the options and you make yourself the obvious choice. That’s how you close the deal and you get past objections. You offer people options and you make yourself the obvious choice.

No one is going to close a deal before the client is ready to close themselves. High pressure tactics never work and forcing people into something they don’t feel good about never works. You simply help them through the thought process and you make yourself the best option.

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